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  1. @Sumez So, got any specific examples of "unimportant or misleading plot threads"? Yeah, it's easy to just say that, but unless you got an example that can't be suitably explained, you have a weak case.
  2. The combat is being worked on still, as feedback from some of the prominent KH Youtubers has been given to SE. If they listen to folk like Bizkit, or Soraalam1, it'll be alright.
  3. I know that Yangus is a very cool character, and tough as hell too. But...I think it's time we faced a truth. He ain't the best "Yang" around. This man is:



    Yeah, I'm bored.


    1. ignasia


      Since you're bored, maybe it's time to entertain that perfect DQ7 3DS restart and make your own Super Kiefer, then challenge every DLC tablet boss solo, dragging your level 1 companions around as you prep for them!

      You know you want to do this...in preparation for DQ11 ;), and any eventual replay of DQ7.  It is surprisingly fun once you hit level 50 and you get spurred on to take it all the way.




      or, you could get a bit further in Bloodborne.

    2. Sword_of_Dusk


      I think my next move is to go back to Sleeping Dogs. I had it on PS3, but when I joined the current gen, I didn't bother going back to finish my game. I picked up the Definitive Edition for about $3.99 last week, so I can finally play it again.

      There's also my replay of Riviera: The Promised Land, and I do need to get cracking on my fanfics. 

  4. That sucks. Shouldn't let others ruin your potential joy. #$*!, I'm 27, and will be 28 when the game comes out, but I'm still pumped to play the game. And you missed KH2? The game with the best gameplay in the series so far? Correct that mistake, my friend.
  5. Okay. Gonna trust you on that. So, are you a fan of the series, at least a little bit? Are you looking forward to 3?
  6. Your lack of spell check is killing me. Haley Joel Osment. Seriously though, I agree that he sounds off in the new trailer. However, he's fine in the video I posted.
  7. Just came across a new interview about the game. Interesting read. https://www.rpgsite.net/interview/7354-dragon-quest-xi-echoes-of-an-elusive-age-interview-11-questions-about-dragon-quest-xi I'm particularly drawn to one part: RPG Site: Dragon Quest XI had a 3DS version in Japan alongside the PS4 version. Why is the PS4/PC version coming to the west but not the 3DS version? Takeshi Uchikawa: So originally the 3DS version that was released in Japan was using the old Dragon Quest visual style. It was meant to appeal to the Japanese fans that had played Dragon Quest fo
  8. A few don't like him, true. But it's surprising considering how Nomura used to feel about him.
  9. The effects are miles better though.
  10. No, this is starring Sora and Roxas:
  11. No it was not. I know your game, and I know you know that video has nothing to do with the KH timeline.
  12. Present me a serious question, and I'll try to answer it.
  13. And yet there are people who understood it all. And I'd honestly only bother with Everglow's KH timeline. Dude goes in depth.
  14. That's the weirdest thing. Like, you'd think he could at least sympathize with the "ordinary boy in an extraordinary situation" thing. If people just paid attention while playing, they might be able to get the story without any issues. It is not that hard to have a bare minimum understanding these days when every game is on one system.
  15. That is not what the article said. He said he can lose track of who knows who, given the large cast of characters.
  16. How to fail an interview with 100% effectiveness:
  17. Absolutely beautiful. That's pure #$*!ing gold right there.
  18. It was a joke. Lighten up.
  19. That article says what I mean though. Didn't realize the word choice mattered here. It ain't mainline, as in like R/S/E or B/W. So there.
  20. Pirates of the Caribbean coming back to KH! So #$*!ing hyped about this!
  21. Got proof of that? These games are not quite part of the "core" titles. That's why they mention that the one people have been waiting for is coming in 2019.
  22. They are trying to finally snag the Western audience. Such an approach makes sense.
  23. My point was that if one Borginia has its own language but the other doesn't, they may not be the same place.
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