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  1. Present spell ごてんにありがとう Expires 7/31/20 also if anyone wants the DQ2 wallpainting code DM me(no expiration)
  2. https://dq1030.com/gem7 I'm not sure how the changes tomorrow with the new update will affect the orb system. Few of the greatswords skills will be downgraded(weaker).
  3. Fusing accessories https://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_gousei.html Daily/Weekly/Monthly https://xn--10-yg4a1a3kyh.jp/dq10_routine.html
  4. https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/event/gift/9e7de7a7a30fbbef86599569dab21556/item must be logged in to get item(s).
  5. Items that aren't tradable/purchasable are usually items from the past events/special codes from V-Jump related magazines. Zoma statue is from the DQX 6th Anniversary SHOW TIME!!!!!! magazine. The Jade statue is still available by redeeming the present ticket(https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/presentticket/) I got the DQ3 painting code so I'll send a DM on twitter
  6. Collecting pieces of dream you can exchange them for past lotto prizes(10-300 pieces) as for my town medals once you have 1000 my town medals you can exchange that for my town exchange ticket My town(housing) can be bought at 200000000G or little bit cheaper from the bazar.
  7. Yawara


    I'd be interested but Friday 9-10AM EST have work during that period
  8. Connecting from the US this is much better than the 3DS ver...but not as good as the Windows/Switch/PS4 I wouldn't join any parties for Level 5 Super Boss with this(browser ver.) My Internet Speed:Download 90Mbps Upload15Mbps Ping to JP server:250-300 ms OS: macOS Cataline 10.15.2 Browser:Chrome: 79.0.3945.130 Controller:Xbox 360 Played Seasonal Valentine's Day Quest
  9. Oh, well that answers your question.
  10. update it manually going to the eshop
  11. 1. Better equipment(s) can be bought at the bazar. I assume you have skill points sorted? 2. The red knight uniform is from the warrior quest 052-056. Can also be bought from the bazar. 3. Not sure what you're referring to 4. Buy the Nintendo eShop card in Yen from third party sites or get a JP 3DS and charge money(w/US CC) into your JP nintendo account which can be used on Switch.
  12. Can you upload a screen shot of what it said? You're able to play up to 10 hours(after you login) on 3DS without paying
  13. Is your 3DS up to date and you have 3ds sub/ticket purchased?
  14. https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/topics/detail/4de754248c196c85ee4fbdcee89179bd/ Open beta 2020/2/5 Noon JST ~ 2/25 11:59pm JST
  15. Present spell ごてんいちありがとう Expired
  16. I don't think there's a time limit on the trial. SE hasn't deleted accounts due to inactivity. But If you own a land/house that could get confiscated/(all items on the land can be collected later) once it passes 3 months of inactivity for trial users(https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/news/detail/b1301141feffabac455e1f90a7de2054/).
  17. Open beta February 5th - February 25th Not sure but I assume you'll get an item(maybe code) afterwards for participating in the beta trial.
  18. Are you sure you've carted the downloadble version? cuz I see the crysta option Also you'll need to change to JP IP address to complete the purchase.
  19. Yawara

    Outfit name!

    Can't see the file
  20. Here are the present spells from DQXTV 12/28/19 don't know when they expire but should be in few months ことしもあとわずか (ふくびき券30個) げんきにしんねんを (超元気玉3個) ねどしもよろしく (黒の錬金石10個)
  21. https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/public/playguide/guide_4_10 don't know if trial users are able to use it though
  22. If you are sure that you've completed the quest and haven't received your gears from the quest most likely your equip bag is full/or still have items left at the concierge.
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