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  1. I'm sharing this, because Nintendo did quietly remove DSiWare games. And although most DSiWare games have apparently returned, who knows when Nintendo is going to remove the DSiWare games again?
  2. I know most (if not all) I'm listing is not related to the question, but I guess these are my hopes for Dragon Quest XII. I think a good chunk of them are unrealistic, but a man can dream, right? Simultaneous worldwide release from the get-go Customise the protagonist's appearance (e.g. Dragon Quest IX) An option to choose the protagonist's gender (i.e. Dragon Quest IX) An option of choosing between the synthesised soundtrack and the orchestrated soundtrack from the get-go Offer a permanent, extra save file where players can save anywhere without having to talk to a priest or nun, a
  3. It took a while, but I got 29 turns in The Final Trial. Now it's time to prepare for The Secret Trial.
  4. I've finally got a Royal Jelly Flush after weeks. F*** yeah!
  5. Dragon Quest XI S has a permanent price cut on the Nintendo Switch from $59.99 to $49.99.
  6. Technically, Steam codes for the original version of Dragon Quest XI are still available to purchase for now. I've already have Dragon Quest XI on Steam and Dragon Quest XI S on the Nintendo Switch, so I think I'm good.
  7. PSA for those of you who want to purchase the original version of Dragon Quest XI on Steam and PlayStation 4.
  8. I'll probably say a couple of months on and off. (I know I'm a complete sucker.) Anyway, I've managed to get a Jackpot whilst playing at one of the slots at Octagonia's casino. And it's all thanks to the Slime in the picture! Who knew Slimes were the greatest of all time when it comes to casinos? (This is the Hori Slime controller for the Nintendo Switch.)
  9. I've surprisingly managed to beat the Champion's Times from the Bronze Cup to the Platinum Cup on Difficult in a matter of around a couple of days. But beating the Champion's Time for Dark Cup on Difficult took me around a month. But I've managed to beat the Champion's Time for Dark Cup on Difficult today! But it goes without saying: f**k horse races and f**k Champion's Times!
  10. If anything, you have more reasons to push out your signature "It's coming!" or "It's not coming!" stamps like nobody's business. [emoji14]
  11. https://www.gematsu.com/2020/11/dragon-quest-series-creator-yuji-horii-teases-various-announcements-for-35th-anniversary-in-2021
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