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  1. You said you drew these with your finger... Is your Tablet pen and touch?
  2. I read up the other day that Japan got the first 3 games on Ps4 and 3ds back in August. I thought lucky them! I never played the first games.. I want to though. I wonder if they'll be localized.
  3. Going through the Dragovian trials. I want to get all of the Dragovian armour for the hero and maybe the super powerful monster.
  4. Well as the saying goes "you can't please everyone". Plus the fact people have to complain about something. But anyway I'll have a try at these.
  5. But I have an excuse.. I have recently got a PS4 so obviously I have not played them really. Though I tried II's demo and I did enjoy it. My question is why aren't some fans not happy with the Heroes series?
  6. I know I cried a little bit of happiness when I found out. Question is, which version would I get... 3DS, PS4 or both. Since apparently there's going to be a cross save option via password.
  7. I would if they didn't stop fleeing. And I know there's no way you can stop them doing that ^^'
  8. I have broken the shield around Rhapthorne, but he creamed me. I need to level up before I go to face him again.
  9. I have never played the 1st game... But I think Dragonlord looks awesome. So I decided to draw him.. (In his humanoid form) ps.. I like Dragons
  10. Here are some Dragon Quest Artsies
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