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  1. this video was one hundred percent ad lib. also i've made other videos before. i know how to edit. but i just get $#!& so i wanted to create some $#!& instead
  2. THank you for the dislike Plattym3. i hope we've all learned something today
  3. dragon quest is riddled with problems which i go over in detail in this video!! please comment and dislike https://youtu.be/xpR7nocgR6E
  4. hey guys! thanks for all the positive feedback and constructive criticism. no Restlessknight14, i have not yet considered it. if that is a topic you and others would be interested in watching however, i may consider doing so! don't know if i'm really so qualified to discuss characters in detail however lol as you saw i kinda just say how i feel. i did almost zero research for that video for example and just cherry-picked footage that backed up what i was saying during the editing process :^^^^)
  5. i've always been a huge fan of the ultra slime. he made a cameo in the joker series and slime mori mori dragon quest 3. i think it would be cool to make him an actual character, like a sentient slime who would join your party after seeing how cool you are. like, why isn't there any really interesting singular monster characters in DQ? healie is the closest we got, followed maybe by lizzie. wouldn't mind seeing more in the future.
  6. i've never thought anything of red before this thread. perhaps i saw her as a simple nihilist before. quite the insight!
  7. I like your analysis JaybirdC. Deeper than my own thoughts on her. I just kinda like her extreme thirst for revenge.
  8. I spent a nice chunk of time making this. It is about how some of the Dragon Quest girls. I love Dragon Quest girls. Please tell me how you like (or dislike) it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tRdogkg
  9. Although I see that this topic is long dead, I have created a fan-made moveset for the slime's appearance in Smash Bros. It was quite fun. The image can be clicked on to enlarge, but the text is a bit difficult to read so I will rewrite it all here. Enjoy! EDIT: I colored every single move and compiled it into a clear image! Google Drive Link The Slime is Dragon Quest's most iconic and recognizable character. There is more merchandise for the slime than for any other Square Enix character. There is simply no better representative for the Dragon Quest series! -Jab 1- Slime tack
  10. Vocation Title: Chef Description: A chef's hands were made for cooking; never for combat. Take up your knife and put on your apron--the world could use a cook like you. Experiment with ingredients or prepare meals out of a recipe book. A chef always provides food for those in need. Hone your skills and serve up some eats for friend and foe alike. Basic Class Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - Boil Water Every chef must start somewhere! Pour water in the pot and set it to boil. Can be used for cooking the appropriate recipes. If used in battle, may scald the opponent. L
  11. I made this video. I intended it to be a quick rundown of which Dragon Quest games beginners to the series should pick up. You can watch it if you wish. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cVyBooE6HYY
  12. Vocation Title: Druid Description: You were born of the forest, you walk through the forest; you are the forest. Basic Class Spells or Abilities Learned at: Level 1 - Spirit Tongue Communicating with barks, grunts, and chirps, you speak the language of any animal you are familiar with. Shapeshift Take the physical form of any species that you are familiar with. Stats remain as they were but abilities change as appropriate. May fail. "I've Heard About That" Select a target creature. Obtain information about that creature. You become familiar with that creature. Informat
  13. I am playing this game currently. I am going to list the species here, in case anyone is interested. So far I have encountered: モモんã˜ã‚ƒï¼ˆPlatypunk) プリズニャン(Jailcat) ãŠãŠãã¥ã¡ï¼ˆHammerhood) サンドシャーク(Sandshark) ウパパロン(Orange Wooper Soilder) ドラキー(Dracky) ゴースト(Ghost) ã‚ã‚„ã—ã„ã‹ã’(Shadow) マミー(Mummy) スキッパー(Skipper) ã•ã¾ã‚ˆã†ã‚ˆã‚ã„(Living Armor) ã„ã£ã‹ãã†ã•ãŽï¼ˆBunnicorn) モーモン(Teeny Sanguini) ドロル(Droll) ズッキーニャ(Cruelcumber) ミミック(Mimic) ガメゴンï
  14. I like Ultra Slime. Slider Girl should really be localized better, however. Even "Slime Girl" would be more appropriate than keeping "Slider" in her name.
  15. I made this video. It is not a history video. I hope you will enjoy it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tYipnMcMnik I made this video because 1) I get this question often and 2) I wasn't satisfied with Woodus's "What is Dragon Quest?" page that just lists all the Dragon Quests games. I wanted to make a video that would get people interested in the series as a whole, and not focus on each game and its specifics. So then, what is Dragon Quest?
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