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  1. Sweet, put my preorder down. Seems like Nintendo might be publishing this one, nice to seem them still trying to push Dragon Quest in the west. I was worried after Dragon Quest VII they might be worried about continued support. I hope this means they help make Dragon Quest XI happen as well, at the very least its a good sign.
  2. It is really hard to top Dragon Quest VIII, each character had such personality to them. Even the side characters like Morrie, before he became playable was a fun character to interact with. They made a character like Yangus, despite his looks, a very fun and charming character in his own way...always bring a good smile and a laugh. Dragon Quest VIII is good on its own, but its characters really evaluated it to something more. They even did a wonderful job showing the connection between the Hero and the Princess, which really made me want to see them get together in the end.
  3. I don't see why only do the Switch version...considering the install base of the PS4...unless Nintendo is helping to publish the games, which I know they tend to take part in. That the only reason I can see it being the Nintendo Versions only. Otherwise you think if anything they go with PS4, as much as I love Nintendo and the idea of a portable more console looking Dragon Quest XI ((Yeah I know it be weaker...but sure will look better then the 3DS version))...the PS4 has the install base to back it up. So in the end it seem like PS4 would be the more logical route. Unless they just going to d
  4. With Dragon Quest VIII out of the way I've turned my attention to Breath of the Wild, by far the best fun I've had with a game for years. I really feels like if Zelda NES were made today. Its so much fun and satisfying learning all you can do in the world. I have no idea how they are going to top that... Also gone back and been playing some good old Lords of the Realm 2, one of my favorite medieval strategy on the side to mix it up when need a small RPG break. Horizon looks really good, if my PS4 had not broke down I give that one a try big time. Seems very RPG like. Also Trying more
  5. Still don't know if the Switch version is even going to get a release. If so I'll give it a try, the demo worked well enough for me. I always approve of more Dragon Quest on Nintendo Platforms. As for a stronger experience I'll wait for the Steam release.
  6. I downloaded the demo, good thing about no longer having region lock. It looks good enough, I personally think it nice. I do notice drop in frame-rate...but in terms of the demo it ran well enough. Not tried handheld mode yet.
  7. A while back on SF, I suggested a focus with Old Hector, Fado, Greil, and Cornelius, and now that I think about it I guess we can throw Elbert in too. NPC fathers need to die to kick off plots, ya know? It would be cool, it be the prefect game to have them. Heroes is prefect for giving love to minor characters. I'd even enjoy seeing some villains such as Lloyd, I always regretted having to kill him in Blazing Sword. That does seem to be a popular trend in many stories.
  8. I got my Nintendo Switch, but still waiting for my Special Edition Zelda to come in the mail...so sadly I might have to wait another day. I also got it on Wii U but going to keep that one sealed.
  9. Blue does seem like it be a fitting color for Micaiah, make her a good counter or teammate along side Ike. I'm just hoping she not red, as with my final team I want a different type for each. As much as Michaiah hates Ike, I still enjoy her character and one of my favorite magic using characters. I'm hoping like Robin she be a good counter against colorless. I'd like to see Greil make it but I'm sure that one is very unlikely, but would make a great Green user for the team.
  10. I'm really HYPED for this new Zelda, it just looks so breath taking. After seeing the reviews popping up I can't help but get even more excited, so many are saying its hand down the best Zelda game created. I can't wait to get my hand on it and explore the world myself. It feels almost like Zelda NES the way it has been crafted, what the game would be like today if it was made. Zelda Oot and Majora's Mask are currently my two favorite Zelda games, followed by Twilight Prince and Skyward Sword. Wind Waker was amazing, but there was just to much water and not enough land to explore for me...and
  11. I thought Leif was a main Lord, since he had DLC in Awakening. So we still got a few more lords to go it sounds like. Well, it gives me more time to build up orbs in the meantime. Does make me wonder what kind of color Micaiah going to be on the triangle. We need more counters for Takumi, he way op in the game. Can't get far in a Arena without running into one. Sadly my Robin only 3*, so don't have a good counter.
  12. They added a Radiant Dawn character...but no Ike yet. =( Why do they torture us so... How many main characters are still missing besides Ike? Was Leif a main character? Don't know much about the older titles. We are missing Micaiah as well,think they at least would have add her as the first Radiant Dawn character.
  13. Finally got my full party all level 40, so at least have a set of characters at max level. They have a female Robin event so got another good green character that way. Hoping we see Ike soon, saving my orbs at this point. I'm ready! https://fireemblem.gamepress.gg/fire-emblem-heroes-iv-calculator Here is good site that can calculate each unit plus their ranking.
  14. I got a 5* Roy when I didn't even want one. It's nice to have him, sure, but I need a solid green unit. I'm currently using a 3* Cecilia that isn't super terrible, but I can't decide if I want to up her to 4*. Yeah I've been trying to get Hector but he a hard one to gain, he the main one I want from the green untis. That why I can have the three lords from Blazing Sword to hold me off, until Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn. At the moment Nino who is currently my best green unit, and my live safer from blue units...considering the rest of my team is sword based. I suppose I should play more
  15. Glad to hear you were able to get yourself a 5* Roy Glaceon Mage. =) They are not easy to get. I did not consider just taking off the skill, I guess I can unlock it...not like much else for Roy in terms of skills. The skill just came across as a double edge sword. I've not had any luck since getting Lyndis. I can't complain though I was able to get the three I wanted Lyndis, Eliwood and Roy. But since then I've gotten nothing but 3*. I got like 5 Bartre...god that is annoying. Was hoping I could at least get Eirika...but I think at this point I'll going to save my orbs for Ike, I have a f
  16. Wow! O.O You got him up there fast, considering he was a 4* at the start as I recall you mentioning. >.> How did you build up feathers so quickly? I'm still struggling to get the 20,000 I need for Eliwood. As far as I can tell Arena is the best bet. Leveling up taking forever as well, and I got a fully upgraded castle...seems like it was almost a waste to invest in that with orbs. I'm kind of afraid to give Roy the Triangle perk. How badly does it affect Roy against lance/blue magic wielders? Not had much issue with Roy taking out axe users, so not felt a need to unlock it.
  17. Holy that Monster Rank X! @.@ Where did Bangers and Mash get that Fencing Fox! I want it. =( Sadly seems I going to have no choice with this one, talk about a hard monster rank. That Restless Armor got a critical on me three times in a row...doing some insane damage. Need to find a good team that can handle it... Was hoping we might see more cameos in X rank like we did with S rank. Not played Dragon Quest VIII since 2007, so I did not catch the cameos as I yet to play DQ IV at that point.
  18. I do hope they get a better artist for Ike, then they did with Awakening. Normally the artist does really good, as if I recall that artist also did Roy and Eliwood's game. However, that art of Ike in awakening...yeah, did not care for it. So close...yet so far from getting my Eliwood 5*. Getting feathers takes such a long time. @.@ Upgrading characters to 5* is going to take allot of time, as it takes FOREVER to build up feathers. At the very least it cool each character is able to reach that level. Don't Worry Eliwood, you be a hardy hero soon enough! The Durandal awaits to be wielded!
  19. "Jessica has reached the highest Level. Ah, how the once spoilt little girl has grown! They're a delight to hold- Er, I mean, IT'S a delight to BEhold! Yes, yes that's right..." -Said by Trode in the Battle Records, once Jessica reaches level 99 "You can see off a whole division of cavalry! With your might, invading Ascantha would be a simplicity itself!...Ahem! Meraly and example of course..." -Said by Trode in the Battle Records, Hero at max level
  20. Thanks I did just that. =) Always fun to read what Trode says during the battle logs.
  21. Trode: "Jessica has reached the highest Level. Ah, how the once spoilt little girl has grown! They're a delight to hold- Er, I mean, IT'S a delight to BEhold! Yes, yes that's right..." Oh that Trode! When do you unlock Monster X rank?
  22. O.O Both Ike and Lyn won! Both of my favorite Fire Emblem characters. Plus RD Ike made fifth. I was afraid Tharja might make the top. It is good to see Roy still up there. =) Might let them know we need a remake of his game in the future. Might have to do an image of my characters to celebrate. ((Edit: ;_; So happy to see Eliwood managed to at least make it to top 20.))
  23. In that case that does explain allot, I understand why sometime like that would bother you. Ike did take over midway through the game, and I did find it an odd way to handle the story. As personally for me, it was Ike's part of the story I wanted to get too, when I learned he was in the game.So I honestly did not care for much of the story up until Ike joined, mostly out of excitement to get to see Ike in action again. It is a bias, but I just loved his character so much in Path of Radiance and I was so glad to see him again. But I did find it odd that the focus characters suddenly changed. T
  24. Well I managed to get Jessica up to level 99, so my main party is now max level. Sadly Stainless Steal Sickle is very ineffective, which makes it beyond difficult to do seed farming with the ability. Still it was worth an attempt, mostly just sad I invest those skills in Yangus when they could have been used for better skills. It might be possible to get rare items, it just take a LONG time to get them...likely better off just fighting the monster to attempt to get them at the end of the battle. Guess nothing left but to finish the game, time to find Leopold.
  25. He already developed In Path of Radiance, and he had amazing development. In Radiant Dawn he already a developed character, we just get to see him more mature. Roy honestly was not that interesting in his own game ether, I personally thought Eliwood was handled better. I don't hold that against Roy though, I still like his character but I found his game lacking. He introduced me to the series, so Roy will always have a place as one of my favorites. But once again that a matter of opinion. I think Ike is the best of the Fire Emblem characters. He had major growth in Fire Emblem 9, and we th
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