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  1. Maribel is the spice of DWVII life. Gabo also makes for pretty hilarious seasoning.
  2. Oh that's super handy! Wish I'd known about that earlier, haha.
  3. Well, since we've discussed a lot about music changes lately, I was wondering, what's everyone's most favorite tunes in Dragon Warrior VII? For me, much of the soundtrack is pretty much great and fits the mood of the game excellently. I will say though, there are certain tunes that just 'stick' with me, or mesmerize me long after I've put the game aside for a bit. For me, those would be: The Dejan Village Theme - I love classical guitar work in videogames, the effect of nylon strings is a wonderful sound, though I'm admittedly biased since I'm play a bit of guitar myself. This them
  4. I'm fine with updated synth, so long as the effect is masterfully produced/arranged and the emotions and tone are still 'real.' I've listened to works composed entirely off of library samples of pre-recorded instrument notes that, while not 'performed' by human hands, can still be very emotive. If anything, going to a newly updated soundtrack on top of the original PS1 version that I'm playing at the moment will only be a great treat to my ears. Even better is the fact that symphonic versions still exist as well, so we've got three soundtracks to listen to, essentially. And I guess it
  5. Interesting, so you're saying that, sometime during a level 5 class' grind, a maturation message will be triggered after 30 or so battles, even with the codes on? So technically then, the codes actually can help severely reduce the grind getting 'to' the maturation trigger, but they still don't reduce the number of battles (30) needed to activate the 'maturation' message confirmation in a battle? If that's the case, then wouldn't it be wise, after reaching level 5 in a class, to turn off cheats and simply grind out those 30 battles until the maturation message appears, and then immedia
  6. So, I've been doing some code testing with the JOB/WORK Exp Multiplier Code listed in the first post. The codes work just fine, and it severely reduces the grind needed to master classes. HOWEVER, there seems to be a caveat to it. For those who are attempting to get the 'Hybrid' skills, like Sword Dance, for instance, the Job/Work modifier codes don't seem to help you get those skills any quicker. I suspect this is because the code doesn't account for 'maturation' of classes, which seem to activate on a counter that is separate from merely mastering the class. Since hybrid skills c
  7. Meh, the characters didn't really help. Melvin's "magic powers" seemed like a strange and poorly executed deus ex machina in disc 2 that never was elaborated upon. Maribel's entire character was completely awful. She's nothing like Debora or any of the sassy characters. She's just vain, rude, patronizing, and malicious even at the end of the game. Her character doesn't change or grow like other DQ games. Wolf-boy proclaims the huntsman as his father after knowing him for less than a week at best. One of my main problems with the "story" is that it contradicts itself. Evidently, Orgodemir
  8. Ignasia almost sounded like Maribel for a second there... I think the core problems you have are within the game's narrative design itself. You'll most definitely be doing the same stuff again on the 3DS in terms of raiding all the town's pots, barrels, and drawers in both present and past again. There are a few things that might help out though, such as a 'shard radar' for easier shard hunting, and your complaints about the class system have been 'fixed' (though some might say it's been kinda nerfed in a way). This said, I'd have to disagree with you and say that I found the 'shor
  9. Ohh yeahh, you got that right. Well, it doesn't quite apply for me yet, since I haven't hit Dharma yet, but still...come to think of it, you were in the thread I linked huh? Thanks for testing them out, haha. Speaking of which, are you planning on using any codes for your current playthrough, or is it a pure run-through?
  10. So I've been going through DWVII again, though I really don't have as much time to spend these days. Luckily, it's on a PSP so it's both portable and it's got a sleep mode...but even then, it can get rather grindy. The default exp gain is fine with me, but I wanted to earn more money from my battles. I looked online and found some modifier codes that can multiply your gold/exp/job points after battles, and they offered multipliers between 4, 8, 16, etc all the way up to 128. Thing is, I didn't want to break the game, and even a 4X modifier can be pretty huge. So I decided to test some
  11. ...Ignasia? Ignasia?! IGNASIAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Speaking of DWVII...I hear you've got a little custom run through at the moment...HMM.
  12. Thanks for ze warm welcome, haha. Sup, guy! Lol...well, goodbyes can be temporary, right? Is that a Bleach reference btw?
  13. Hi, I'm HalcyonDays, but feel free to call me HD or Hal or something if you can't remember that. Anyways, Dragon Quest (AKA Warrior) VII on the PSX was my introduction to this series way back around a year after it's initial NA release, and I've loved that game dearly since. It's within my top 3 favorite JRPGs, which I all love for specific reasons separate from each other. I haven't finished any other DQ games, but I'm currently making my way through DQVII again (on my PSP this time, gonna finally try and properly beat the final two bonus dungeons/secret bosses), as well as DQIV on the D
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