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  1. Holy crap, he became a zombie! Somebody call Leon S. Kennedy, or Chris Redfield!
  2. This looks damn good. Makes my own effort look so shoddy.
  3. I thought the biting had stopped. That's what I was told. Goddess, was I lied to?
  4. I'm new here myself, but welcome. 'Tis a grand little home we have here.
  5. Trust me, the last thing we want is to rile them up. These are the same kind of people who called Pokemon satanic.
  6. I can't do a no Casino run. I love gambling too much. I ended up spending a great deal of time in the casinos of DQIV, V, and VI just amassing a fortune in tokens. I didn't break the game with it, but I certainly had the option.
  7. Use the Tapatalk App. Free. Awesome. Convenient. I've heard of it before, but I don't know if I want to download an app just for my forum browsing.
  8. I don't know, man. It seems weird to me, like they're just making guesses. I think Nintendo would've shown off VIII along with VII back at E3 if this was correct.
  9. That is a good boss theme, though I'm more fond of "Defeat the Enemy" from DQVIII. I feel like I can take down a Golem on my own whenever I hear it.
  10. I'm partial to using my phone for surfing the Web, so I just stick with mobile versions of most sites.
  11. Maybe he could make me a Master Sword and a Hylian Shield. We could have ourselves an epic battle between dimensions! If I could have a Keyblade, I'd be happy as hell.
  12. Vocation Title: Mercenary Description: Wandering warriors who hold allegiance to no one. Instead, they fight for coin, and lend their swords to whoever provides the most gold. Because of this, they can turn on their employer unexpectedly if a better offer comes along. Just don't try to double-cross them. Advanced Class (Y or N): N (if so) Previous Classes Needed to Unlock:None Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - Opportunistic Blow (Take advantage of a good opportunity and strike an enemy down.) Level 2 - Sensible Retreat (Flee 100% of the time when HP is at critical levels.) Le
  13. I admire your gusto in this endeavor. I would have to start small before working my way up to this kind of restrictive playthrough.
  14. ​ Vocation Title: Sentinel Description:​ Few attacks can get through this stalwart warrior's excellent defenses. Advanced Class (Y or N): Y (if so) Previous Classes Needed to Unlock: Warrior, Paladin Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - ​​Defending Champion Level 2 - Wide Guard (protects all party members for 1 turn, taking 50% less damage) Level 3 - Shield Smash (bash an enemy with your shield, reducing their defense by 25% and possibly inflicting confusion) Level 4 - Sentinel Rush (charge at an enemy head on. May inflict stun.) Level 5 - Spell Guard (enemy spells do
  15. I don't know, but I hear he used to bite people before having surgery. ................huh. How 'bout that? I was thinking of some robot that enforced democracy with an iron fist. Kinda like Liberty Prime. *equips Metal King Helm* I don't know why, but I have this sudden urge to wear headgear now.
  16. Is it wrong to wanna go beat some SE executive on the head with a binder, yelling at him or her and speaking on the predicament we Western DQ fans have often been in? Should I not go do that?
  17. My very first DQ game was Dragon Warrior 3 on the GBC. From the moment I slayed my first Slime, I was hooked. It had such charm, and the class system entertained me greatly. Man, just thinking about it makes me wish I could replay it fresh. After that, the order gets funky: Dragon Warrior Monsters 2: Tara's Adventure Dragon Warrior I and II Dragon Warrior VII Dragon Warrior Monsters Dragon Quest VIII Dragon Quest IV Dragon Quest V Dragon Quest IX Dragon Quest VI Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 There are still gaps I'd like to fill, but I am glad to have experienced almost every
  18. Same here. This series is near and dear to my heart. I'll support it no matter what.
  19. It's as good a time as any then to play IV to prepare yourself for Apocalypse then. Better yet if you can get the Neutral route going in IV, because Apocalypse starts right as the Neutral route is locked in after the whole white void experience. It's probably a miracle I managed to get the neutral ending on my first playthrough. I made only minimal use of a guide, and mostly just kept flip-flopping between Law and Chaos answers.
  20. Wow. Those were the best welcomes I've ever gotten, and that includes face to face welcomes too! I think I'm gonna love it here.
  21. I ask because New footage of Persona 5 dropped today, and it's just dripping with style. Gotta wait all the way until Valentine's to play it, but it definitely looks worth the wait.
  22. What's going on, my friends? I'm Sword_of_Dusk, and I finally decided to get around to joining this site. I learned of its existence from ignasia over on GameFAQs some time ago, and as a DQ fan, it makes sense to hang out here. Looking forward to getting to know the crowd here. I tend to lurk on the Fan Made games forum.
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