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  1. I mean the big, cappable, vertical and horizontal blocks. When the horizontal blocks in the different directions butt against each other, they form a "corner" where the "logs" were "cut" to fit together. This corner doesn't seem to let me place any other block on top of it. I tried placing more logs on top, or I tried placing fencing on top, but I cannot place them on the corner. It seems that I can place logs on the corner if I first place one next to the corner, then another next to it, on the corner. But the fencing cannot be placed on the corner at all. It seems to be very inconsistent, but there must be a rule, 'cause this weird behavior does seem consistent.
  2. Anyone else have trouble placing logs in Dragon Quest Builders 2? There are so many places it tells me I cannot place logs. I can't figure out why. It does seem to be related to the corner pieces somehow. I think it might be a bug/glitch, 'cause sometimes I can do it and sometimes I cannot.
  3. So y'all's got the DLCs? Are they worth it? What really do they add? Do I just want a specific pack or do I want the season pass? Is that it, or are they going to add more content in the future?
  4. I'm sorry, I don't know what the spoilers policy is here. I have a question about recreating a neat effect I saw late in the game. I'm hiding it under a spoiler tag, so hopefully, you won't read it unless you have beaten the game or are not afraid of spoilers. Has anybody tried to recreate these in their game, or do you have access to it to see how it was done?
  5. Phew. I was worried there! Looks great. I can't wait for July!
  6. Wait...was that DLC at the end? Or a prompt to order/preorder the full game?
  7. Hi all, <<spoiler alert>> In Terra Incognita, I've enjoyed collecting the ore veins and adding mines to my world, but I can't find sapphire veins. Do they exist? is it only possible to get sapphire from drops? Can sapphire ore veins be built? It really bugs me that I can't mine sapphire. P.S. If veins can be built, can I build veins from rusty nuggets, too?
  8. I am so incredibly excited for the multi-level water with actual waterfalls!! That was what I missed most from DQB1. It will be difficult to control, which is why I think it was missing from the original game...like what if there's no pool at the bottom of the waterfall, does it spread out everywhere? Can it form rivers? pools? Maybe it just disappears if it can't find a suitable place to fill. The buildable trees from the demo video look awesome, too. I would love to try to recreate some of my favorite places from DQ4, and I think DQB2 will make it doable! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh! I'm so excited!
  9. Yeah, pretty much this. I was quite a bit older when I played DQ8, but I really did think Dhoulie was the final boss. The first time I fought him, I vacillated between thinking this was a really short game, and thinking, like ChrystalChameleon, that this was a battle I was meant to lose.
  10. It's hard not to like Yangus. He's gruff but ultimately very caring and fiercely loyal. I also love his voice acting. I really liked Jessica's voice acting as well, but I'm not sure I got her characterization. She was supposed to have a story about self-doubt, but I never really got that from her... I never appreciated Angelo very much, mostly because he was so slow to gain perks and gain benefit from level-ups in general. I also didn't like his voice so much. I did like his back story which seemed to be the most fleshed out. It really explains his attitude today. Unlike most, I really disliked his final scene with Marcello. I just found their final exchange...lacking. I feel like something more positive could have been made of it. This isn't an after-school special, after all, so we don't need a teachable moment there. In general, I liked the voice acting in DQ8. I'm not a big fan of the written accents in DQ games, but the spoken accents seem much more acceptable. Maybe it's for the same reason I'd rather hear cursing than read it. Hearing these accents just sound like someone talking, but reading it forces *me* to do the accent in my head, and then I feel icky.
  11. I haven't played the 3ds version, so I haven't seen Red as a PC, but I thought she was rather irritatin' in the orignal PS2 release. It seemed that Yangus' only failure was not getting that stupid Venus tear, and she was kinda ... well, not a nice person about it. Morrie is loads of fun. Morrie's Monstrous Pit! I especially like how he's all that and a bag of chips, and knows it, but he's always looking for someone to best him. When he is bested, he is genuinely happy to see it. He shows great character. Plus, he's the only guy in the whole (DQ8) world who can revive fallen monsters. He's like a miracle worker! Oh Trode. So oogly and odd. If it weren't for that voice, he'd be one of my favorites. I loved the Gully where he can actually be controlled. That was a nice touch.
  12. Absolutely I mind. If it were a friend, I would probably tell them it wasn't cool. If it was a stranger or just an acquaintance, I'd probably just ignore it.
  13. Old-timer, here. I grew up with the DW style, so I prefer it. I don't know if it's typical American over-sensitivity, but I find the accents down-right offensive.
  14. I added the original texture caps instead of the long sprite sheet. There are six of them. They appear to have kept their original dimensions.
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    From the album: DQ 8

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    DQ 8

    All the inventory sprites for DQ8
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    From the album: DQ 8

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    From the album: DQ 8

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    From the album: DQ 8

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    From the album: DQ 8

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    From the album: DQ 8

  22. I didn't realize that it resized the image when I uploaded it. It's kinda big, 256x1536. I don't think I can attach an image to a forum post, but I will PM you the full image.
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