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  1. I'm gonna get Sword, but nothing about this generation excites me. If nothing else, I just hope it isn't just Gen 1 Pokémon that can Gigantamax.
  2. Got my Switch Lite yesterday. Loving it to death.

  3. Any particular kind of servers you're looking for? I'm a part of a few really good ones, but they may not line up with your interests if that matters.
  4. I can see Spider-Man swinging around the chimney stack.
  5. New Regional Forms are a thing.
  6. I have so much backlog, it ain't even funny.
  7. So, how is everyone? Anything interesting going on? I've got so many new bodies buried in my base. . .uh, I mean I have so many new friends!
  8. Can't wait until I finally get my own Switch.
  9. Man, I have been gone for way too long. Hope life has been good here in the Den.

    1. ignasia


      Lots of people coming and going, and surprisingly, since DQ11, not much growth in the user count.  Which is very sad.  I wonder if this site is getting extra traffic.  I hope so.

      The good wiki shut down due to heavy traffic from the Smash announcement...actually it still shuts down from time to time.

      Otherwise, things are well.  I'm doing well in general.  Lots to do, and little time to do it (I finished Builders 1, and am playing TitS)...FAQ stuff, life, nothing major or important, but a lot of work.  Unfortunately not much more beyond that.  How about yourself?

    2. Sword_of_Dusk


      About the same. Working most of the time, tossing in some Bloodstained: RotN when I can. Game is amazing, btw.

      Missed you guys though, so finally remembered to roll on through.

    3. ignasia


      Well, you're always welcome here bro.  What's funny is that both you and Griever just popped back in from out of the blue, and here I was just thinking about both of you, wondering how you guys were doing.  It's good to see you back.

      For sure, that's a game I need to get at some point.  Same with Sekiro, for which I keep hearing great things.

  10. Kingdom Hearts 3 has been one hell of a game so far. I just wrapped up the Tangled world, and finally picked up a Keyblade I've been anticipating for a long while.

  11. Wonder how everyone here has been. Good, I hope. 

    1. ignasia


      Ah, makes sense.  I forgot about that, though I don't think anyone expected awhile to mean quite this long.  
      At least it's finally here, but I've heard the story is a bit choppy and messy.  Is that true?  How are you liking the game?  I'd get it, but other priorities come first, and KH3 is not even close to the top of the list.  Not yet anyway.

    2. Sword_of_Dusk


      This is already on the fast track to becoming my favorite of the series, and I've only completed the first world. And they are big. Real big. It took me nearly two hours to clear the first world alone. 

      Graphically, it's just fantastic. Looks so damn good, and the Disney and Pixar characters look like they came right out of their respective movies.

      Story-wise, I can't say much at the moment. But for me at least, I expect it to be fine, as I'm intimately familiar with the lore.

    3. TheKingOfTheDragovians


      Nice to have you back.

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  12. Thanks. I had to work, so there wasn't much excitement.
  13. Bear in mind that I said he may be one, and that's because I wasn't sure what his point was. And the fact is there are gamers like that. You want another term for it? I don't know it. People don't take the time to read carefully anymore.
  14. You went off on a tangent about content being swapped or altered. I'm talking about graphics only, as I thought you were. Like, if you can't play a game that looks a little crappy because the graphics aren't top notch, you may be a graphics whore. I think you explained yourself poorly earlier if you actually have issues with missing content, or crap content.
  15. Extra content or options will always trump graphics. Graphics are not everything in a game. Just look at Sonic Mania, indie stuff like Shovel Knight, or the recently released Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon.
  16. I wouldn't say it has that level of bad attached, but Pokémon fans often dislike genwunners, as they tend to look down on newer stuff unless it involves Kanto in some way.
  17. A genwunner is one who does not give a #$*! about any other generation besides Gen 1. The term is never used in a positive way.
  18. Never personally played it. Know it through a very detailed LP.
  19. She looks beautiful, and sounds really awesome. However, I do have a potential match for her.
  20. Your waifus are weak. They cannot measure up to Master Aqua.
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