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  1. Can confirm, this is me. I'll be using the Florrie account now - less hypothetical confusion between Liams, and I don't now go by Liam anyways.
  2. I had a dream where me and the rest of a DQ party were entering an early-game dungeon, and one of the enemy types (moles of some sort?) was as weak as you'd expect, but had a Zam-like spell that for whatever reason did over 200 damage to each character.

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    2. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      I have tons of Dragon Quest dreams, constantly either of Dragon Quest VI (Really nostalgic game there), but one time it was me looking at Woodus with the old 2008 format (I miss it)

    3. Liam


      ..Though this is simply a memory stored by the web archive, you might consider revisiting it: http://web.archive.org/web/20081219094400/http://www.woodus.com:80/forums/

    4. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      Brings back so many memories

  3. Dragon Quest has become nightmare fuel https://youtu.be/xCQ-KHtlpOk?t=42m
  4. I'm a nitpick on grammar and tiny details, so.. here we go.. Intro "Long ago, in the land of Lotaga, 4 strong kingdoms existed." –– I'd probably use "four" instead of "4" there. "Tangtl" –– is that its actual name or a typo? "..offered him many powerful armours.." –– thank goodness for remembering to not use "armors" "Geldos met it's end." –– should be "its". "[Name] wake up your friend is here to play!" –– I think there should probably be more punctuation in this sentence. "Now remember no going down the Well." –– Is "Well" intentionally capitalized? Also, there should probably be more punctuation - maybe "Now remember, no going down the Well." "Also be careful around the horse." –– Maybe a comma after "also"? "Follow me to the Horse stable!" –– Should it be capitalized as "Horse Stable"? Or, if we only capitalize "Horse", "be careful around the horse" should probably be "be careful around the Horse". I think it'd be better to capitalize place names, though, and maybe monster names (ex. "Hey, look - this Cureslime is huge!"). "So, I read this book about a golden slime" –– Consider capitalizing "slime" here. You might think about capitalizing "golden", as well (i.e. "Golden Slime") if Golden Slimes are actual monsters - keep it lowercase if it's just an adjective describing a "Slime" though. "Great we can meet back here later tonight!" –– There should definitely be a comma after "great". "Then make our way down the well!" –– Should "well" be capitalized, since it was earlier? (You used "the well" instead of "the Well" a couple dialog texts previously, too - I just forgot to take note). A comma should be after "then" here too. ..In fact, I'd rewrite this whole dialog box as "Ava: Great, we can meet back here later tonight, then make our way down the well." ..or maybe.. "Ava: Great, we can meet back here later tonight! Then we'll make our way down the well." "..lets go around the village!" –– Missing apostrophe in "lets". (In inn) "Back again? Leave me alone please!" –– Should there be a comma after "alone" here? (I'm not really sure!) "Oh hush Aru! My brother is so annoying." –– Ara first talks to Aru ("Oh hush Aru!"), then changes to talk to the player ("My brother is so annoying."). Maybe there should be a pause and/or line break between the two sentences, to make it clearer that she's, like, turning around towards you, or changing her focus? "You know Batas & Tega?" –– First, ampersands - are those ever better than just "and"? – Also, should this be "You know, Batas and Tega?", with a comma after "know"? "Our fathers are so neat huh [name]!" –– A question mark could also work here, but it might be better to keep as an exclamation mark. Also, it might be best to have some commas: "..are so neat, huh, [name]!" (Town guard) "Don't worry in a few years(..)" –– There should be a comma after "Don't worry" (i.e. "Don't worry, in a few years(..)"). "I think it's getting late [name] maybe we should go home and rest a little." –– this should probably have more punctuation, maybe something like this: "I think it's getting late, [name]. Maybe we should go home and rest a little." General "[Name] peered into the vase..."; "There are no books that pique [name]'s interest." –– pick a tense! - usually present tense works best, ex. "[Name] peers into the vase"/"[Name] obtains the item"/"Ew! The yucky goo poisons [name]." "[Name] peered into the vase..."; "Found a Herb." –– I wonder if this is a bit weird? We go "[Name] [verb]" ("[Name] peered") in the first sentence, but just "[verb]" in the second ("found"). I like DQ-DS's translations, because they read nicer, imo: "What luck! A medicinal herb."; "[Name] obtains the medicinal herb." "Found 5G" –– there should definitely be a period after this! Technical stuff "[Character] joins the party!" –– in most DQ games I've played, the music plays while this dialog box is displayed, not after. Or maybe it was different in old DQ games? - Menu interaction –– you're probably just going with how RPGMaker works by default, but I think that in all the DQ games, when you press right from the rightmost column in a grid-style menu (ex. the "item", "cast", "eqpt" menu) it goes to the leftmost column of the current row, not the next row down. To clarify, your menu currently behaves like this: ..but in Dragon Quest, it behaves like this: Additionally, in DQ, you can jump from the bottom of a menu to the top, and from the top to the bottom, by pressing the respective arrow key – ex. when you're on the bottom row, pressing down will take you straight to the top row, same column (and vice versa for the top side). This only seems to be a problem for the grid menu, not list menus (in list menus you can already get to the start by pressing down while on the last item). - I found that a few times I accidentally skipped threw a dialog box because I wasn't sure there was going to be another dialog box. That's because sometimes you have a blank pause between dialog boxes - and I mean blank, there's no dialog box visible at that point, it just looks like you can walk around the map again, when really you're still in a conversation. I'm not sure what the best solution is, though. Getting rid of the blank pauses would fix the issue, but often those blanks work well, aside from the issue I just described that inherently comes with making it look like the player can walk around the map when really they're in a discussion. ..okay, I'm lazy, this is all I've got.
  5. Eh? I never sent you happy birthday wishes! I'm kidding, of course. Happy belated birthday!
  6. http://i.imgur.com/w3RdLX4.png – Why, yes, Theatrhythm is a /very/ amusing game.
  7. Beat Foo Yung and Chow Mein armourless in DQ4-DS yesterday (around level 58). Wasn't very bad of a fight, but when Kiryl was confused and casted Fullheal on Foo Yung..

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    2. The Dog of Zahan

      The Dog of Zahan

      In Dragon Quest HEroes, Kiryl's Super move is to cast like 50 failed Thwack spells, then summons a huge Kathwack spell.

    3. The Dog of Zahan
    4. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      I just fought them for the first time two. They do extremely high damage, but I managed to survive without much trouble.

    1. Liam


      OTOH, it's totally indisputable to say that the PS4 version has better textures/more detail. Maybe it's the fact that there's so many particle effects and glaring lighting that's throwing me off from the PS4 version..

  8. That's amazing in every way! This looks to be missing a quotation mark or two, though:
    1. Imutone


      Tomorrow huh? Can't wait! Thank you for the reminder!

    2. Liam


      No problem! Depends where you live. Here it's today, but rather late at night.

    3. TheKingOfTheDragovians
  9. DQ9's class system is nice but once you've gotten your character super strong (natural traits across multiple classes..) you just can't go back to fighting anything but the hardest grottoes, which is a bit of a downside. Perhaps half the power of natural traits if you're not in the class it came with? That way there's still a point to getting them, but they don't combine to make something quite as crazy. DQ9 has just the right amount of classes - not too many, not too few - and unlocking them via quests (usually with prerequisites) was good, in my opinion.
  10. You had me at this. IV was always my favorite DQ/DW game, but the localization for the DS and mobile remakes was awful, mostly due to the phonetically written accents, which you then had to take time to translate in your mind to make any sense of what any of the NPCs (and in the mobile verison some of the characters) were trying to say. Thanks so much. Looking forward to trying this on my next play-through! Actually that's one of my favorite things about DQ4 (and further), but opinions vary Updating everything to have the same (or similar) strings as DW4 is really cool, though.
  11. Music obsessors: which version of Battle in the Heavens do you prefer, DQ8 [us] or DQ9? I prefer DQ9.

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    2. Glaceon Mage

      Glaceon Mage

      Orchestral for me

    3. Erdrick The Hero

      Erdrick The Hero

      I prefer DQ8 3DS (JP). It's a better orchestral rendition than the US PS2 version.

    4. ignasia


      This is true Erdrick. At least the ripped version I've heard, since it's synced and properly encoded, it's a superior rendition, and none of that odd reverb/echo I can hear if I plug my PS2 up to a 5.1 speaker system.

  12. Out of curiosity's sake, what actually changed? What game breaking bugs/missing text have you fixed?
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