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  1. As I was pointing out in the first few pages of this thread. The Fire Emblem: Fates localization is just bad. It doesn't have much to do with western ideologies, aside of cutting content like the petting minigame and bikinis, maybe. The more important issue was always the cut and extremely altered dialogs and changed character personalities. Someone else here has thrown in the issue of "new voices that have been voiceless before", which again, is a really bad argument in respect to the pointed out examples of bad localization.
  2. Guys, I get it. SE cut party chat from DQ4 and that sucked and everyone hated it. But they didn't owe anyone an explanation. It's their business and it's their prerogative to run their business as badly as they want. And there were people here who swore to never buy another game from SE until more DQ games were released. Who knows if it made a difference, but that's really all you can do. When you start seeing conspiracies in the shadows, there's nothing I can say that is going to satisfy you. There are huge changes happening in our society, voiceless people who now have a voice. And wh
  3. This is very important and can't be stressed enough. This is the whole thing we are arguing here.
  4. Another one that doesn't argue in good faith. Great.
  5. You guys are currently the discussing the question if the current western climate of political correctness that is primarily prevalent in western gaming press might be responsible for self-censorship or unnecessarily altered content for western releases. Which is kinda pressuring game companies to self-censor to get good ratings and avoid unnecessary drama surrounding their games which could damage their image. A very valid topic. Eals argument above is complete bullshit and from my perspective not said in good faith. There is a limit you can ask of the consumer. Learning a language t
  6. Those people are unrelated to my community and in fact work against it. I know who you are pointing to and they have been sabotaging what we've been trying to do since the very beginning. They tried to hijack the hashtag with this attempt to destroy our efforts. There is a long history with this group, but that goes way beyond this topic and I doubt you even care. From what you just posted, I doubt you are actually aware. Did you see what I posted on page 2? Did you take the time to read through it and watch the video with Effie? These aren't changes that make the game more accessible to
  7. Have you seen my post on page 2? I really have the feeling people aren't aware of the changes. These aren't justifiable with "this increases the chance to sell the game". You can claim that you don't care about this, but you can't claim that this is okay localization to increase profit margin. This is a proven business strategy. Never reveal more than you absolutely have to, else you make yourself open to attacks. Ignoring issues brought up by the public without addressing them and at least trying fix them in the future is and has been common since forever. Also it prevents
  8. Are you by any chances affiliated with this company and get paid for this?
  9. Someone asked Nintendo of America and they responded in an email that the localization in EU won't differ from NA. So the chance are that it's the exact same.
  10. Believe it or not, but social media isn't such a strong factor as it seems to be. Especially when it's still far away from the release date. Nintendo hasn't even started drumming up hype for the game. Lots of games that have been criticized tons on social media and discussion platforms still sold pretty well. Latest example might be The Witness (very expensive, but long puzzle game)and Firewatch (too expensive for a 1h 30m walking simulator). Both have been criticized tons, but still sold exceptionally well. Till the game releases, people will have moved on from the localization issue and
  11. Nah, I've been monitoring the industry for a long time. With all the hype surrounding DQ it will definitely sell well. The only mistake that Nintendo can make is to not market it properly so that people won't be aware that it was even released. DQ has a huge international fanbase that is eager for new games. Discussion about DQ games is happening on all of the big discussion platforms like neogaf, gamefaqs, /v/, reddit, etc. Assuming they advertise it properly, it will sell pretty good from anticipation alone.
  12. Good localization: Everyone enjoys the game. Bad localization: People that don't care enjoy the game. People that do care enjoy it less. But with people actually defending changes like "..." there is no way to argue this point. Nothing that can be done.
  13. I was very excited when I first heard about a new BoF game. That excitement vanished pretty fast when I realized it's a mobile game. I didn't actually know that you can also play it on PC, at least the trailer suggests it. I do love BoF and I was about to ask you if you'd recommend getting into this game, when someone doesn't really enjoy mobile games, but I think from how you described the game that it just isn't for me. I'd rather one of the older ones instead. Makes me really sad that they had this high profile franchise that a lot of people love and then just let it go to waste a
  14. Then we are basically on the same page. I don't advocate for people not to buy the game. I even encourage to buy the japanese game and apply a fan translation. I'm eager to buy the game as well as soon as it releases in EU. I just wish I could enjoy a good localization and don't have to deal with all these cuts and character changes that I completely dislike.
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