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  1. If you still have time to help him pick, tell him iOS is the way to go. Party chat adds soooo much to the game. And I can tell you that the Android version doesn't need to be connected when you're playing. Sometimes it has to validate on startup, though (but not every time).
  2. Well, I did it! I finally beat Ovalutionary Road without gems! Team was Alphynn, Trauminator, Orobas, Ultrus and Small Fry, with a King Hydra companion that had Paralyzing Touch. Thanks Alphonse! I got really lucky, though, because the fourth fight just had one Trauminator instead of the three it had every other time I got to it. Of course, you have to get lucky to beat the Road without gems, but I still feel like I cheated. Or maybe got cheated. So I'll keep trying till shutdown to beat that fight. If I can't, at least I managed my original goal! [Edit: Got it! Now I have no regrets.]
  3. Once again, I forget a small detail that steers conversation in the wrong direction. Guys: it's just the SEA version of the game that's shutting down. As far as I can tell, it's still going strong in Japan.
  4. Just logged in for the first time in over a month and found a news post from Nov. 24th saying the SEA VERSION of the game is closing down on Dec. 26th. Merry Christmas, eh? I think we all knew it was coming soon, but it'll still be a sad day. In the meantime, they're giving us some freebies: - All quests cost 0 Stamina, even Ovalutionary Road. - Many monster hunting quests are open, such as Besting Balzack, Leon Down the Law, etc. - Pal Point gacha includes some S and A rank monsters. - Regular gacha has 3 free plays a day and has an extra 10% chance to get S ranks. I'm n
  5. Okay, so I've made some major updates to the spreadsheet tonight. For starters, it now has the Perks and Leader Perks for most monsters on the list, taken from the list here at Dragon's Den. Thanks Woodus! The spreadsheet also now has Filters. When you're looking at it, click on Data from the menu just under the spreadsheet's title, then click "Filter views...". From there you can choose to reorder the list by monster name, skills, or perks. This way you can find your monster without knowing its Big Book # or see what monsters have the perk or skill you're looking for. I even added some
  6. Okay, I went through Woodus' updated list. The ones I found that were new to me were 76 - Icikiller, 85 - Wyrtoise, 132 - Illerpillar, 133 - Grillerpillar, 135 - Somnol Ant, 136 - Loathsome Leek, 145 - Scaraburrower, 222 - Pink Pongo, 240 - Ewwnicorn, 241 - Mythstead, 284 - Hell Nino, 356 - Skeleton Soldier, 514 - Psaro, and 754 - Donkey Xote. Many thanks, Mystic, and to anyone else who contributed these! Woodus, there are now three more monsters on my list that aren't on yours: 398 - Demon-at-Arms: Falcon Slash, Kafrizz 611 - King Hydra: Deep Breath, Scorch (just added today) 823 -
  7. Hmm, you're right. There's some more monsters that it has and I don't, too. Maybe Woodus updated again? I'll have to look into this...
  8. Added 208 - Slumbering Ram, 369 - Hell's Gatekeeper, 506 - Malroth, 611 - King Hydra, 823 - Bilhaw, and the A/S rank Eggs. But you knew they had nothing anyway. Mostly I'm just posting to show that I haven't abandoned the project. I'm just finding fewer new entries lately. Need to level up to get new Pals that have new monsters
  9. I don't know if it was like this before, but the recruit rate for this event is ridiculous now. I've gotten 4 Jugular Jokers so far! I'll probably get a fifth, too, cause I'm using the Hard stage to grind up the others (8000 exp for 10 stamina? Yes please). Sure glad this came along - I'd just run out of decent monsters to level. Of course, new content would be nicer...
  10. Wow, this is awesome, Woodus! I've updated my list with all the new monsters you have. Between us we're up to 320! Now so far, I haven't added the other categories to my list. This was started as just a skill list, and until now it was information that couldn't be found on this site. Plus, I'm lazy. Still, it's nice info to have, so I may look into putting them up later. BTW, there were a few monsters I have on my skill list that weren't on yours: 131 - Battle Beetle (Baffling Bonk 4, Helm Splitter 17) 148 - Ivory Flower (Multiheal 22, Oomphle 31) 518 - Grandmaster Nimzo (Ka
  11. Well, I did it. I had to Metal my Small Fry up to 70 and use Mystic's Armful pal and spend 200 Gems. And even then the eggs almost killed me. But I did it. Why did I spend 200 Gems, you ask? Because Round 2 was the first time I'd even seen an Eggsalted Leader, let alone gotten one to follow me. Didn't want to let that go. Between that and the Eggstremist from the boss, though, I don't regret it one bit. Only one Leader to go and I'll have my first SS...
  12. Added 92 - Jade Dragon, 295 - Mumboh-Jumboe, 338 - Great Gruffon, 373 - Silver Swordsman, 374 - Wight Priest, 375 - Sir Sanguinus, 616 - Terrorflyer, 617 - Wyvern, 618 - Emperor Wyvern, 674 - Goregoyle, 784 - Mechanowyrm, 822 - Balhib, and 991 - Sealion Slime. Also filled in a bunch of ??s, but I didn't keep track of which.
  13. Thanks for all the advice, guys! I do have a monster with Burning Breath, but it's an A-rank (Small Fry) and it's about level 26 right now. No metal monsters to train it up, but I do have a LMK I could use. As for heals, I've got Ivory Flower and Barbatos with a Midheal stuck to him and that's it. I've got a Midheal Egg Royale, but that's going to my Samigina when he evolves into an Orobas. I do like it that different events and aspects of the game require different strategies. Gives you incentive to raise a bunch of different monsters.
  14. Wow, just tried this and got stomped. Well, I did make it through the first two battles, but two Wight Kings + two Barbatos = death. I'm pretty sad that I've got 5 S-ranks now and still can't complete all content without gems. Sounds like I'm not alone, though. Chichi? Potato? Mystic? Please to add me as a friend, please? I usually run Taurtarus for my leader. Sometimes I switch it to Barbatos or Stout Troll.
  15. Well, I was really just going for skills here, but I can at least take a look!
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