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  1. Ah man that's a shame, I was hoping they'd add a few more Ubers in there seeing as they've introduced Rank SS to the monster arena. Thanks a bunch for the list though! I'll read through it anyway just to check if there's any monsters equivalent to the current best ones which are aesthetically more appeasing.
  2. Just to interlude with a quick question about Red, part of her skill set includes having the chance to steal an item from the enemy when they attack. So say they use a move that would hit multiple times, for example twin dragon lash. Is the chance of stealing overall for both hits or does it work on an individual level for both hits? I don't know how this community works with spoilers so I'm trying to be vague with abilities but I could see a Steal-orientated Red that hits multiple times for buffed steal chances working.
  3. Monster Teams were one of my favorite hobbies to focus on in Dragon Quest VIII, So with the new remakes I was very excited to see if there was any progress with making additional content in this particular field however after searching and searching the only information that I've been able to find include; Mage Mushroom, Morphean Mushroom & Chimaera included as additional infamous monsters A new 'Don Mole' available much in the same way as Mazin by combining 3 moles So is there any additional information I'm missing out here? Sources for the above; Youtube Trailer for DQ8 on 3DS GameFAQs Forum regarding infamous monsters
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