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  1. I bought another arcade machine this weekend. I got a pacman cocktail machine in pretty good shape, it just has some main board issues.
  2. Crafting gear is definitely the way to go in this game. You often can build better gear than you can buy anyway.
  3. I got a few more hours into the game last night. Finally crafted my Drusilian armor set after I hunted down some platinum ore. I also
  4. Well, I am 35 hours into the game now and I am completely hooked! I just got the entire party now, and swapped out Erik for Jade, so my party is Hero, Jade, Veronica, and Serena. I thought about swapping out Serena for Rab, but for now her stats are a little bit better than his.
  5. Off Topic: I think that my favorite console was the NES, as a child, it really was an awesome system that everyone had and there were tons of great games for it. If we are talking about modern game consoles though, I have to say that the Xbox 360 was an amazing system especially when they finally revised the hardware to the slim version to include wifi and fix the RROD. It's online functionalty and community rivaled that of the PC , and Achievements were like crack! On Topic: I want my badge!
  6. I play Dragon Quest 8 on my 60gb launch unit, but that is pretty much it.
  7. Five more days to go! Amazon hasn't shipped mine yet either.
  8. Just six more days to go! Also, my DQ11 shirt came in yesterday, so woot!
  9. Awesome! So maybe next November it will come out here and be our Dragon Quest game for 2019!
  10. As much as I enjoyed DQH1, DQH2 improved upon it in every way. Plus it had Angelo.
  11. I just prefer to play DQ games on a console on my main 55" UHDTV. Considering my PC is 5 years old this week, I doubt it can do much better than my PS4.
  12. Just one more week to go to the official release date!
  13. So are there badges for this quest because I still don't have a badge for it. I want muh badge! Lol.
  14. I spent the weekend driving down to my mom's beach house. Once there I got her Internet modem installed and working so I could connect her tv to Netflix, Hulu, and Vudu. Then on Sunday, I emptied out an overgrown koi pond that was in her front yard. 15 years ago when they put it in, it probably looked awesome, but the renter that lived there before she bought it just let it go. All the lights around it were busted, the plants had gotten overgrown and there were no fish in it, just lizards, frogs, snakes and mucky water. So I removed the stone lining the edge, pulled out the massive water lilly plants, then bucket brigaded the water out until I got to the bottom. After that, I pulled out the liner and and pushed two huge rocks into the hole. After that I dumped 15 bags of compost dirt into the hole, packed it down, and laid roofing paper over it to prevent plants from growing there. (I don't know if that is good for the environment but it is what she wanted to use). After that I dumped out 15 bags of rocks o top of that to match the existing rocks that are in that bed now. We probably could have used another 5 bags of rocks, but we ran out of time, and that is something that she can add later. So yeah, I am happy to be back at work where I can rest.
  15. It is just the one that they have been giving away at the cons for the last few months. Not being anywhere close the the West Coast I just ordered it off of Ebay. It should be here tomorrow though!
  16. I ordered a DQXI shirt off of eBay today! Can't wait to get it and wear it while I play this awesome game!
  17. Woot! I can't wait! The first game was awesome to play and this looks to improve upon it in every way! I am hoping that this gets released next fall in the US so we can play it after we all put several hundred hours into DQ11! Also, I really hope that they have a first person viewing angle in this game as it would make mining a lot easier!
  18. I just bought my wife a WOW subscription last night. Sadly, it wouldn't play on her Mac Mini anymore, so she took over my gaming PC. Still, hopefully, this will allow me to build a new PC, since mine is a 2013 AMD with a mid-grade 2014 graphics card.
  19. For those of you that Haven't pre-ordered the game yet, you might want to hurry! https://finance.yahoo.com/news/amazon-killing-off-prime-game-205232425.html Amazon is killing off its Pre-order discount on the 28th.
  20. Just two weeks to go! I can't believe how time flies!
  21. A service that I gladly provide! Also, it is count down to my vacation too, so yay!
  22. Well, I got my living room painted this weekend. The hardest thing was the 13' ceilings! My extension ladder kept digging into the drywall, so I kept having to patch it! Some places the ladder just broke through!
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