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  1. I actually think the mobile ones look pretty good visually. With the Switch the sprites were smoothed out and really clash with the still pixelated/retro looking world in my opinion. I still got them on Switch, but I do wish they would have just went with how it was on mobile. Just looks more uniform that way.
  2. 2. Sure they are, I didn't say they were necessary per say, but they made the experience smoother and flow better for items and such that you frequently use. More of an I didn't need it before I had it, but after I had it I didn't want to lose it sort of thing. For some of the camps, sure, I don't necessarily disagree. I felt some of them though, like the first forest for example, would have benefited from at least one of the camps being able to be warped to. I think one of the best parts of 2D mode is the pacing. Because of the smaller world, shorter cutscenes, and what not, for somebody who has already experienced the story and character interactions, the pacing in 2D mode is really good. You still get enough to get the full story for an additional experience of it, but in a much shorter time and quicker pace. I just think the QoL stuff would have added even more to this flow and pacing. Not a huge drawback that they're absent, but just little things for the overall experience in my opinion. Dang, you guys must have gotten lucky, or me unlucky. It was kind of a constant throughout the whole game for me. I always had to do a handful of battles to find them. I wouldn't have minded a couple battles, but there were many times where I counted and really did have to do between 5-7 battles for them. I think I was at the Fortress of Fear when I originally wrote that post. So it probably was irritating me in particular needing a flying monster to get to the high floors again, when I was having trouble getting one. Ended up having to use a lot of MP I was trying to save after I had just healed.
  3. 2D mode has now been completed. So glad we got this definitive version on Switch. The extra content on 3D mode, and the whole addition of 2D mode have just been real joys to play through. As excited as I am for the future of Dragon Quest, I feel like it's going to be really hard for them to top this in the future. There's just something really special about this one. Now excuse me while I go figure out what to do with my life.
  4. I'm in my 2D run right now and while I'm having a lot of fun there are some annoyances I have. Not all of them are big, but here's a few that have gotten to me the most. 1. No costume selection. An absolute waste to make this a 3D mode only thing. There was no reason not to include this. 2. Removing of certain quality of life features. You can't just open the menu and hit Y to handy all heal, you can't press start to have that command menu, you can't warp to camps, etc. 3. The random encounters are fine, and expected for this mode, but it's incredibly irritating when you need a certain monster mount and it won't spawn. Like I shouldn't have to do 6-7 battles to find the monster I need. They should always spawn around the areas they are necessary in. Those aren't all of them, but they're what's come to mind. I also agree that the switching back and forth only at chapters thing is annoying. My initial plan was to do one full run and swap back and forth but I immediately dropped that idea when I realized how it worked. Don't get me wrong, I love 2D mode and am so happy they included it, but I feel like it could have been better than it was in certain areas.
  5. Thanks. After I turned it off and finished those last two fights I did save in another slot, so I may go back at some point and try those fights again with harder monsters just to say I did it, but for now I just want to move on. I've only heard good things about that controller too. I understand the impatient part though. I got the SF30 Pro in the mail a day or two after 11S, and I've loved the controller so far. I had thought about a lot of uses I'd have for it before, but 2D mode, and 1-3 on Switch, pushed me to get it. Went with the normal instead of the + mainly because 1. I love the SF aesthetic, and 2. I wanted something small and easily portable. It also just feels right to me to play those kind of games with that controller shape. I may look into the + at some point though as much as I've loved this controller. I used it especially anytime I went to Tickington and it just really made the experience especially enjoyable for me.
  6. Apologies for the previous spoiler. I honestly didn't really consider it one but some people clearly got upset so I went back and edited it. Anyways, I finally completed everything tonight. Everything as in story, quests, bosses, Tickington, etc. Overall I really enjoyed the new content that was added. The only gripe i have with it is that... Next I'm planning to do a full run in 2D mode, and I'm quite excited about it. I had originally planned to just do one run and switch back and forth, but the whole resetting at the start of chapters thing kinda turned me off to that. I also wanted to make sure I didn't miss the new story content in 3D. It's going to be fun and feel nostalgic playing the 2D mode with my 8bitDo SF30 pro controller.
  7. For anybody who has beaten the last boss for the third part of the Alter of Salvation with harder monsters on, what level were you at? I'm at 54 right now and the boss just feels like a joke he's so broken. Somebody at SE had to have a massive nostalgia hard on for this guy. I don't think he was this bad in 3.
  8. Keep forgetting to post my stuff here but I'd like to join. カエゼン SF524-350
  9. So as I go through leveling each job a bit to get skill points, it got me wondering what jobs and weapon types you guys are enjoying using the most. Guess I can start us off with my top 3 favorites. 1. Gladiator (great swords) - Really love being able to have such a wide variety of melee skills at my disposal along with being able to boost my tension and buff my own attack power. So far in my own experience this deals significantly more damage than anything else, but it can be quite fragile. I actually really like dual wielding but found it to just be inferior to great swords in almost every way so I ended up just sticking to great swords for this job. I've read that they get weaker towards end game content because they die too easily and as a result warriors are sometimes preferred instead. However my highest level is only 88 right now so I haven't been able to see how accurate this is or not. 2. Armamentalist (sword + shield) - This class starts out slow and not the most fun, but once you get enough point to get force break and max swords out at the same time, it becomes a blast. Force break + weakness element + damage buff = an insane damage boost to your whole party, including yourself. Not to mention you can restore MP and can have some nice defense too if you get enough points to add shield skills in. This is one class that the AI also doesn't do a very good job with, and is much more powerful in a player character's hand. I find that the AI will often not restore MP when I need it to, will use force break before it applies elemental damage to weapons, and doesn't always buff damage in the order I wish it would, and sometimes ignores speed buffs altogether. However when you can do all these things the right way yourself you significantly increase the strength of your team. 3. Sage (boomerang + shield) - I enjoy the versatility of this quite a lot. Admittedly rods will give you higher magic attack, but I feel like boomerangs just provide some nice extra flavor in between magic attacks and help you deal more damage on enemies that have high magic resist. They're just a lot of fun to use, and helps make the sage feel even more like a jack of all trades. The shield can also help boost up your survivability in some situations. My only real problem is just spending gold on orbs to rearrange points when I want to switch classes for a while.
  10. Thank you! I found them on the bazaar now. Still need to get a house so perhaps I'll figure out how to do that and get some seeds and stuff then.
  11. So I've just made my way to the town that lets you equip cosmetic armor/weapons and dye your equipment. I completed the quest, and I understand how the cosmetic equip works, but how does the armor dyeing process work? I noticed you need quite a few items to actually dye the armor, up to 10x of something just to change one color on one piece of equipment. My question is where do you get these items at? They don't seem to be something I can search for on the market. I noticed one of the vendors in the room sold *some* of the items used in dyes, but to buy them you need even more items from somewhere else... So is dyeing equipment something that's really difficult and time consuming? Or is there an easier method to get these items that I'm not aware of?
  12. Anybody know why I can't type in kana in game? I have all the Japanese language packs and such downloaded, the windows menus for the game are all in kana, I even tried setting my whole system to Japanese to no avail. It's only stuff I try to type, nothing else.
  13. Maybe I'm just not far enough to be at a point to where I can do this yet, but is there a way to cosmetically equip gear? Like so I can wear the best gear for stats and then other gear for the appearance? I noticed that with hats I can choose if I want them visible or not but that's all I've seen so far concerning something like this. Also if you can do this, do class restrictions still apply to cosmetic gear?
  14. EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out.
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