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  1. I'd probably be slightly happier if I didn't have to work (since I hate the place), but all things considered, I'm doing pretty well.
  2. Honestly never noticed this forum, but it needs some love. Lucky me, I have just the thing. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12196000/1/0
  3. If that scroll doesn't operate like every other scroll and unlocks the class for everyone, I will quit this game immediately.
  4. Looks like a Zombiesbane. Or Zombie Slayer. Not sure which.
  5. I knew that way back at the start of the game. I'm already grinding out advanced vocations. What I'm asking is if you got yours to at least level 50? Leveling anything else before then is not worth your effort.
  6. You already get your main advanced vocations to level 50 or 99? If you haven't at least gotten to 50 in it, it isn't worth grinding out another.
  7. It's a gacha, but it still seems ridiculous. I guess Fire Emblem Heroes spoiled me, since despite being F2P, I gathered a large selection of five star heroes and I'm able to clear content with minor trouble.
  8. Anybody visited Squirril Station yet? I don't really like it. One of the games is just Rock, Paper, Scissors with a double or nothing extra, and the other game is a bit less luck based, but threatens to eat your cash if things don't work out right, and it takes so long to get anywhere. And the prices at the Pressie Counter are ridiculously high. I don't even want to think how long it'll take to amass that amount of coins. The game doesn't even want you to buy your fortune, since you can't trade gold for coins if you have 3000 coins.
  9. The yellow dots denote that you're currently changing that equipment's appearance. Revert your appearance changes and you'll see the dots disappear.
  10. Somewhere below 13 and above 6. My star level just hit 14, but I've had the forge unlocked for some time. Possibly level 9 or 10?
  11. I sorta wish more people would go for the four metal slime dumplings/cones. Sometimes I want an extra 300% experience.
  12. Are you talking about the thing you get for trading in Daily Quest tickets? Because that's a whistle, and you equip it.
  13. I don't have a whole lot of good stuff to choose from. Not that I've met much challenge beforehand. The Falcon Blade carries hard, especially after a Falcon Wardance.
  14. Anybody got into an advanced vocation yet? I'm just trying to figure out what level to be in order to finally acquire a damn scroll. I attempted to get a Battlemaster scroll with my party at level 50, and the boss at 40, but I got wiped like bird poo on a windshield. The hell level do they want you at?
  15. I just stopped giving a damn about getting Crowns in cases like those. The rewards are usually crap.
  16. *rolls eyes* Since you offered and all. Anyway, I don't see a timer on them, so who knows. I still need to grab the bottoms to complete the collection. I love the headgear.
  17. I wanna say it was the DQ 1 & 2 chest, but don't quote me on that. Feel free to use Sirin how you want, though with my Sailor vocation almost at level 50, I'll probably be switching soon.
  18. I recall pulling it from one of the Lucky Chest draws.
  19. Anybody here have a Metal Slime Bow? I'm always looking to add more friends with that weapon. I rock a Falcon Blade if you're interested.
  20. The expansion passes are so much better than the old third version approach.
  21. Decided to start up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The game is very good, while having a few blemishes here and there. The feel of being a real Jedi is definitely present in this one, though I sometimes miss the OP-ness of Starkiller from The Force Unleashed, though Cal is steadily growing stronger.
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