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  1. i knew Pokemon GO would be a flop, ech i'm still gonna play it for hours.

    1. mariosmentor


      I always thought it was weird that not too long after Nintendo says they had no plans for the mobile market, they announce Pokémon Go. I think it's just like the 64DD; it's their way of saying "see, this is why we're not going that route. Now get off our backs about it!"

    2. SlimeVagrant


      And yet they're making animal crossing and fire emblem mobile games as we speak.

  2. Imagine games like Dragon Quest 8 etc having the Heroes Graphics

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    2. hawkeye77o4


      I imagine other DQ games having graphics like DQ8

    3. Chronosaurus


      imagine a DW1 type game but then DQ8

    4. Ljink


      I would love to have Dragon Quest 3 remade in HD with an optional MMO aspect. You can take the journey alone or with consistent friends. That would be amazing.

  3. No one knows, BUT after extreme researching (yahoo answers) apparently it sold ALOT and it's doing really good in japan i'm pretty sure that we're atleast an announcement before 2018 or you know i could be totally wrong and only people who read japanese can play it but hey we can all dream the game looks really good but it looks a bit lonely i hope that if they do release it in europ/america that they atleast add multiplayer
  4. i need to play the remake of DQM 1 and an english version of DQMJ3 and DQMJ2P Before i leave in 2020 cause i'm gonna have 0 time to play games

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    2. Chronosaurus


      wait really? they exist? why aren't people making them for all the games

    3. jay


      From what I understand, it takes a lot of time. And modding 3ds games seems especially difficult at the moment. For the time being. If you want the Pro rom, send me a pm

    4. Chronosaurus


      ohh Alright man thanks, i can't play anything atm though but i'll do it when i'm back in my home with my pc

  5. I can't get enough of bjorn i search him atleast 20 times on a daily basis

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    2. Chronosaurus


      I still got him though am i doing something wrong

    3. jay


      No, not at all. But there tend to be different things

    4. Democrobot


      Things like fan art made in Japan will be more prominent if you use a Japanese search term since the tags will be different than those uploaded from an English-speaking user

  6. Is Heroes really worth it? i want to buy the collector's edition but it really looks lame, but everybody loves it so heck i really don't know.

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    2. Liamland


      It's repetitive, but there's so much to explore and unlock, I hardly notice. I could burn away 4+ hours at a time on this game, before I realize it.

    3. Chronosaurus


      to be honest only reason i even considered buying it was because the bosses looked cool i really don't care too much about the game

    4. jay


      In that case, I recommend it. The amount of polish to make it feel Dragon Questy is amazing. Plus I'm sure it has ONE of your favorite characters

  7. i really want to play DQMJ1 again but my 3DS exploded and i'm broke right now :^))))

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    2. YangustheLegendaryBandit
    3. Ljink


      Most PCs do pretty decent DS emulation. You own the cart so it's perfectly fine.

    4. Chronosaurus


      i was traveling and i took my DS with and basically i forgot about that and it was in my bag for 2 months after i took it out it made a weird noise for a while when i charged it, and uhhm i dropped it

      and it exploded

      and it was really hot

      anyways i was stupid, and dumb, and stupid. kinda dumb

  8. Maybe at the Dragon Quest thingy in Switzerland
  9. Finally more info on Dragon Quest Heroes II and screenshots There's Information about the character's (voice actors and move-sets) etc etc you can read more on http://gematsu.com/2016/04/dragon-quest-heroes-ii-details-torneko-maribel-gabo-party-skills-party-combos
  10. I wish more big youtubers like DIDYOUKNOWGAMING gave Dragon Quest some attention, youtubers like jontron or something just to get more english fans i mean jon does have the original Dragon Warrior's game in his house so he must have played it

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Chronosaurus


      ohhh whoops i thought you linked it cause you thought that i didn't see it yet

    3. Liam


      Yeah.. I've been watching saigancat lately but he isn't particularly HUGE. Obviously that doesn't effect how much I like watching him but he doesn't get as many new watchers as other bigger channels.

    4. eal


      Jim Sterling did a video on Dragon Quest Heroes. He loves Dynasty Warrior games so naturally he had nice things to say about it.

  11. They butchered everything. Going from DWM2 to Joker made for a massive change. No randomly generated worlds to explore and keep things fresh. 210 monsters compared to DWM2's 350-ish. Ugly graphics. A poorly implemented scouting system that heavily favors high-ATK and/or Psycho-trait monsters, is based on chance, makes caster or healer monsters useless in scouting, and punishes the player for failing to scout by locking off the monster and increasing their damage for the next turn. Completely threw out monster's 8 skills (that were highly customization) for a bland system of three slots for skill trees and skill points. Overhauling the game (which encompasses a few previous points) to enforce balance for online multiplayer to the point of bland grindiness. And let's not forget the absolutely ABHORRENT renaming they did of all monsters, skills, and itmes, mutilating them into cringey, childish puns (Poisonous Poke, Missing Lynx, Chainine, etc.) I could go on and on. It gets worse in some areas when considering the next Joker. oh then again i never played the earlier DWM games
  12. To be honest the only thing i dislike about the game is the character design he just looks like an older version of the first guy and he looks so i don't know boring i guess
  13. This. If people can't realize this game is a spin-off and would not affect the main setting/style of the main series DQ games, then they aren't too bright. Plus, you know, Kotaku. The place is a joke. That's 100% true
  14. I saw alot of comments on kotaku saying that DQMJ3 ruins the Dragon Quest series because Dragon quest is supposed to be a ''medieval'' type game and not a Futuristic type of game so people disliked it because they want the old stuff back i do get why they don't like change but having the same thing again would be kinda boring i myself find this extremely stupid but what do you think about
  15. Here's a fun drinking game take a shot every time a good dragon quest game gets an english release, i've been sitting here for 3 years now and haven't drinked a bit i think i'm dying

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    2. Chronosaurus


      oh well hopefully it's as good as people say it is cause i'm definitely buying it

    3. Griever


      Heroes is pretty fun even if I was pissed that it was the first DQ game we had gotten in 4 years.

    4. Chronosaurus


      my life will be complete if i get to play an english release of Dragon Quest monster joker 3 and 2 prof and remake of one cause part 1 was my entire life i never enjoyed a game that much before

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