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  1. Monster Title: Box slime Description: Silly she-slimes that don't want to pay for their trips, so they try to sneak in the storage crates found in wagons. Being in a box for too much time gave this slime it's peculiar shape. Monster Heart Drop Rate: 52,5% Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - Spell: Buff - Greatly increases the defence of a single ally for 4 to 7 turns. 2MP Level 2 - Skill: Flame Breath - Blows fiery breath at all enemies. 0MP Level 3 - Spell: Frizzle - Burns a single enemy with a large fireball. 4MP Level 4 - Spell: Kabuff - Increases the defence of all allies for 4 to 7 turns. 4MP Level 5 - Skill: Body Slam - Deals heavy damage to the target and the user. 0MP Level 6 - Spell: Kafrizz - Incinerates a single enemy with a huge fireball. 7MP Level 7 - Spell: Kamikazee - Sacrifices caster's own life in an attempt to destroy all enemies. 1MP Level 8 - Spell: Kafrizzle - Cremates a single enemy with an enormous fireball. 12MP Stat Changes: HP: +25% MP: +15% STR: +15% DEF: +35% INT: +15% AGL: -40% LUCK: +5% Mastery Bonus: +35% DEF Character artwork:
  2. I can't play Pkmn Go because I have DQMSL installed (It is pretty heavy), and I don't want to uninstall it because losing my continuous login prize streak
  3. The title is pretty self explanatory --------------------------------------------- I have been trying to find videos or images of hacking on the recent 3DS DQM games and couldn't really find anything. I would appreciate if someone shows me some crazy stuff like maybe hacking in the adult Terry as a party member in game or weird battles, any kind of hacking images, videos or sources are fine too.
  4. From their android and ios store page it says that the only changes are bug fixes for the arena.
  5. Vocation Title: Breath Champion Description: Cremate and glaciate your foes with powerful breath attacks! Sturdy defences and high health make this class abiding in battles. Support your allies with various counters for breath attacks! Advanced Class (Y or N): Yes Previous Classes Needed to Unlock: Tamer, Dragoon Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - Skill: Scorch - Blows scorching breath at all enemies. 0MP Level 2 - Skill: C-c-cold Breath - Blows f-f-freezing breath at all enemies. 0MP Level 3 - Skill: Hellfire - Fire breath attack that causes hellish damage to all enemies. 20MP Level 4 - Spell: Insulattle - Protects all allies from fire and ice breath attacks by 50%. 3MP Level 5 - Spell: Fullheal - Restores all HP to the user or ally. 6MP Level 6 - Spell: Gobstopper - Prevents a single enemy from using breath attacks. 6MP Level 7 - Skill: Brake Wind - Whips up a storm that will blow back the next breath attack. 1MP Level 8 - Skill: Deep Breath - Increases the attack power of the user's next breath attack. 0MP Stat Changes: HP: +30% MP: +20% STR: +10% DEF: +30% INT: +15% AGL: -30% LUCK: -20% Mastery Bonus: +30 Maximum HP
  6. Does the map they gave you have a code for a monster or something?
  7. ¿puᴉɯ ɹnoÊŽ uo s,ʇÉÉ¥M

    1. gooieooie


      That shows up as


      W___'s on _ou_ __nd?


      For me, except small squares in place of the blanks.


      I think it says "What's on your mind?" Do I win the puzzle?

    2. jay


      It does, you so. It's upside down...

    3. gooieooie


      I know it's upside-down, but the majority of the characters don't show up for me. :P

  8. Hey welcome to the den! I have just joined a week ago and I can tell you that this forum is awesomesauce. Hope you have a good time here.
  9. DQVII: I wouldn't like for it to be released too soon because right now I am very occupied with my studies and I have heard that this game takes a lot of time to finish. DQVIII: What worries me is not if it is delayed, but not getting it at all. I don't have a playstation 2 and my computer can't emulate these kind of games, this is troubling. Also my parents are going to buy me a New 3DS XL for my birthday (not another "normal" 3DSXl, you know the upgraded 3DSXL). In the end: I just want them to be released on holidays.
  10. If I use monsters with max level for buddy boost. Will the buddy boosted monster be more powerful than when using level 1 monsters on a max level monster? Resume: Wax Murderer lv. Max + Wax Murderer lv. 1 = or ≠Wax Murderer lv. Max + Wax Murderer lv. Max
  11. I want DQMJ3 to come to America

    1. Ashes


      It's pretty good in Japanese.

    2. jay


      I half want it. I love the idea of how customizable it can be (on paper). But the mons they dropped and replaced with fifty pallet swaps, doesn't sit with me.

    3. mariosmentor


      Eh, they might bring it stateside if DQ7 and 8 do well here.

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