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  1. Music obsessors: which version of Battle in the Heavens do you prefer, DQ8 [us] or DQ9? I prefer DQ9.

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    2. ignasia


      Not exactly a fair comparison. Would have been more fair to use the original midi version for DQ8. Anyway...


      I'd give it to DQ9 for the midi, but comparing orchestrated DQ8 to midi 9? 8 all the way. I like the sweeping tones and drastic changes in high-low. The horns and flute work is a nice touch.

    3. Liam


      Fine, but both are the versions the average US player would play. (Maybe not most music obsessors, though..) Anywho I find most of the instruments in the orchestral DQ8 are a bit drowned out by the louder instruments.. in 9 you can hear everything a bit better, IMO.


      Yeah, those big changes are totally there in DQ8 but I honestly prefer DQ9's version at that point. That's just opinion though (as is everything else, but you know).


      For good measure I did listen to t...

    4. Liam


      Hmph. The site cut off the rest of what I said.


      For good measure I did listen to DQ8's JP version -- that's this, right?

      -- and I'm not sure what it is but I prefer 9's version to that.
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