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    Playing all game genres mostly rpgs.
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  1. Yeah i like to play Solitaire from time to time. Isn't Daisy just a princess from Super Mario? Cristo who is though? I don't think so. He just likes his whack too much.
  2. Dhoulmagus - stupid name but decent guy Rapethorne - one of rare fat enemies I actually like Hero - did he stole this bandana from his grandma? Under tension one of my favorites in Dq.
  3. Corpse Party!Read an LP of that game. It's a pretty $#!&ed up game, man.It's on 3DS now. It's definitely on my Christmas list. Really interesting story and characters and I specially liked voice acting. Even soundtrack is good but now i'm going out of the topic.
  4. Corpse Party!Read an LP of that game. It's a pretty $#!&ed up game, man. I knew i like it for some reason. Great game, CoCyTuS approved!
  5. Don't want to sound strange but i only like Medea in both horse and human form. Very nice.
  6. Picture is worth a thousand words. Lets just say i'm...
  7. Red - nice character, solid looks Morrie - this character beats them all. One of my favorite characters in series has great personality and really like his design. He should be hero in some dqviii spinoff. Trode - annoying not much to say
  8. Haha! I hate it when people put handsome people pics on their facebook profile.
  9. You really have something against the fat guys, don't you? Remember, i didnt say anything and always trying not to discriminate. You said that.
  10. I'll just spare you from my personal opinion regarding Yangus design so but I consider him very usefull to have in party. Jessica - nice story, name, design, nice pai.. There's nothing i dont like about her. Angelo - Typical RPG pretty boy who is loved or hated by fans.
  11. OMG POLITICS why?! There are so many conspiracy theories that you think they want us to believe them and when you do believe, you think that this is one big conspiracy they made you believe. Like a magic circle. Again so much truth in so much lies. I'm not saying im not a fan of conspiracy theories it's just we shouldn't believe everything we read.
  12. I'll agree with hero opinion. Orgodemira - do you think he's bragging or he's really smart? I like his style. God - expected nothing special cliché design Numen? The lumen can be thought of casually as a measure of the total "amount" of visible light in some defined beam or angle, or emitted from some source. The number of candelas or lumens from a source also depends on its spectrum, via the nominal response of the human eye as represented in the luminosity function. source:bikillpedia
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