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  1. I'm down to join your team Phanir - I'll come around and join when I get the chance.
  2. lolz I'll be cooperative here lol I've already been playing since it came out so I think I'll start a new account for Den's Team. Plus if you start now, you get a $#!& load of gems so come at it y'all
  3. Does anyone here play the mobile version of monster parade? It's all Japanese, but the recent update features multiplayer so I was wondering if anyone's playin it. It used to be all auto parade (couldn't command moves), but now you can control your own monster and play with up to 4 players. The graphics are pretty nice too. I usually play it on blue stacks cause it flows better, but I don't see any problems playing on my iphone so it shouldn't crash or anything (just a little laggy) I think I'm starting to like this more than super lite. http://www.dokodemo-dqmp.jp/
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