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  1. Hey-- I have put a few hundred hours into this game almost completely on my own and have just completed the v3 story. As I make my way closer to recent content, I figure it would be really nice to play with some other real people, so I was curious if anyone could give me an estimate of how active the people here actually are in game? I would like to join the team if it is likely that I'll be able to play with other real people lol.
  2. I think I put around 200 hours (total) into DQH2 because I was grinding out wanted monsters/mini medals. I know this isn't really the purpose of this thread, but it was very comforting to just be able to sit for long periods of time and grind something out while listening to a podcast. It came out almost 2 years ago at this point? That's really weird. I remember playing online with random Japanese players and having them waste all of their Yggdrasil leaves on reviving me because I was underlevelled. I hope if a Heroes 3 ever comes out they will optimize the online, because I did have some
  3. The free trial is super long for this game now. It caps at level 50 and lets you change classes as much as you want (the class system works like 9s so that's a lot of levelling). You can access content up to the end of the base game. The restrictions within that are very limited- you can't use the player-run market or go to the casino; there's probably more but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. The offline prologue is available in the trial, but iirc the extended offline mode got removed for whatever reason with the V4 expansion. It's not very hard to set up a VPN
  4. The full game is the same as playing the trial because when you get the trial you download everything for the full game. All you need to do is enter the codes that you get digitally or that come in your box on your account and to install the install files (very small files) for the expansion packs. You don't need to install the V1 install file because that's the base game, what you installed to play the trial.
  5. There's hints that some people have put together to kind of create the trilogy. I think Horii said something like that the games are only connected if the players want them to be. The way I see it is that the Zenithian equipment is kind of created in 6 (the legendary equipment either isn't called zenithian at all, or until the end of the game- but the equipment you do get looks like the zenithian equipment with a different color scheme). In 4, you find and use the Zenithian equipment, and in remakes it is mentioned that there are humans who have come to Zenithia before you (possibly the cas
  6. A little bit late to the party, just dropping in to say that I cried probably a little bit more than I should have while watching the video on twitter after I got the notification. I was one of the people who wasn't really expecting it to come over, so this announcement was awesome.
  7. Wow, those look excellent. I really like seeing Dragon Quest 1 enemies together.
  8. Hey- if anyone is aware, reddit is doing something in r/place (https://www.reddit.com/place?webview=true) where each person can place one pixel every 10 minutes (5 minutes after you've placed your second one). I'm trying to make a slime at the coordinates (968,427), and I'm using this image: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/b9/1c/cc/b91ccc4145bf6f5f837b5a531fd74a2f.jpg as a base. Please help out! I'd like to make something bigger too lol, but not sure if enough people would help.
  9. Here it is! I preordered it a bit ago but forgot to put it up here. http://imgur.com/2RN1OjZ
  10. I just read Uzumaki. It was excellent. The entire time I couldn't stop reading, and the ending blew me away. I just bought a physical copy.
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