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  1. Looks like Dragon Quest Builders 2 will have some pre-order bonuses (at least for the PlayStation 4 version).
  2. Considering the Nintendo UK website mentioned Nintendo Switch Game Card for Dragon Quest Builders 2, I'd assume Europe's getting a physical release.
  3. Ignore whatever I said earlier. Square Enix is indeed relaxing the Expansion Pack to the PlayStation 4 and I have updated the original post.
  4. Well, we have to see if Square Enix announces a western release of Dragon Quest X before we can ask that question. The Nintendo Switch is outselling the PlayStation 4 in Japan after all. Well, ignore what I said earlier. Square Enix will release it on the PlayStation 4 as well. Please take a look at the updated OP.
  5. https://www.siliconera.com/2019/05/21/dragon-quest-x-is-getting-a-new-expansion-where-you-go-to-the-demon-world/
  6. Can the 3-4 weeks from now pass, so I can get some more Dragon Quest XI S news, alongside other important gaming news? Thanks.

  7. I think everybody already mentioned this, but I would love to see major NPCs get voice acting.
  8. I'm just dying for 2D mode! I think we all are. E3 2019 sure can't come any sooner.
  9. One reason I can think of is if there are preorder bonuses exclusive to GameStop preorders (one example is getting the Slime Light, Slime Eyes and Mouth, and Slime Light on the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders (the physical version) if you preorder it at GameStop). I don't preorder anything on GameStop, unless the game I want to preorder is only available at GameStop and sold out elsewhere. I usually preorder at Amazon.
  10. Actually, preorders for the Nintendo Switch version of Dragon Quest Builders 2 are available at Amazon, GameStop, and Walmart as well. If Square Enix does decide to port the mobile version (of Dragon Quest VIII) to the Nintendo Switch, I highly doubt people would buy it since people can get a Nintendo 2DS/Nintendo 3DS and buy the Nintendo 3DS version, which has more content and quality of life improvements over the mobile version. If Square Enix is going to bring Dragon Quest VIII to the Nintendo Switch, I would rather have Square Enix port the Nintendo 3DS version than the mobile version.
  11. Me too. Unfortunately, we'd probabaly have to wait until E3 2019 for a concrete release date for Dragon Quest XI S.
  12. I'm guessing Mario Party or Pokémon Let's Go.
  13. I don't know what to believe in terms of the Nintendo Switch revision rumours all over the place.

    1. ignasia


      Just wait for the official statements, and have fun with the speculation.  I would say the releases to the official news sources are the most likely accurate, as they're consistent and have been repeated with further "data releases."

      They feel like official "leaks" which is something Nintendo loves to do to generate early buzz when they're prepping for a real release, then watch responses and social media buzz based on those releases to see how to market.  They've been doing this since the DS, though screwed up majorly with the Wii U and 3DS, likely due to the health issues of Iwata and the transition issues after his death (it's hard for a company to adjust when there's no consistent direction based on leadership still establishing itself).

  14. I think so, too, which is probably why Square Enix mentioned that changes would be made when bringing a Nintendo 3DS exclusive quest (where you visit previous Dragon Quest universes) to Dragon Quest XI S.
  15. Fortunately, that quest is confirmed to be coming to Dragon Quest XI S, but not without changes.
  16. I'm let down as well. But I have some hope that the Yocchi content that was exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version will makes its way to Dragon Quest XI S, and maybe we'll learn more about the Yoochi.
  17. So Reggie Fils-Aime just opened his Twitter account. This should be fun.

  18. Having all of the quests available from the get-go without having to download DLC.
  19. So Square Enix accidently revealed Octopath Traveler is coming to PC via Steam and the Square Enix Store on 7 June 2019. So, there's still hope Square Enix might bring some (if not all of) the exclusive features of Dragon Quest XI S to at least the PC version of Dragon Quest XI as payable DLC around one year after the release of Dragon Quest XI S. Whilst I believe that if Square Enix's going to bring some (if not all of) the exclusive features of Dragon Quest XI S to the PC version as payable DLC that Square Enix should do the same for the PlayStation 4 version, it's possible Square Enix's going to bring some (if not all of) the exclusive features of Dragon Quest XI S to only the PC version since PCs are not considered consoles.
  20. I'm definitely getting Nintendo 3DS vibes when playing with the Labo VR Kit.

  21. Which is why I said I have hope Dragon Quest XI S will sell well since Nintendo's handling the marketing and publishing of Dragon Quest XI S outside of Japan. And Nintendo also handled the marketing and publishing of Dragon Quest IX, which is why Dragon Quest XI has around 1.02 million sales in North America and Europe. You go to "Settings", then "Signature", and there's a toggle button to turn off the signature.
  22. I'm going with September since I'm going by how Nintendo handled Dragon Quest VII's release date outside of Japan. But of course, I could be wrong.
  23. I agree. I have no qualms against Michi and the Dragon Quest team since she and the rest of the team did the best they can with the budget they got from Square Enix (I'm talking about Square Enix in Japan, not in the U.S.), but I feel like Square Enix didn't really market Dragon Quest XI that much. Maybe it's because I intentionally avoid looking for Dragon Quest XI news before it got released, so I can stay away from spoilers. But I think it's a good indicator of how little Square Enix marketed Dragon Quest XI, because I feel like people who haven't heard of the Dragon Quest series nor have they actively search for news about the Dragon Quest series aren't going to know much about Dragon Quest XI since I've barely seen any Dragon Quest XI advertising nor any mention of Dragon Quest XI on the internet before its release (I think I remember only seeing an advertisement of Dragon Quest XI on Reddit, at least for me personally). With that being said, I have hope that Dragon Quest XI S will sell well, because from what I've seen so far, Nintendo's been doing a very good job at marketing Dragon Quest XI S. And it was thanks to Nintendo that Dragon Quest IX sold around 1.02 million copies in North America and Europe (which is why Square Enix entrusted Nintendo to market and publish Dragon Quest titles coming to Nintendo consoles) and Octopath Traveler selling around 1.5 million copies worldwide. So I'm cautiously excited about Dragon Quest XI S sales.
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