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  1. I was just using nokturnus as an example. What I meant to ask was, If there was an event with a monster like let's say Dracolord, and I couldn't get him in the tambola during the time of his event and it ends, will he be rolled again or is he gone forever?
  2. Guys I have a question for the Japanese version of game. Let's say I wanted a monster that was in an event and I couldn't get him. Can I still get that monster from the current event tambola or no? I wanted a nokturnus but his event already passed. So is it still possible to get nokturnus?
  3. Hello Guys, I just want to know if Dragon Quest Monsters 2 3D is playable with no knowledge of Japanese. I've been wanting to import a copy for ages, but i was kinda concerned about the fact that i don't know japanese. So, do you guys think it's playable? I'm mostly concerned about how i'm going to synthesize SS rank monsters since i have no guide to follow (That's in English) Plus i don't know the translated and Non-translated name of the monsters, so when i go to a Japanese Synthesizing guide site, translate google brings $#!& like Garumazzo which turned out to be Dr.Snapped. Like wtf? So yeah if you can, answer that question too. That's it guys, thanks in advance.
  4. Hello Guys, i recently emailed translatortom about his progress about DQM 1+2 and this is what he said : http://prntscr.com/9xbnqv I know it's not much! but it's just great to hear that they're still trucking along.
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