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  1. Maribel is the spice of DWVII life. Gabo also makes for pretty hilarious seasoning.
  2. Oh that's super handy! Wish I'd known about that earlier, haha.
  3. Well, since we've discussed a lot about music changes lately, I was wondering, what's everyone's most favorite tunes in Dragon Warrior VII? For me, much of the soundtrack is pretty much great and fits the mood of the game excellently. I will say though, there are certain tunes that just 'stick' with me, or mesmerize me long after I've put the game aside for a bit. For me, those would be: The Dejan Village Theme - I love classical guitar work in videogames, the effect of nylon strings is a wonderful sound, though I'm admittedly biased since I'm play a bit of guitar myself. This theme, and the other one which I'll link to in a moment are strangely missing from a lot of the OSTs I see uploaded on Youtube, which is a shame. The Deja Ritual Dance Theme - Granted, the two themes aren't actually played on 'real' guitars. Or "tulas" if you want to be in-universe specific. This is honestly, conceptually, a wonderfully designed piece for a nylon guitar type of sound. Does anyone know what these two sound like on the updated 3DS version? Hopefully the original Japanese version might have an actual 'acoustic' version so I might hear what this would sound like played on actual strings. The Opening Prologue Theme - I remember this being the first thing that really caught my attention when first booting up DWVII. First time ever playing any DQ game, and it set the atmosphere perfectly. I had no idea what I was getting into, but this definitely got me curious. I really do wish the 3DS version still had that scene, but at least there's an updated version of this tune floating around on the uploaded 3DS ost. The Skystone Theme - Wow, this tune. This and Heavenly Flight from III and VIII have to be my favorite 'sky travel' tunes from the DQ series. There's a lot of mood variance in this one though, but it really does give me mental images of the Hero and his party sailing across the sky, looking down on the various islands they restored, and remembering the events that happened at each one. The Symphonic Version is a masterpiece as well, though the dynamic fortississimo definitely freaks me out sometimes if I'm not ready for it. There's so many tunes I could name in addition, perhaps I'll edit the post later to add them in, but what are your favorite musical pieces from this game?
  4. I'm fine with updated synth, so long as the effect is masterfully produced/arranged and the emotions and tone are still 'real.' I've listened to works composed entirely off of library samples of pre-recorded instrument notes that, while not 'performed' by human hands, can still be very emotive. If anything, going to a newly updated soundtrack on top of the original PS1 version that I'm playing at the moment will only be a great treat to my ears. Even better is the fact that symphonic versions still exist as well, so we've got three soundtracks to listen to, essentially. And I guess it might've already been stated, but what might be most important is how well the music evokes particular moods while you're playing, while making sure to never overpower the game's scenario/story that you're experiencing, and instead amplifying the emotional effect of it. For me personally, I find that for this purpose, synths are usually less distracting towards what's actually happening in-game, as actual performances have a certain 'flair' that pull my attention away from the game and more towards the music. That's not to say that I can't appreciate the music out of the context of the game, it's all wonderfully composed and fully listenable, and stays with me long after I've finished the game.
  5. Interesting, so you're saying that, sometime during a level 5 class' grind, a maturation message will be triggered after 30 or so battles, even with the codes on? So technically then, the codes actually can help severely reduce the grind getting 'to' the maturation trigger, but they still don't reduce the number of battles (30) needed to activate the 'maturation' message confirmation in a battle? If that's the case, then wouldn't it be wise, after reaching level 5 in a class, to turn off cheats and simply grind out those 30 battles until the maturation message appears, and then immediately switch to the second class in the hybrid skill requirement, return on cheats until level 5, and then turn them off again and fight another 30 for that class' maturation message? Hmm...even without cheats, maturation can still be sort of mysterious to people. I'm still mystified by it, anyway. EDIT: Okay, did some much needed reading on maturation. It seems that once a class has reached a minimum of level 5, fighting 30 battles within that class activates a maturation 'window' during which you should immediately switch over to another class (which should be at least level 5, if not then grind that class up to level 5) and then fight another 30 battles within that other class as well in order to activate the maturation 'window' for that class as well. Once that's done and you've activated both level 5 (or above) class' maturation windows, you should receive the hybrid skill. Anyways, I think that's how it's done. Ignasia can probably point out if I've gotten anything incorrect here. EDIT AGAIN: Alright, I think I've confirmed the previous edit. I happily take back what I said a couple of posts ago, though technically, the code still doesn't affect maturation rates. It simply takes you to level 5 quickly so that you can trigger the maturation message once 30 battles have been fought. Thanks for the info Ignasia.
  6. So, I've been doing some code testing with the JOB/WORK Exp Multiplier Code listed in the first post. The codes work just fine, and it severely reduces the grind needed to master classes. HOWEVER, there seems to be a caveat to it. For those who are attempting to get the 'Hybrid' skills, like Sword Dance, for instance, the Job/Work modifier codes don't seem to help you get those skills any quicker. I suspect this is because the code doesn't account for 'maturation' of classes, which seem to activate on a counter that is separate from merely mastering the class. Since hybrid skills can only be attained once a class has 'matured' (Maturation is different from Mastery, as maturation for a class is attained when the game gives you the following after a battle: "As a Warrior, JoeBlow is becoming matured"), and since this code seems to not affect maturation, I can only speculate on whether or not using these codes can still allow for hybrid skills to be learned even if you grind out the required number of battles long after the class has been mastered. So, TL;DR... Job/Work Exp Multiplier Codes can screw up the timing needed for getting Hybrid Skills/'maturing' in a certain class. More testing is needed to see whether using these codes completely screws you over and makes it impossible to get the hybrid skills in the first place.
  7. Meh, the characters didn't really help. Melvin's "magic powers" seemed like a strange and poorly executed deus ex machina in disc 2 that never was elaborated upon. Maribel's entire character was completely awful. She's nothing like Debora or any of the sassy characters. She's just vain, rude, patronizing, and malicious even at the end of the game. Her character doesn't change or grow like other DQ games. Wolf-boy proclaims the huntsman as his father after knowing him for less than a week at best. One of my main problems with the "story" is that it contradicts itself. Evidently, Orgodemir can take down the 4 spirits and reseal them but God is apparently stronger than Orgodemir and the 4 spirits are stronger than God. That doesn't really make sense and Orgodemir is shown to have beaten both God and the spirits in one swoop in a major cut scene. We're expected to believe he lost on purpose, but then the next dungeon has the spirits and it loses coherence again. It's just so unlike a DQ game to do this, but I suppose it was an ambitious project. Yeah, it's fine that you feel that way about the main characters, though I personally find them to be endearing. Personalities can clash, sometimes despite having tolerance, so I suppose some of the characters' in this game didn't quite mesh well with your own. I was mainly talking about the appeal of the individual scenarios of the locations you visit moreso than the growth of the main party characters themselves or the overarching story. This story doesn't really quite follow the 'Hero's Journey/Monomyth' nature as much as other games tend to do anyways, instead having a 'vignette' focus, so that should be taken into account as well. It's just another way that DWVII kind of differentiates itself from the other stories in that our heroes' "call to adventure" really just stems from an inner desire to explore, rather than from an external source such as the 'tragic JRPG past' or the wishes of a king to save their princess/kingdom/world or something. And while the Monomyth format usually calls for some kind of character development, this game tends to stray somewhat from that format. Adventure for the sake of adventure is how this story begins and continues on with that motif for quite a while, and I think that's perfectly fine. There's a certain innocence to that, much like how a child has an insatiable curiosity and fascination with exploring the unknown. Granted, it's been years since I've fully played through the game so details regarding the main story are a bit hazy. The fact that I can remember the scenarios of each town/city/kingdom's predicament moreso than the main story kind of speaks in testament for how the episodic nature of this game takes precedence over the main plot. The vignettes are where the game tends to shine brightest, in my opinion.
  8. Ignasia almost sounded like Maribel for a second there... I think the core problems you have are within the game's narrative design itself. You'll most definitely be doing the same stuff again on the 3DS in terms of raiding all the town's pots, barrels, and drawers in both present and past again. There are a few things that might help out though, such as a 'shard radar' for easier shard hunting, and your complaints about the class system have been 'fixed' (though some might say it's been kinda nerfed in a way). This said, I'd have to disagree with you and say that I found the 'short-story' style of this game to be very enjoyable. Most towns might look similar on a surface level, but the stories and problems in each one are entertaining. It has a sort of 'vignette' style to it, and when played in shorter 'town-by-town' bursts, gives me the feeling of opening a book filled with bedtime stories. I'd say this one is more about the journey and the individual locations you visit moreso than the overarching story that encompasses everything, which I'll admittedly say feels very standard 'save the world' type of fare. But then again, most DQ games, and JRPGs in general will have you saving the world anyways.
  9. Ohh yeahh, you got that right. Well, it doesn't quite apply for me yet, since I haven't hit Dharma yet, but still...come to think of it, you were in the thread I linked huh? Thanks for testing them out, haha. Speaking of which, are you planning on using any codes for your current playthrough, or is it a pure run-through?
  10. So I've been going through DWVII again, though I really don't have as much time to spend these days. Luckily, it's on a PSP so it's both portable and it's got a sleep mode...but even then, it can get rather grindy. The default exp gain is fine with me, but I wanted to earn more money from my battles. I looked online and found some modifier codes that can multiply your gold/exp/job points after battles, and they offered multipliers between 4, 8, 16, etc all the way up to 128. Thing is, I didn't want to break the game, and even a 4X modifier can be pretty huge. So I decided to test some codes, and discovered you can actually even switch the modifier even lower to 2X setting, so what you earned in battle is two times as much. Significantly less than the previous lowest setting, which was times four. It should be useful to those who want to speed things up, but don't want to break the difficulty of the game. Anyways, except for the '2 times' modifier, this code is pretty much copypasted from here: http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/197152-dragon-warrior-vii/66309516 Exp multiplier 8004B618 XXXX 8004B61A 0010 Gold multiplier 8004C634 XXXX 8004C636 0004 Work/Job Exp multiplier 8004B800 XXXX 8004B802 0010 XXXX= 2840 2 times 2880 4 times 28C0 8 times 2900 16 times 2940 32 times 2980 64 times 29C0 128 times Yeah, almost 16 years late, but here's a 2X modifier!
  11. ...Ignasia? Ignasia?! IGNASIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Speaking of DWVII...I hear you've got a little custom run through at the moment...HMM.
  12. Thanks for ze warm welcome, haha. Sup, guy! Lol...well, goodbyes can be temporary, right? Is that a Bleach reference btw?
  13. Hi, I'm HalcyonDays, but feel free to call me HD or Hal or something if you can't remember that. Anyways, Dragon Quest (AKA Warrior) VII on the PSX was my introduction to this series way back around a year after it's initial NA release, and I've loved that game dearly since. It's within my top 3 favorite JRPGs, which I all love for specific reasons separate from each other. I haven't finished any other DQ games, but I'm currently making my way through DQVII again (on my PSP this time, gonna finally try and properly beat the final two bonus dungeons/secret bosses), as well as DQIV on the DS (which I am also enjoying quite a bit as well.) It's funny that I enjoy this series as much as I do, since I actually have an aversion towards grinding in other rpgs. Maybe it's just the swift simplicity that battles in DQ have that makes me not mind as much? That, and the pure sense of adventure are probably two of the strongest reasons for why I really enjoy the DQ games I've played thus far, and I definitely plan to go through more! So yeah, hi!
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