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  1. Somebody over at squid-board.ru posted it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kr3N0WoXeNqjpcxQdeIDrjIIlYjkWXOo/view I don't think I ever came across those or heard of them, I can try looking for them Sorry everybody, I don't think I ever got emails about replies. I just updated the post with some new links for lossless, and the Emblem of Roto movie soundtrack
  2. Glad you get a use out of it Sorry my Mega accounts are all full, I might look into uploading them too, but they are pretty new and still available, the purpose of this collection was to preserve all the old collections
  3. Some are orchestrated (the symphonic suites for example), but others are the sound tracks of the in-game music, which are not orchestrated in most cases. I see. But was it Sugiyama that composed those 19 String Quartets? Each album has a text file with info taken from RPGFan, and I think all of them say Composed by Sugiyama I know, when I was looking for the albums I couldn't find hardly any for sale
  4. I removed some while I was replacing them with 320kbps albums. Dragon Quest I - II - Symphonic Suite.7z Dragon Quest II - Suite - Gods of the Evil Spirits.7z Dragon Quest III - And Into the Legend - Symphonic Suite Super Famicom Edition.7z Dragon Quest IV - The People Are Shown the Way - Symphonic Suite.7z Dragon Quest IV Symphonic Suite - The People Are Shown the Way - Remastered.7z Dragon Quest V Symphonic Suite - London Philharmonic Orchestra.7z Dragon Quest VI Symphonic Suite - The Dream World - London Philharmonic Orchestra.7z
  5. Yeah I wasn't too worried about the newer ones since you can still buy them, I mainly did this because a lot of them were almost lost, I think I found only one person with the Dragon Quest March on tape on a chinese or japanese youtube. The cd theatres were a bit harder to find, nobody had any of them for sale. I just stumbled across the nicovideo site on accident and found them, but being that they are all in japanese they're probably not much use to anybody in the US.
  6. Dragon Quest Discography / Soundtrack Collection I spent about a month collecting all the Dragon Quest music. I had to sign up for sites in Japan and China, and had to download a Chinese downloader, which took me quite a while to figure out my login details, which let me download from other peoples collections, and then after downloading found out a lot were password protected, so I ended up searching Google and Baidu with the Chinese names and found forums where people posted the passwords. So hopefully this is all of them, I noticed other threads were incomplete and had dead links.
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