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  1. A4* makes best S4* But if u mix S3* with that A4* (S already) u still got slightly bonus on stats I guess if u got S3* already is not worth make other one from A4* stats difference will be near 10-15 only
  2. I use all 4000gems just got that stalagmite thing S and king squid B / at last stalagmite gets good SS in some years from.now...
  3. its depends on monster u use for exemple if I got same leader but different monsters on pal with same efect its not always nerf . For exemple if I get troll boss pal my damage go to 1 if armfull its just normal.
  4. Yes I means Orobas, they not boosted except dark slime 4*,blue fang 1*.
  5. My party is Oboros ,Oboros, dark slime , blue fang ,unicorn + friend is arm with burning or powerful caster . Oboros got zammle,midheal king got zammle too ,uni not so helpful mostly defense him unless (after battle I let him heal party) Blue fang just got kabuff for last two fights
  6. I just lern how beat ove road without gem slime friend and not using gems . Its much more fun now so far I did 7 run on 7 tries without using gems. All u need is oboros (1or2) & dark king slime
  7. I have been doing research and made sure that the monsters on the list haven't been added on the Japan version. A thing that suprises me is that they haven't put any of the archer monsters in the game. yea I was means in japan they propably add them soon but no hope for sea
  8. Nice list pretty sure they add them in japan . About SEA ? Hmmm I dont have much hopes
  9. He is useless now (similar to lethal armore) unless there will be reincarnation . After reincarnation he is really good for arena and got significant hp bonus+150 and +50 atk and new great skill .
  10. I say available onesThere is no need to be rude if there is a misunderstanding.Do you happen to know about "unavailable" ones? Im little confused now . When I was rude ? Anyway "unavailable " ones are on japan sites where aren't orginal names then I cant help u . U may guess from pictures There is site http://dqmsl-search.net/ranking/status
  11. I say available ones * one mistake in mp ...nizmo s/ss is best hargon s/ss 2nd
  12. I forget they orginal names I was checking in japan site with dont have english names . But yea I means that" skeleton dragon ss" and that "zombie priest ss" Yea there many errors now in game .
  13. best available monsters are HP : orochi Mp: hargon Atk: skull dragon ss version Def: gem slime Agi: psaro SS Wis: Wight ghoul SS
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