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  1. I hope you "long time" members who sent those PM's complaining and ran off me and the other guy saying that we are too excitied about DQ games have fun with your same old BORING forum.

    1. Toonadri


      We talk about a lot of diferent stuff here i don't know what are you talking about...

      This forums was never been boring to me personally,i actually wish it was more active,also DQ7 is a remake...when DQ11 will be released the forum will be a lot less "boring" if you think that.

    2. Liamland


      How boring it is here is what attracts me to the place. Life is too exciting. It needs some calming down. So I come here to be bored out of my mind, to balance things out a bit. But this subject is too exciting. Need to mellow some more elsewhere.

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