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  1. Some of you people who sent PM's to the staff complaining that me and someone else post way too much and are way too excited about all the upcoming Dragon Quest games? Good, go back to your old BORING forum where you do is talk about sissy contests and badges, rather than have fun talking about CURRENT Dragon Quest stuff, as well as creative posts about many past and classic DQ games made by the other person you ran out of here 2 days ago. Funny how all you "OLD TIMERS" and "OLD FORUMERS" like you run off anyone new and fresh who doesn't talk about your same old BORING topics that you have
  2. I hope you "long time" members who sent those PM's complaining and ran off me and the other guy saying that we are too excitied about DQ games have fun with your same old BORING forum.

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    2. jay


      This is a key example of the fox and the grapes. You're unhappy with us so you say the grapes are sour.

    3. Liamland


      There are far more stressful things in life to worry about than constructive criticism about one's online forum posting style. Regardless of whether you stay or go, good luck with finding a constructive outlet for your frustrations.

    4. redneckpride4ever


      If this boring place is why you keep returning, you must have a pathetically boring life.

  3. Screw all of you I am not gonna let someone tell me that I cant be over excited about my favorite series releasing a bunch of new games. I have been a fan of this series since it first came to the US back in 1989 when I was a real little kid. I'm not gonna let you people try to ruin my lifelong appreciation for Dragon Quest. I will keep on enjoying this series without you people. The ones complaining were probably a bunch of fake poser fans anyway who haven't played much else besides DQ9. I will take my Dragon Quest business elsewhere, you are your ban/lock hammers dont scare me, and w
  4. The hell with all you complainers about me loving this series too much, I am done with you people and this site. I wont let you people bring me down.

    1. Neofrodo


      Uhh who's complaining about that?


      People on here tend to worship the series.

    2. RanmaJAG


      Maybe Dark Slime posted this on the wrong site? Or is talking about a series that is not Dragon Quest?

  5. He always has that huge smile on his face no matter what he is saying, and he stares right at you with it. I know they are keeping with the original artwork by having that smile, but sometimes it looks a little creepy when you talk to your dad in DQ7.
  6. I'm about to add Ruff immediately next time I play, but it seems like every time I go to a cut scene where my characters talk my lineup is reset in a different order when I am back in control. I prefer Hero, Kiefer, and Maribel in that order during battles. But they have reset my lineup to Hero, Maribel, Kiefer at least 5 times now. I usually dont find out till the 1st battle after the cutscene, but it is getting annoying.
  7. It matters early on in the game when Maribel only has 22 MP and you want to use her MP on attack and healing spells instead of having to save most of it for Evac from a dungeon.
  8. You think they would have fixed that on the remake. 8 MP is way too much for Evac, def more common in DQ games from 2001 and older.
  9. Is there one yet? I noticed some treasure chests in the fields near towns after the Islands appear in the present. They aren't that hard to miss yet since there isn't a whole lot of land, but eventually I will be unlocking much larger continents.
  10. Really getting into DQ7 now, about to add Gabo soon.

  11. Looks like they changed the "New Town" quite a bit. What is going on with theTablets I get for recruiting people? I used the Tablet and it took me to an area full of Slimes, including a huge Boss Slime. Got some great treasure there too. I recruited 2 more people, are the 2 Tablets they gave me also for more hidden monster areas? Do I get 1 stamp per beating an area? Will I be getting a new Tablet every time I recruit someone? Are there extra Tablets available online that I can only get that way, and not by playing the game myself? What is the deal with the guy in the town
  12. Thanks. I would have forgotten about the Medal in Estard cuz some lady kept blocking my character from going down that well at the beginning of the game.
  13. DQ1: Android - I beat the game in about 1 day a month or so ago. With the small amount of monsters in that game I would rather not spend a ton of time grinding, but it it still one of my favorite titles from the series since it was where it all started, and the first DQ game I ever played. DQ2: Android - Gotta go with the Android version on this one too since that added the ability to Zoom to most major areas, instead of only zooming to the last place you saved at. DQ3: SNES - Love the graphics better than the GBC version, and of course those Pachisi Tracks that they left off of Androi
  14. Yeah, but I would have loved to have played it on the PlayStation since I always prefer DQ games on the TV over handheld. I am always reminded of this ad every time I replay DW7 on PS1 and look through the instruction manual.
  15. Or did they add more Medals? I know someone started a partial list, I really wish there was an official Strategy Guide for the 3DS version.
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