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  1. fair enough, my fc is 5343-9586-4531. ill be ready to go in a few i suppose =S @Ignasia thats as good a reason as any to not play something all the time.
  2. Neo


    (First off, hi everyone! dont mind me) In terms of all the event pokemon recently given out this year(with the exception of mew, and the pokemon your only allowed 1 per account), ive gotten 3 copies of each event distributed pokemon if anyone has missed one of the events
  3. well, after hearing all this, glad to see alot of people here arent just DQ fans (or atleast are tolerant of other rpgs/franchises as well). After some of the forums I've been too(Namely forums based around a single franchise/game), i kinda have to expect the worse in people sometimes. Sure, id be up for battling anyone if they had/have the free time! IM usually on all hours of the day so i can probably battle anytime thats good for you, id be ready(Just tell me if theres anything in particular you wouldnt want to be included, like legendaries /mythical pokemon, etc)
  4. @Ignasia7 In FF4, iirc, the drop formula is that the game first runs a check that has a 5% chance of turning up positive(that means you got an item). From there, the game then runs a second check against all of that enemies drops at once, each slot with their own percentage rate(i only remember the last slot is 1/64, which 9 times out of ten is the item your actually killing the enemy for) As for the reason behind my name, i just kind of came up with it on my own and it stuck(i later found out that there was already a character called neo in the matrix). As of recently though, i sometimes als
  5. Wait, you cant edit your signature settings from your iphone app(atleast, i can only assume its an iphone app, im not very up to date with anything remotely current in terms of phones and the likes)? Thats news to me.
  6. @DarkBaramos the 3 wives thing was more of KingOfTheDragovians Submission rather then mine. I only stated one pair and voted on a pair i WOULD HAVE submitted if someone else didnt beat me to the punchline, oh well <_> @Plattym3 No problem/your welcome i suppose? (I tend to say "I suppose" at the end of my sentences alot, mostly cause im not sure =S, not because im trying to be rude or anything)
  7. well then ill just wait for that topic to be posted i suppose. (I just noticed this on your "RPG's Completed, but you have pokemon "Omega sapphire" listed. Is that a typo or are you just merging the 2 games into one title since you completed them both at the same time?)
  8. Im in the same boat as you Jess, only replace DQ5 with DQ6. Still, 2 people translating is better then one i suppose?
  9. Thanks, ill try to =S! (Speaking of you, i swear ive read your faqs on gamefaqs from time to time) Ive only played the gba version of ff4, but my main problems with the game stems from the drops taking forever to get(i particularly like getting item drops in games), combined with the lack of hyper space hammer space(infinite inventory spaces), being a person who doesnt like to sell his stuff, but rather hoard it as for DQ4, i dont "HATE" it per say, rather i just find it so bare bone compared to the others, and my biggest gripe, ironically enough, is the lack of party chat (it makes th
  10. That being said, are you keeping track of the running's, all the potential couples listed, and all that stuff on the first page? (i still vote ashlynn and bottsu(dq6 hero) by the way)
  11. Pick a pair! Couldnt he just use all 3 slots to pick all 3 potential wives? My choice wouldve been Bottsu(dq6 hero) and Ashlynn, if that wasnt already taken as for what my actual pairings would be(without being a smart ass and selecting the dq5 hero and each individual wife, one for each slot) -Joker(DQM:J 's protagonist) x Solitaire Reasoning - i swear i always got a tsundere vibe from here at some points, but that could just be me
  12. i second this, if its still a matter of voting on this I'm really tempted to commission a ponified Baramos now...My old roommate would die laughing if I did that. As for my first entry I'll go with Rubiss (Dragon Quest III) and Doctor Agon (Dragon Quest V). The thought of having the more composed Goddess with the more goofy Zenithian King is hilarious to me. IIRC, your son in dq5 actually pokes fun at that either in the credits sequence when your in coburn, or at some other time in coburn. Either way its an amusing piece of dialogue
  13. I actually rather like keeping all the skills you learn from various job advocations. i still find myself switching what advance advocations i use even when ive mastered them (never go back to some of the basic advocations though) and personally i dont mind the first half of the middle section of the game, and i love how open ended the second half of the middle of the game is (you can go in pretty much any order/ do them in a relative free order of your choosing, though some things need to be done before others). I know how "squishy" ashlynn can be, especially in the mage advocation, but since
  14. I don't know much to talk about. I only just found this site recently, and i liked what i found(it helped me find some of the old dragon quest comics i had an interest in reading), so i figured id try joining the community. As for info about me, im actually kind of quiet cause of past endeavors. as for what i like dragon quest related, i like and own the zenith trilogy (6 best, 4 worst, in a manor of speak), as well as DQM:J. Upon typing this, i realize that i like final fantasy 6, and dragon quest 6. At the same time, i find dragon quest 4 to be my least favorite(not saying its bad, its just
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