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  1. https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-xi-s-japanese-version-goes-gold
  2. https://twitter.com/dq11_kouryaku/status/1151482180951920641 Here's a rough Google Translate translation. If a more competent translation becomes available, I'll replace the rough Google Translate translation with that. But for now, good enough.
  3. So Nintendo uploaded the "Nintendo Switch - Fan-Favories & Newest Releases - Summer" trailer on YouTube today. Starting from 0:14 in the video, Nintendo showcased the Hero footage from E3 2019, mentioning that "the Hero joins the battle". And GoNintendo speculated that this trailer indicates that the Hero is set to be released later this month. Do you think there's a good chance the Hero will be available for download later this month?
  4. I finally got my copy from Amazon. I can't wait to get...Wait a minute. That doesn't look right! Ah, much better! Now I can get started playing this!
  5. Actually, it seems like the Dragon Quest IX development team did talk about the possibility of bringing a remake of or a sequel to Dragon Quest IX to the Nintendo Switch and/or smartphones.
  6. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/07/11/dragon-quest-ix-creators-talk-possibilities-of-a-remake-or-sequel-for-switch-or-smartphones/
  7. Only if you go to big retailers. But it seems like Target does have new stock of Dragon Quest Builders, albeit at full retail price. But if you don't mind a copy in "like new" condition (whatever that means), or if you don't mind getting a new, non-North American copy (with not very fast shipping), you can get Dragon Quest Builders for a considerably cheaper price, like here and here on eBay.
  8. So the Nintendo Switch Lite was just announced.

    I might be tempted to get one as the one I carry with me when I'm outside my home, given its $199.99 price tag.

    1. eal


      Shoulda called it Lite Switch.....

    2. ethanej


      Happier that a cheaper Nintendo Switch is finally coming out. Was not sure how I was going to be able to afford the console plus a game or two.

  9. Dakhil


    Well, to be fair, I hear people saying they want to get Dragon Quest XI S and try it out after seeing the comparison between Dragon Quest XI S & Pokémon Sword & Shield.
  10. Dakhil


    So apparently there are Pokémon fans who are so dissapointed with Pokémon Sword & Shield that they are making a comparison video between Pokémon Sword & Shield and Dragon Quest XI S. Whilst I'm personally not a fan of Pokémon, I do feel for Pokémon fans.
  11. So 2-3 days ago, @DQ11_PR posted a Tweet about Weekly Shōnen Jump releasing Dragon Quest XI S ~The Special Starting Book~, which you can read online for free. It includes new pictures and new information, which we probably won't know about since it's completely in Japanese, unless Gematsu, or someone fluent in Japanese, is willing to translate it. https://twitter.com/DQ11_PR/status/1146969678931083265
  12. https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-ix-10th-anniversary-special-live-stream-set-for-july-11
  13. A 6.4 earthquake on the 4th of July, followed by a 6.9 earthquake today. "Damn nature, you're scary."

    1. eal


      6.9 you say......

    2. Dakhil


      Yes, ironically speaking. :P

  14. So apparently, Nintendo has uploaded a new thumbnail picture for Dragon Quest XI S on the official Dragon Quest XI S page at Nintendo's website (at least in the U.S. and Europe). I'm not going to lie. It looks absolutely gorgeous. I got the higher quality Dragon Quest XI S thumbnail picture from Nintendo UK.
  15. https://gematsu.com/2019/07/dragon-quest-xi-s-dlc-voice-drama-trailer-the-two-thieves-and-the-legendary-treasure Whilst it's unlikely this is coming to the western version of Dragon Quest XI S, I would be pleasantly surprised if this does come to the western version of Dragon Quest XI S. Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age – Definitive Edition is due out for Switch worldwide on September 27. Watch the trailer below.
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