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  1. I wonder if they (some higher-ups) know there's been a fan translation in works. An MMO fan translation is no easy task, and this shows there's a demand for it moreso than other random foreign MMO.
  2. This should be a happy thread of hopes and dreams. So realistically, when can we expect some form of answer on this ? (upcoming jp event ? E3 ?) I don't expect something this year, but at same time know if this takes too long, the chances of localization will be practically nil (if it isn't already).
  3. A lot of good posts here on why DQX wouldn't survive in current MMO generation. I believe the only way SquareEnix could make this work is by translating the PC version of DQX, without the concept of full localization. No new servers. They'll be dead so fast. We'd just jump in on the current JP ones after downloading the English client. No crazy marketing or console boxes. The entire point is to let western/global players jump in easily without the VPN hassle, pay the monthly-fee and purchase the expansions/DLC online. Again, this would only work for the PC version. If they just attempt on any kind of console localization, it'll be way too much trouble and they'll give up on the low sales.
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