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  1. $150? #$*! that, I ain't spending that much on a game.
  2. That's understandable, considering the system spread. But then, you just had too much darkness in your heart, and let Xehanort convince you to not catch up. Your light is dim, Platinum One.
  3. Basically. Besides, the delay isn't even a big one. The date is apparently January 29, 2019. That is still really good.
  4. @eal Dude, there seems to be a couple of salty folks over on Gamefaqs in regards to KH3 getting delayed. Anyone with a working brain knows nearly everything gets delayed these days. This thankfully moves the game out of the way of other stuff I want to play, but your reaction if it made 2018 would've been priceless.
  5. Nothing much to talk about. People didn't like her from the start, and she's had to deal with intense amounts of vitriol and racist bullshit. It got to be too much for her, so she left Instagram. End of story, really.
  6. I'm not sure what to say to this. This response is...different from your usual tone.
  7. @eal Early 2019, bro. PS4 and Vita, it would seem.
  8. It was probably different for that guy because he was never physically showing his face.
  9. This is why instead of blocking people, you ditch social media. Kelly Marie Tran has learned this lesson well.
  10. Ace Attorney's specifically has its own language. You see its written word in Case 2 of Ace Attorney Investigations.
  11. Borginia got its own language in Dino Crisis? What do you know about it from that series?
  12. What made you think they would? With the writer gone, I highly doubt they'd trust anyone else to work on it.
  13. Just hit me up when you start. I'll play along too.
  14. In that case, maybe I should play along. You haven't already started, have you?
  15. Get another opinion first, as I fully admit I'm biased.
  16. It's one of my favorite GBA games. Ein is such an idiot, but he's a lovable idiot. I say finish it, but if you do, make sure you have Serene strengthened. She was always one of my main boss killers. How far did you make it in the game anyway?
  17. Nobody in Bleach measures up to Yoruichi. Nobody.
  18. @BorisTheWizard Relax. See my post in the Pokémon topic.
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