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  1. You sure it saids version 2 not version 3?
  2. Yawara


    Mews Coast(G-7) . V4 must be installed and must be at least 50(in one job),
  3. Yawara


    That quests just expands your equipment bag.
  4. Yawara


    I don't think any of the equipment shop carries Level 42+ armors, so you'd have to buy it off from the bazar. No stars being the cheapest and 3 stars(crafted) being usually the highest.
  5. I'm not really sure but I think you generally have to be lvl 30. Yes you need to be at lvl 30 to start the job quests. For the jobs in V4 and 5 you need to be 50.
  6. ごはんだよ! is not listed in the shortcuts. You'll have to enter it manually or you can change your shortcuts at https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc//preference/emotemsg Space bar will initiate chat but as far as I know you won't able to chat if you're on free trial.
  7. expires 11/30 23:59 JST (1 per character) https://hiroba.dqx.jp/sc/event/gift/6638d042a759f87bfd19d21518dde77e/item
  8. I didn't reply right away but sent a message today. I don't really use Twitter much, but it's @scotty35503 If I don't hear in few days and see commenting on other posts I'd assume you weren't interested. Just followed you on twitter.
  9. You can tell which version you got from the first 4 digits of the registration code without entering(for Version 5). Physical(no Wii U) or Digital PC DXP5 Switch DXX5 Wii U DXU5
  10. I have one left but never heard back from you. Seems like the message thing has its ups and downs Do you have twitter or something?
  11. Only the Nintendo e-shop downloadable Switch version was affected
  12. The e-mails should be looking like this I bought the Switch Ver. but had Wii U code on it. They have sent out the correct code.
  13. Yes maintenance is extended until 4 am EST.
  14. Yea I can help. Hopefully this will get resolved quickly.....or they could just send out free Wii U Version 1 registration code
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