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  1. I might disagree with him on some instances, but I don't think anyone can deny Satoru Iwata is one of a kind.


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    2. ignasia


      That reminds me a lot about how Yasunori Mitsuda almost left game music development after Chrono Cross for over-extending his health in service to finishing the soundtrack.  I believe he developed an ulcer?

      Then there's Yasumi Matsuno, who quit FF12's production a few months near completion, forcing a few months of extra time for the rest of the team, due to health problems over the stress of completion.

    3. Twinkie


      You are right. It was in Smash 5 he had the IV bag. But there were articles of him during Smash 4 of him working something like 13 months without a single day off.

    4. eal


      It’s my understanding that Sakurai went from Brawl to Kid Icarus immediately to Smash, right into Smash again.

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