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  1. I got laid off of my job on Nov 11th due to a seasonal slowdown, and had my van go the great carlot in the sky about a week ago, and have been much depressed. I just got a job again, though, which I start at 10 am tomorrow, at a shop across the street, so that's cool. A 30-second on-foot commute is a-o-k with me. All the same, I'm finding that as I near 40, my social life (which has been on life support basically all my life) is getting even more bitterly disappointing, which I didn't think was even possible. I want to have friends, but I don't know how to find other middle aged people into
  2. I have returned. I think the last time I was here I was probably drunk off my butt 99% of the time?
  3. I don't believe he ever showed a picture of himself, but there was also Quarterman, the writer of the Gaming Gossip column in Electronic Gaming Monthly, whom was referred to as "The Q".
  4. "Don't forget, 007, you are licensed to kill, not to break the traffic laws."
  5. "I'm omnipotent again! Immortal again!!" "Swell."
  6. Can't breathe like, at all Moving so dust getting kicked up. Bronchitis instantly. Yipee, hooray! I just love vomiting when I try to breathe.
  7. Out of cigarettes and monies. I'm ready to fight, like right now. Who's feelin' punchy.
  8. What makes you think they'd waste retainer money on a game that doesn't seem to be generating revenue? From the look of it, seems like small potatoes by some third rate pos. I hate it when someone ruins a project because they don't give a #$*! about the work itself, but allow their personal bs to rule their thinking.
  9. Day 13,431 without a real friend. First my placenta tries to kill me, then my looney left family teach me mixed messages and become increasingly snobbish and distant as my mental illness takes hold in adulthood...etc etc etc now I'm here Boy Disney, those expectations you give people really aren't exactly good for some of us
  10. Look, I'm from Davenport, Iowa so I have seen a lot of locally made commercials, but this one sort of takes the cake. This actually seems like it should be part of a musical that is written around this 30 second piece.
  11. Aaaaaaaand I'm up Sunday, so the streets of Nashville are deserted You'd think there'd be a huge traffic gridlock to get to church, being the buckle of the bible belt and all that, hm
  12. I still want more liquor. I'm gonna have to invest in a Water Cooler manufacturer.
  13. I want more liquor, but more liquor will make me invariably sick. So therefore, I may not have any more liquor. I wish it were such a lucky realization to come to, most of the previous times I have drank.
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