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  1. I know that Yangus is a very cool character, and tough as hell too. But...I think it's time we faced a truth. He ain't the best "Yang" around. This man is:



    Yeah, I'm bored.


    1. ignasia


      Since you're bored, maybe it's time to entertain that perfect DQ7 3DS restart and make your own Super Kiefer, then challenge every DLC tablet boss solo, dragging your level 1 companions around as you prep for them!

      You know you want to do this...in preparation for DQ11 ;), and any eventual replay of DQ7.  It is surprisingly fun once you hit level 50 and you get spurred on to take it all the way.




      or, you could get a bit further in Bloodborne.

    2. Sword_of_Dusk


      I think my next move is to go back to Sleeping Dogs. I had it on PS3, but when I joined the current gen, I didn't bother going back to finish my game. I picked up the Definitive Edition for about $3.99 last week, so I can finally play it again.

      There's also my replay of Riviera: The Promised Land, and I do need to get cracking on my fanfics. 

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