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  1. @Plattym3 I played the PS2 version of Romancing SaGa. It was a shaky start for me, but I eventually became able to usually spark techs I was looking to get. I stayed blind as long as I could, but I ultimately decided to look up gameplay related stuff since I had never encountered such a style before.
  2. So, it's been a few days, and I'm curious about you guys' thoughts so far. I've only ever played the first Romancing SaGa (which I did greatly enjoy, even if learning techs could be iffy at times), and I want to know if I'd like 2 or 3 as well.
  3. I just encountered an Eternatus in a Casual match just the other day. Dude thought he'd run me down with it, but I stopped that crap.
  4. I never liked the need to go to an event for a legendary. "Oh, you didn't go to this rare event? Screw you then!" The way it's done now does make them seem more common, but for someone like me, who enjoys using legends in casual battles, it's great.
  5. If nothing else, enjoy your Sirfetch'd being able to hit ghosts with Normal and Fighting moves.
  6. @eal First off, my bad for not including a Leek. I should've caught a wild one to get it. It boosts crit rate. Secondly, if you still want a Leek, I gotcha. Because it works for Sirfetch'd. And guess what happens if you use Leaf Blade while it's equipped? Crits everyday, baby!
  7. That would be great. I need my boy Tyranitar. Through separate profiles, you can have additional saves with Sword and Shield.
  8. I have quite a few Sobbles now, if anyone wants one. As well as a few Scorbunnies. Also have Farfetch'd with its HA, a Galarian Ponyta, Galarian Corsola, Dreepy, and Jangmo-o. I can go catch any other Sword exclusives than the two mentioned here as well.
  9. Plenty of people did. Just no one I know.
  10. Damn. I picked Scorbunny too. I need the other two.
  11. I can help. What starter did you pick, btw?
  12. Anything you want? I have Sword.
  13. Reminds me that I still need to go catch it. My catches in the Wild Area have been mostly random, aside from two specific ventures to track down Toxel and Dreepy. The weather won't cooperate to let me get Ralts though, and it sucks.
  14. It's easy to get wrapped up in the Wild Area.
  15. Cinderace's Pyro Ball is actually a pretty slick animation. If you haven't seen it, check it out.
  16. Other nicknames I've used: Captain Snap (Dreadnaw)- It's a snapping turtle, or based on one. Carmen (Thievul)- Named for Carmen Sandiego. Thievul kinda looks too gentlemanly for the name though, unlike Nickit. Alena (Tsareena)- If you guys can't figure that one out, I'd be shocked. Daisy (Eldegoss)- Just a flower name. Nothing special. Feedback (Boltund)- Generic electric term. Rockstar (G. Zigzagoon)- Come on, you can see why. Cap. America (Rufflet)- When it evolves, it'll be America's bird.
  17. Most of my nicknames are references. Axel (Cinderace)- Named after Axel from KH. Lancelot (Corviknight)- Arthurian legend, and famous knight. Galahad (Sirfetch'd)- Same as above. Roxie (Toxtricity)- Named for the Virbank City gym leader in B2/W2. Misako (Pangoro)- Named after Misako from River City Girls. Would've been called Bancho had it been a male. That's just a few of my nicknamed mons.
  18. I never nickname either, though not because I consider them tools. I changed up this time though, and I've given nicknames to quite a few of my mons. Also, get used to seeing Hop. And a few others.
  19. So, Pokémon Sword is actually pretty damn good. After 7 hours (yeah, I was distracted by the Wild Area for a while) I finally took on the first Gym Leader. That was probably the most hype gym battle I've ever had. The atmosphere is amazing, and really works to get you pumped up. I also really love the QoL updates the game has. The streamlining was a good idea on GF's part.
  20. Those images were directly from a guidebook and the game's Pokédex.
  21. Yeah, but I don't remember seeing so much ire before. That said, I like most of the new ones. One of the new Galarian forms is depressing af though.
  22. Man, the amount of salt I've been seeing about new Pokémon designs is ridiculous.
  23. Just checked. Three new Pokémon also have Gigantamax forms, yet they chose to make a trailer showcasing nothing but Gen 1 Pokémon. That does not instill me with faith. It was said that all future games will follow Sword and Shield's example, rotating older Pokémon in and out of each regional Pokédex. However, there will not be another game where every single Pokémon is available. Now, I don't know if that idea will change somewhere down the line, but that's the outlook for now.
  24. I see it as one possible path of natural progression, stemming from how popular Gym Leaders tend to be in-universe. Why not make the Gym Challenge a bigger spectacle? So it's nothing that wows me. At this point, I just want to know which prior gen Pokémon made the cut, and what types the starters will end up as. I'm also hoping that Torchic or Cyndaquil make it in.
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