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  1. Coloring can be expensive depending on the color. Flowers(which you need to change the color) can be bought at the bazar If you prefer the cheaper way you can plant seeds at your house. Some colors are rare and won't grow unless you have people water your plants(flowers) or you use the app and use gem
  2. the message said you don't have Internet connection. I assume you don't have your VPN set up correctly
  3. Code from V-Jump June Issue 2019. It's for ふくびき券x30
  4. valid till 4/30 よんてんごありがとう and some V Jump codes from May 2019 issue
  5. Nice to know. Not sure if I should get rid of my aws vpn....
  6. 1.You can use that account but you'll still need a copy(physical/digital) for the PS4 ver. There's a trial ver on PS4 as well(JP PSN account needed) 2. Yes, you still need a JP PSN account.
  7. amazon jp has it for 20% off right now Not sure if this still works buy amazon jp gift card with credit card(none jp cc does work) buy the downloadable ver. with gift card, download the game using VPN/proxy
  8. ebay or sites such as yesasia? You'll have to buy webmoney from site to pay for the subscription as well
  9. Current free present spells(updated 2/20/19) はじまりはパルプンテ しょうぐんとうばつ
  10. Maybe 10 days or so? I don't see any set period of time. It's either the GM deletes it(the fastest), someone replies or it just expires
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