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  1. You can buy from the bazaar or from Chagana
  2. The Free trial only applies to PC/PS4(not timed). You do get 20 free days once you buy the game(Switch,WiiU,PC,PS4) The 3DS ver is only available by download(free) and it comes with 3 free hour playable time
  3. I could be wrong. Not sure about this...I've been looking almost everyday but haven't seen it
  4. I wonder if the US is getting the JP/English character voice switching function DLC
  5. Looks pretty deserted to me....... pic of bazar in Early April
  6. Sorry been on jet lag, how about June 1st or 2nd 0:00 am EST then?
  7. Ok so that'll be only on Friday or Saturday then. Right now I'm in the EST as well. You and Cranberry will need to defeat it as the character I'm going is probably like Lv 50 with no equip. I'll just jump when necessary.
  8. Sorry to get your hopes up looks like I don't have any on my main account. I do have Vロン強 but all of the accounts that has it can be played during Kids time(4-6pm JST on weekdays or 1-3pm JST on weekends) Unless you want to wake up early/middle of the night we can wait till the next come back campaign starts which will probably be in the summer and right after the new expansion comes out.. You can add me on PK879-865 ぷそヤスーー which is my main account and message me directly there
  9. PS4 expansion pack will be released as well if that's you're asking
  10. If I'm not mistaken the older coin randomly pops up at the monster battle road. (Srank) Which one are you looking for? I might have one and can take you(If I have the coin)
  11. Code from V-Jump July Issue 2019. It's for Vロンヘルム
  12. Trial version is online. There used to be an offline mode but that's gone when Wii was discontinued. So everything is online(even the so called offline mode)
  13. Coloring can be expensive depending on the color. Flowers(which you need to change the color) can be bought at the bazar If you prefer the cheaper way you can plant seeds at your house. Some colors are rare and won't grow unless you have people water your plants(flowers) or you use the app and use gem
  14. the message said you don't have Internet connection. I assume you don't have your VPN set up correctly
  15. Code from V-Jump June Issue 2019. It's for ふくびき券x30
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