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  1. I didn't read it, but I know of some characters a little bit. I remember seeing a video that compared Manga Alexis to Anime Alexis. Come to think of it, Manga Akiza (or rather Aki) is quite different from her counterpart in the anime.
  2. https://kotaku.com/a-simplified-pokemon-game-is-coming-to-the-nintendo-swi-1826406743/amp Those rumors about Pokémon Let's Go Pikachu and Pokémon Let's Go Eevee were true. Thankfully, they aren't "core" games, so there's still that to look forward to. However, as tired as I am of Kanto, I won't be playing these titles.
  3. I guess I can give you that. Akiza is still cooler, from her design to her ace.
  4. Dude, you sound like the guys from Gamefaqs. Nothing wrong with 30fps.
  5. I think you mean Akiza. Signer, tough duelist, and was pretty respected.
  6. There's an area where we differ, as I'm not put off by those people. I pity them. Though, when someone like that is willing to even be seen with those of a "lower standing", there's hope for their growth as people.
  7. How about we give love to some underappreciated waifus?
  8. Rather than debate, I'm just gonna post a few more DSN or DMN vids.
  9. Hatchet is already buried. It's why I don't want to keep going. It's not so much your fault, as I've had to deal with a bunch of idiots back to back. Starts to grate on one's nerves. It's why I appreciate eal for gently prodding me back to reason. Not the first time he's done it, despite what he says.
  10. Okay, that's true. But I'm done with this conversation. People are so quick to jump on you for this and that. I'm so tired of it. I'm not perfect, but I'm not out to #$*! with people on purpose. Sometimes I say the wrong things. It happens. Anyway, thanks eal. As usual, you're a voice of calm reason. All we need now is Platty or Yangus to crack a joke.
  11. You know, instead of getting all defensive, you simply could've said "Yeah, you're right, but they should've learned by now." But don't worry, I won't say anything else. Already deal with it enough.
  12. Funny you call Sun and Moon out for this only, as every Generation is noted on that list.
  13. Yeah, but those are all encounters you can avoid until you're ready. This was a forced encounter via the story's ending. No way they'd #$*! you over like that.
  14. @JaybirdC What would make you think that an unavoidable fight that you are pushed into would screw you over like that? I just knocked the thing out because I knew the real chance to catch it was later.
  15. And just to keep the waifu train rolling, here's an underrated gem of a girl. Cute af.
  16. Well, I don't have both of the ones I wanted, but I did get one of my desired bride units:
  17. You...you dare talk about her that way!? Oh, you about to get got, fool!
  18. I guess you aren't such a peasant after all. She's like Makoto, but better in every way, and is leadership material to boot. How the improved version came before the original, I will never know. Of course, I'm starting to rank Kawakami really high up there these days.
  19. There's only one God tier waifu, and it ain't who you think. She's not even in P5. Your waifu is a few tiers below God.
  20. Why you hating, eal? And Haru just can't stop being cute. I love her.
  21. You are most likely right. Anyway, here you go.
  22. No way Atlus isn't gonna localize Dancing Star Night and Dancing Moon Night.
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