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  1. I love Akira Toriyama's art, it's amazing how he still does the artwork for Dragon Quest even after all this time. I proudly still go, "Hey, that girl looks just like Bulma!" and "Hey! That guy looks just like Trunks!".
  2. I have one suggestion. Grind your characters up to at least Level 32, which is done easiest in the Dragon Spire. Garuda is one of the game's hardest bosses, even with Dragoons. And yeah, I agree regarding remaking the game more. That was the only major gripe I had with the DS remake, they didn't make enough changes. Knowing how people usually complain about too much change in video game sequels and remakes, it feels funny saying that.
  3. Thanks to you, I now know the names to these themes. For now, I'm going with Hero's Challenge from DQ3. It's so energetic and fun.
  4. I've played the first four generations of Pokemon, really good stuff. My favorite region so far is Sinnoh.
  5. 25,000 gold!? How'd that happen? Not even exactly sure myself, I guess I just got luckier than usual with the Gold drops. Fighting a lot of Goldmen probably helped too. Anyways... Just one more part now...
  6. Part nine. Going to Cantlin before saving the princess because I like to do things differently.
  7. Speaking as someone who has beaten Soul of Rebirth five times with worse stats, you should be perfectly fine. Just remember to get the Legendary Weapons found in the final dungeon and you're good.
  8. Now if only they would make official English ports of the DS remakes of the original SaGa series trilogy.
  9. Part seven. Yeah, I've been trying to get out at least two or three of these videos every week.
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