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  1. Hmm – seems I've learned Kamikazee without realising it. But Kerplunk actually is a different spell. Kamizakee sacrifices you like a Rockbomb. Kerplunk sacrifices you to heal all other allies. Seems Kerplunk isn't in the game, but someone got them confused on the wiki. Any advice about Priest > Sage > Soldier or Priest > Soldier > Sage?
  2. Ahh, well that would explain it. The Wiki claims that Priests learn Kerplunk at lv41, but the article is old and mostly copy pasted from the old wikia (and, as I've been finding, has many pages riddled with errors that I'm striving to fix). I just couldn't for the life of me figure out why I wasn't learning Kerplunk! Thanks for clearing that up. I should have noticed the lack of it in your guide, though. The strange detail-gaps the mind fills in.
  3. Read your guide, great help, Ignasia. I do have another question, though: my Priest is already 45 and hasn't learned Kerplunk yet. What's the highest level at which she might learn it? I want to turn her into either a soldier or a second sage now that I got another Words of Wisdom (had no idea there was a second until I came upon it in Rimuldar). Might want to go Priest –> Soldier -> Sage for extra bulk or Priest -> Sage –> Soldier so she doesn't end up with way too little MP once she's a soldier. Not sure. Currently got Hero, Fighter, Priest, and Sage (formerly Mage). Waited until lv40 Mage to turn into a Sage, and am not disappointed: once she hit lv20 in Baramos' Castle (fighting liquid metal slimes), she started gaining huge MP boosts to catch up to what she had and has far surpassed what she had originally now, while also being stronger and more defensive now than the Priest.
  4. So basically I should wait quite some time in order to gain as much as possible. Thanks!
  5. Lucky! I brought it up with my folks a few years ago, and they had honestly completely forgotten about it. ergh. At least I have a current version of the game on my iPhone.
  6. iOS version on iPhone 6s+ doesn't have this issue. I'm sorry it's a problem for the Android version.
  7. So, I've got a similar question that I feel like doesn't warrant creating a new topic. I've committed to playing through this game on iOS now all the way through for the first time – didn't get even this far when I tried it on SNES or GBC; I've recently beat Orochi and collected a few orbs. My levels are around 24; party of Kindly M Hero, Vamp F Priest, Daredevil M Martial Artist, and Genius F Mage. Should I be class changing? I've got the Words of Wisdom book to become a Sage and since I'm above lv20, I CAN class change. I'm not sure what I should class change into or when exactly is a good time. I don't want to miss out on higher level spells. I was thinking maybe I'd go Priest –> Warrior, Martial Artist -> Thief, Mage -> Sage, but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. I do feel like I'm low on healing; Orochi was incredibly tough, but it may be because I couldn't prioritize the hero to hitting alongside my Martial Artist and my Mage, so Orochi kept healing what I did to it until my Martial Artist crit'ed.
  8. I guess it's just really painful that they haven't translated DQM1 3D and DQM2 3D – and that the 3DS is region-locked, unlike the DS where I could play Japanese DS cards in my western device. But I'd never complain about what they have translated – though it is frustrating that they keep announcing all this still stuff for PS4. I hope that once the NX is revealed, they'll say, OH AND SE IS PORTING THEM TO THE NX AS WELL!!!
  9. Dragon Warrior Monsters was my gateway drug to the series (coming off of Pokémon), the year it came out, when I was 9 (in 1998). Would have played Dragon Warrior 3 in 2001 when it hit state-side (I was 12), but my parents took the game away because my older sister pointed out that the box had a skimpy looking warrior girl in a chainmail bikini on it, and my parents didn't want to condone that (they had bought it without looking at the box, I guess). I wouldn't play another Dragon Quest game until college. And BOY were they awesome. Now, mind you, I had gotten into other RPGs before then – mostly the Golden Sun and Final Fantasy series through middle school and high school, but also Tales of Phantasia and Symphonia, Fire Emblem, a few others. But in college, a couple things happened. First, I got onto a nostalgia binge with Dragon Warrior Monsters, and then I decided to explore the worlds referenced in the game, playing the SNES versions of DQI+II, DQV, and ultimately, DQVI. Then the DS carts of IV, V, VI, and IX came out late in my college career and slightly after I finished. VI has always felt like THE Dragon Quest to me, however, because of the DWM connection via Terry and Milly.
  10. I still find Dragon Quest VI to be the best in the series for me. But I haven't played VII or VIII yet (Nintendo fanboy here), so… Looking forward to the 3DS versions of them. VI is a mixture of things: I really like the upper and lower world motif; I love that it's filled with archfiends, as opposed to only one or two; I find the party members interesting; the beginning of the game and the end of the game are really tight and well-written plots; the local town stories are very interesting or haunting – especially Amor, Scrimsley, Arkbolt, and the Isle o' Smiles, even if they're mostly disconnected from the larger story, they feed into the narrative discussion of real and dream worlds and people's hopes, desires, and fears; and probably most of all, my entry to the series was Dragon Warrior Monsters on the GBC, so when I finally learned what Terry and Milly were going to grow up into, the nostalgia was potent (plus, that game was heavily biased in favor of DQVI in terms of traveler's gate boss scenarios; granted, it was the most recent title in the series until that point).
  11. I played the SNES version about 5 years ago, remembered it to be quite a bit tougher than the iOS version I beat a few days ago. I definitely agree about the exploration bit. The more you explore, the more you grind. Princess of Moonbrooke shouldn't die so easily if you take your time leveling her up in areas that are suitable to her level. The trick is that each successive party member starts at level 1. It's not a good idea to charge ahead. Definitely play the tombola (called lottery in the SNES fan-translation, to my memory, since it was called that in the US NES version). You can never have enough prayer rings; they're one of the major keys to surviving this game. Also, the gold card will make shopping much easier. Play the tombola as soon as you get a few tickets. Make sure to save and reset if you don't win anything good (gold card or prayer ring; 1 wizard's staff, since it'll be the best thing for the Princess of Moonbrooke for a long time and save her MP by casting Sizz/Fireball for free). There's a save station right by the tomobola in Moonahan/Hamlin (town near Moonbrooke), but if you're playing SNES, you probably have save states available to you (iOS version has a quick-save function, so I was able to quick save in front of the Tombola in Leftwyne and just reset whenever I failed). Once you get the count right, you'll be able to get whatever you want in the minigame without wasting tickets. And you don't want to use tickets and fail – they're a lot harder to get your hands on in this game than in Dragon Quest V.
  12. Hey everyone, I've been playing through the iOS remakes of Dragon Quest I-III and working on edits for the Wiki to update them to the most recent translations. I do have to say that the confirmation of my email failed, which is preventing me from uploading image files (which I can legally capture via my iPhone's screen-capture function). If FlyingRagnar or whomever has authority to fix this tiddy I'm in, I'd be very goo-rateful.
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