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  1. Can you add mine? Thanks! フラーネラー VW343-211
  2. Too easy? Those allies you first get are actually really weak. They don't even have skills. Also, as you go further, you would need allies, be it npc or players, you can't go solo. Unless you're ridiculously over leveled and geared. Up until the first boss is indeed soloable. But anyway, if you go to the pub, tavern, you can dismiss them, and or hire other character npcs. But otherwise for now, you can go to the menu, bottom right, then I believe 2nd from bottom left. There you will see your npc party member list, and you can hide those npc members, or set their strategy behavior.
  3. It might surprise you, but AI healers are actually pretty good. I swear, sometimes they know which one would get hit, that they cast heal instantly after a party member received damage. Perhaps only thing lacking is that they don't really use lots of buffs. Though not that healer has lots of buffs anyway. But they do cast those more often when against strong mob or bosses. Well an experienced player is always better however, if you can get a player in your party that is.
  4. As tribal said, rather than the kind of dungeons like other MMOs, the "dungeons" in DQX feels way more like single player ones. You can do them except some optional hard bosses with AI partners. In such cases you'd usually need to be wearing end game gear with the best enchantments and decked out passive skills from every other class. But otherwise, no, AI partners are enough to get you through story. As for the amount of players.... I honestly don't think so. When I go back online I usually found me alone by myself on the team, but thinking about it, it's most likely it's due to my different timezone. Oh there are still decent amount of random players though.
  5. The orb system is.... well it's hard to explain, but basically you use it to get bonus, either simple stuff like MHP, ATK etc, or a certain skill's damage, charge rate, etc. It all depends on which "orb" you equip. Though you don't need to worry about it, at least for now, since you're just starting. It takes a while to set that up. For guides.... as in, story guides? Try this one http://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_chart.html That site has lots of other stuff too.
  6. Ah, right, the lag.... the 3ds version does lag often.... it even lagged on my connection at home... I guess I'll see if I can find a free and easy to use vpn for the game.
  7. I downloaded it today. Or well to be precise couple of hours ago. Or, well, the moment I posted....
  8. Unfortunately, no. MV uses larger sizes for their graphics. Unless you resize your sprites it would look tiny in MV. Directly scaling up can work, although it would look a bit distorted due to MV's characters looking.... well, different. Although I suppose it won't really matter if you don't use regular sprites I. For comparison sake, a single character sprite, a 3x4 single sprite, in VX/Ace is 96x128 pixels, for MV it's 144x192. I noticed the game is in MV, just for that it somewhat interests me, so I'll give it a go. Might not really yield results soon, but I'll see how it goes. EDIT: Not sure if it's intended, but I managed to walk up the cliff. Walked from the marked path, through that purple flower. Also through the orange one. Also from that upper cliff, from the top side. EDIT 2: Don't mean to nitpick, but this happened. Also, yeah, managed to walk over the cliff from that flower side.
  9. Long time no see guys. I doubt you all still remember me Anyway jokes aside, are people still active? I just logged back in today after a long time, been kinda busy. But saw nobody on the team online.... I was online for quite a bit too. Also, I thought I heard once from somewhere that the 3ds doesn't have the ip block, is this true? Got someone who wants to play, but doesn't really want to set up a vpn, so I thought to tell them to try the 3ds version if it's true.
  10. If you mean killing general mobs, here are some kinda well known mobs and their location for grinding. ãƒã‚¶ãƒƒã‚¯ã‚¹ at ãƒãƒ§ãƒƒãƒ”è’野, at the puku island, the pink one. Near メギストリス, head east from the gate at D5 For lower level, タコメット is also popular, it gives much less exp however since it's much weaker. They are at キュララナ海岸, from the fish people town ジュレー島上層 head outside from east gate then north.
  11. Hmm, I wonder how they'd handle it on switch. Switch requires a sub for online services. Would you need to sub and then pay the sub for dqx to play it? Or you don't need to pay the sub for switch online to play dqx online, but you still need to pay the sub for dqx? Or, you just need to pay for the sub for switch online, then you don't need to pay for dqx sub to play it on switch? ....well I guess it'd most likely be that you won't need the sub for switch just for dqx, but we'd need to wait for that info.
  12. I'd guess that's the one from the martial arts. It raises resitance to breath attacks. That gave me an idea for listing buff and debuff icons and their effects. Sadly I don't have the icon images.... might need to take some low quality screenshots.
  13. You might be surprised but.... there really isn't. While we do have a wiki, it's kinda pretty much empty. Besides some basic stuff. For taking skills, best way is usually to just learn all the class' passives. Although that would limit your points for weapon skills unless you have all the class in literally 90+. So you'd need to compromise and reduce points you put on the class core skill points to weapons. And oh, skills that have å°‚ beside their name in skill point list means that it's tied to when you are using that class only. Edit: Decided to screw it and edited the wiki pages myself http://dqx.wikia.com/wiki/Category:Skills Currently working on it, might take a while before I finish the list.
  14. Just to make sure, have you registered the expansion keys to the account, and have you installed the expansions?
  15. There are only 1 server, but plenty of channels. You can change your channel any time when you are in town by talking to the concierge. Or well, going back to the main menu while you are in town.
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