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  1. Nah, there's a whole guide on Gamefaqs for a Human Only run. Its much easier than you think. the only challenging parts are the parts in Gen II where you're alone.
  2. Maybe Contests to see who can complete certain challenge runs or fights? Like say "Reach the Ultimate Dragovian Trial of VIII with a Sub-Level 50 party" This does not mean reach the Ultimate Dragon, just have access to that trial. Or a speedrun-esque contest to see who can get the shortest completion times in certain games. Or classic Party restriction contests. Like "Defeat Estark in DQMJ/DQMJ2 with Rank C or below monsters."
  3. Either I've been playing too much SMT recently, or the first DQMJ is super easy.

    1. jay


      Joker 1 is very easy. I'm actually playing it with just a single monster, and I'm at the tourney finals after just a few hours

  4. Nice luck, but just further proves Metal mobs are the ultimate trolls of the ultimate trolls of the DW/DQ universe. And best luck I've had in a DQ game is 5 Metal King Slime kills in a run of VIII's Dark Citadel, with one dropping Orichalcum. Close second would likely be defeating thr Darksteel Dragon with a sub-50 party(I wanted a challenge, sue me). Although a stratgey in mind makes a sub-50 Darksteel possible, his 3 attacks per round can really screw you over on a regular basis.
  5. I recently started a challenge run of the firsr DQMJ(nothing on my team can have a rank higher than C), and I'm just now realizing how easy it is to kickstart synthesis in this game. Via slimes, I already have a King Slime with Attack Boost II in 2 and a half hours of playtime. I could easily have a diemon(4 winkies) and using either of those, I could make a decent Psycho monster to scout stuff on Infern Isle early, further jumpstarting things. Take it a step further, and it would be easy to Scout the Gigantes on Infant with some slight strategy. All of this is doable before the first boss. And from past experience, this can make mainstory practically play itself. DQMJ2 had similar synthesis kickstarts, but they were not easily usable until Iceolation, the game's third area. This begs the question, is DQMJ too easy?
  6. ん? My guess is that he means welcome to your tomb, in which case, long past that time man. My love for JRPGs put the final nail in that coffin long ago. anyway, thanks for the welcome you guys, much apprecaited.
  7. Personally for me, overall soundtrack goes to V. Its my most played game in the series, and the sound track never grows old. With standouts like Violent Enemies, Noble Requiem, Monsters in the Dungeon, Tower of Death, and Satan(how can you leave out the final boss theme in a thing like this?), it always appeals to me. Although I will admit to preferring specific themes from other games(Demon Combat is Amazing) over V's selection, V just has the right balance for me. Now on indivdual mentions . . . Overworld: Strange World Regular Battle Theme: Violent Enemies Regular Boss Battle Theme: Defeat the Enemy Major Boss Theme: Evil One/Gruelling Fight(Really tough choice here) Flight Theme: I think 99% of everyone here will agree on Heavenly Flight trumping all the other flying themes Final Boss Theme: Demon Combat barely edges out Hero's Challenge, Great Battle in the Vast Sky, The Time of Decisive Battle, and Malroth~the True Evil for me. Can't pick which one of the other's is superior to the others, a true testament to Sugiyama's skill.
  8. My first game was Monsters Joker. A friend and I were hooking up for some pokemon one day, and he lost he pokemon cartiridge before coming, and instead brought DQMJ with him. I was just amazed at the monster designs and quickly picked up a copy myself. From there, I played VIII as my first mainseries game, then Rocket Slime, IV, IX, VI, DQMJ2, V, and finally(for now)II.
  9. I'm Hexoc, and as my name suggests, Liquid Metal Slimes are my favorite monster in the series. Something about the metallic colouring of this bubble slime reskin is just so appealing to me, and this is disregarding its massive experience yield. I have played Dragon Quest for 11 years, and have gotten to play II, IV, V, VI, VIII, IX, Monsters Joker, Monsters Joker 2, and Heroes: Rocket Slime. My personal favorite entries are V, VI, and VIII My least favorite entry is IV. The biggest reason why I continue to play Dragon Quest to this day is the soundtrack. Sugiyama has consistently done an amazing job on the OSTs. Looking forward to becoming active here.
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