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  1. Abel one? You can download the rather poor quality English dub Here - http://www.emuparadise.me/TV-Shows/#Dragon_Warrior_-_Legend_of_the_Hero_Abel And nice quality Japanese with French subs Here - http://www.anime-ultime.net/file-0-1/3982/Dragon-Quest-vostfr And I am orchestrating a complete English fandub of the series, which will be on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBioHghPXrL2RlnR0igB6nQand on our main site when available. ((I cannot speak for the other animated series as I don't know much there.))
  2. A virtual//synthesized singing character that you can make from your own voice. You then program this voice to sing any song you wish through a software of the same name, Utau. Here is an example of my personal Utauloid singing a chorus. http://dagdasgirl.tumblr.com/post/106212150323/fffffffffffffff-your-voiceahmgggaaah-does-this
  3. My current anime is Dragon Quest: Abel Yuusha Densetsu. The previous one was Dantalian no Shoka. My next target is Another.
  4. I enjoy making things digitally. Mh, does it count? Specifically: Utau, music, art, animations, and video games. Sometimes I win small contests with my Utau brood. I think of them as I do my own offspring.
  5. I have heard of the terms Kotaku and Lifehacker, but the fine details? Clueless. I suppose that means that I also do not internet. ((Outside of my own circles, I don't venture far.))
  6. Trying to wrap my feeble brain around website ((Joomla)) building and bridging tutorials, and mildly failing. Em... messing around with audio is much easier, and more fun. But this website is a must for our team's fandub and other works. ((I can't wait to begin with the audio part of the fandub so I hope this preliminary website set up will finish easier than it's started)) At least I'm learning new things, eh?
  7. Never played the original Mega Man games, but I adore Legends and Legends 2 and the Misadventures of Tron Bonne.
  8. So if I wanted to get into the game series, which game is the "best" to begin with? I have only played a little of VII.

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    2. Lord Baramos
    3. Shun 'Kanamee

      Shun 'Kanamee

      Final Fantasy


      If you want to start. Either start with Dragon Quest VI, then do IV, then do V.


      Or start with III, then I, then II.


      Or maybe you can do IV and V first. Then do VI to see the prequel of it all and the same for DQI-III.

    4. Lord Baramos

      Lord Baramos

      Only Final Fantasy I have played is IX. It was alright. I liked what I played of Dragon Quest VII better.

  9. I will have a look. Yes, we're seeking voice actors. Been prepping things so we can put up a Casting Call page on a few Voice Acting sites. The only role we've sealed is Daisy's who'll be voiced by an aspiring voice actress that is co-leader of this project. The rest are up for auditioning, once we place up our Casting Call. Why? You perchance know some actors, mh?
  10. Now I want a dub comprised entirely of Zero Wing style digitized Engrish. Heh. Yes. Though I may not have plans for that, I do plan to do a Genderbend fandub alongside the normal dub.
  11. Wow, I have no experience, but I've always wanted to do that. (That's the one that aired here for 13 episodes, right?) You can find the English episodes on Youtube, but they're of poor quality and yes, there are only 13. The series deserves a full English dub so we're going to give it a go. "For great justice." Heh heh
  12. I just joined. What's new with me? Busy creating the Casting Call information to fandub all of the Dragon Quest: Legend of the Hero Abel series in the English language. Though I have created and completed many ((original...)) projects before, obtaining dedicated voice actors has forever been a difficulty. However, I've found a few more venues where aspiring actors hang out so the force may be with me this time. Wish the team some good luck. Mh.
  13. Has anyone managed to pin down where to get some HQ RAWs of this as of yet? I am leading a complete English fandub of this series, but the highest quality episodes I can muster are ones that have hardcoded French subtitles.
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