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  1. I didn't expect Square Enix to show a Dragon Quest XI S trailer during their E3 conference. I guess we'll find out about the release date either during Nintendo's E3 direct or during Nintendo's Treehouse Live.

    1. ignasia


      I'm kind of not surprised by that. I still need to see it, but I'm sure it's far better than watching the circle jerk that is Bethesda, after refusing to apologize to their fans, and instead doubling down on being #$*!s in pretending they deserve sympathy because...people are behind the screens, and wow, they have personal stories, some of hardship (like their fans do not, and that somehow excuses their own behaviour, especially when they locked out and destroyed thousands of accounts who were being critical with a positive spin, a desire to see Bethesda fix problems in their games, especially Fallout 76, with VERY little abuse and only a handful of abusive posters...and they know it, so they essentially shat all over their fanbase, and clearly used a paid-for audience, or an audience of numbnut diehard fans who will take a D in the A anyday from Bethesda, with a "thank you sir, I'd like some more...and use spikes next time so I bleed...then pee on the wounds and throw some salt because I will crawl over a lava field for Bethesda no matter what they do to me, my gaming experiences, my friends, and my fellow gamers/guild members.")  Always sad when you have to hire people to clap for a mobile game no fan, not even super fanboys, want.

      Sorry, got on a rant, but seriously needed to let that out.  Bethesda is trash, and I think they killed themselves with this last one.  There are three games worth buying though, but they should have focused on that alone, though I can see them as a company shrinking a little, with certain subdivisions seeing profit margins still high (id for instance, plus their French team has what looks like a real gem on their hands).




      Sorry bro, so anyway, back to the topic at hand.  I'm not surprised.  SE really wants the Switch to sell well in the US.  They want to see 1m+ worldwide in total sales, and I think they will see that.  So probably 4m in Japan, maybe 4.2, and 1~1.8m worldwide...I think, depending on how Nintendo handles marketing, the Switch version could see 700k in the US alone, another 600~800k in Europe.  I think 1.4m between the US and Europe is very possible if they focus on it, treat it like a new game.  Actually get some real commercials out, flag it on youtube and facebook for marketing purposes as a priority.  If they do that, this could really do well.  Otherwise 4~500k and 4~500k is more likely for the US and Europe, and the rest of the 1m from other regions.

      So in lieu of that, I think SE, especially given there is a Dragon Quest facebook/twitter/youtube, I can see those people, including our own Michi doing some promo work.  Maybe not focusing, but definitely promo work.  At least not focusing until after Builders 2 is over and done with.

      I'm hoping Nintendo will also highlight Builders 2.  I'm having SOOOOOOOOOOO much fun with Builders 1.  It's terrible, I'm 30 hours in and still only halfway done with Cantlin.  I've built another tower on top of the city, and created a whole series of upper layers, and a bunch of chests to store gobs and gobs and gobs of minerals and dirt and clay and sand and sandstone, etc.  I've actually carved out the center of several whole sections of several mountain ranges.  The whole inside just gone, lol.  You'd be surprised how many hammers I've made already (about 300 now).  I can't help it.  It's like Lego's in a videogame.  So much fun.  So so so so so much fun.

      Anyway, I do really expect to see a bit more help and push from the SE side.  I'm sure this isn't just part of the contract and Nintendo wants help, but rather I think SE really wants to assure the extra costs are more than justified for going all out with the Switch version.

      The only thing that bothers me are the number of asshats complaining that they were screwed over on the PS4 version.  Never a good argument, just complaints.  I get some of it, I really do, but if anything they should be happy because we're taking a complete game, and adding a ton of content to it, and content from the version we didn't get.  So #$*! yeah.  That makes me happy, even if I never did plan to buy a Switch, I'm glad to know that version exists.

    2. Dakhil


      Speaking of Bethesda, I find it really sad they even said that "We, like you, like mobile games." (As if a lot of gamers legitimately like playing mobile games that's riddled with microtransactions, lootboxes, etc.)  Too bad Ubisoft was only slightly better than Bethesda.

      But anyway, I think there's a good chance Dragon Quest XI S will get proper advertising, considering Square Enix was happy with Octopath Traveler sales on the Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo's responsible for advertising Octopath Traveler outside Japan. And we musn't forget that Nintendo also was responsible for advertising  Dragon Quest IX outside of Japan, and Dragon Quest IX has over a million sales in North America and Europe. So I have cautious hope.

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