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  1. I never thought to look there - thanks! I'm glad to see it's still a thing, I had so much fun with it post-game in DQM2 3D... Raising various teams of monsters and just having some casual fun with them~
  2. I recently got Joker 3 off the JP eShop a few nights back and started going through it. .. Is the "Free Battle" feature that the DQM2 remake had still present in Joker 3? Where you spoke to your sibling and could set up a battle against your own monsters controlled by the AI... Is that feature in this game (And if so, where may I find it?) or was that removed?
  3. Hehe, yeah it's old 1.) *nods* I saved before the Gryphon Statue thing outside the Pyrmaid then just rapidly tried to tame it. I got as much as 9% max each time, and after 11 or so tries it finally accepted! I promptly used him to make my King Hydra I had wanted for so long <3 2.) Metal and Liquid Metal slimes can be found easily enough in the Metal worlds, and they're not really 'rare' to me anymore since I've gone through a dozen or two each in the process of making my Diamond Slime I am however, very very happy with my Great Leviathan~ Didn't tame him, since I enjoy seeing him splash about in the Water World, but bred one of my own via Coatol x Poseidon. Love that big serpent soooo much <3 3.) I'm also quite aware of this feature Used it quite a bit, though as far as rare scouted monsters go I've only gotten Kid Leonyx and the Lemon Slime. 4.) I thought they disappeared if you saved and reloaded before them? 5.) Was the same in Joker IIRC too. I've gotten the hang of the Rebirth breeding now too, though picking a trait I want to graft onto the newborn is a bit um... Tricky. A lot of consulting the (google-botched) translated pages to see what trait I'd want to remove and what trait I want to keep. I gave my Tyrant Worm the Metal Body trait just because xD Andreal I ave AI 2 ~3 Action, and um... Well, just pretty straight forward stuff so far. 6.) I don't think I'll be scouting the Giant Monsters at this point. I was able to get Great Leviathan pretty easily, and Orligon / Mammodeus don't seem like they'll be too much harder. A Golden Slime won't take much longer to make, then I just need to win a quick boss battle and I can make my own Orligon. Same deal with mammodeus – but scouting's always an alternative indeed! One thing I want to know is if I can safely start a second adventure or if I'll need to switch SD Cards. I mean, if I can have a new profile and adventure on my current SD Card without losing all my progress, or if it's impossible. I don't have the 'New 3DS' so I can't actally access the hidden Nin folder on my card if I plug it into my computer, so that makes it impossible to just grab my save data, stash it on my computer, then start a new file and then replace it with the old data when I'm done.
  4. Wow, three days in a row the keys have been almost exactly the same lineup each time. Unless I'm mistaken, the key selection rotates once a day, from a given group... and this group cycles through every week or so? http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://dqm2.com/capture/wifi-shop.php&usg=ALkJrhhx0eJzvzy80GhBVu35g_C6E-tkbQ This page here points that out with the Wi-Fi Shop at the very least, so I'm guessing the Gift Keys work the same way? This week I've been more or less swamped with 'God', 'Slime Ship', 'Demon Tank David', 'Warubou', and a few others with very very very little variation between each day. So I'm guessing that the "Group" that the keys are drawing from each day hasn't cycled off to another one just yet - assuming that's how it works and the keys aren't just either providing absolutely horrible luck, or something is keeping new keys from coming in...
  5. A few additional questions: Leviathan seemed to have disappeared from the Water world after I defeated Orligon (Can't summon him to cross the water, and he's not swimming about either). This is because of where I am in the postgame scenario right? Secondly... Will the Giant monsters ever return to the field again, or are they gone forever when I beat them? Meaning, will Orligon return to patroling the Desert World every night, Leviathan splashing around in the center of the Pirate World, etc. Will they return to the field after I fully clear the postgame? (Assuming they do return, will I again need the Custom Monster in my party should I choose to fight them?)
  6. Yeah you need the custom monster I think it has to be part of the main team. Alright thanks, that makes sense :>
  7. So I'm in the postgame now, reached the top of the Mistletoe Tower and talked to the dragon at the top with the Custom Monster you started with and watched the cutscenes that followed, and according to this guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/726426-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-to-ruka-no-fushigi-na/faqs/71935 I'm supposed to go to the Desert World and fight Orligon now. (Edit: I tried making the link into a text-link, but I kinda botched it and the link got messed up, so just pasting it in without any fancy URL stuff.) Problem is, while I can withstand his attacks just fine, after a few turns he forcibly expels me from the battle. Are the giant monsters always going to kick you out of the battle after a certain number of turns? I thought that they'd not do so after you reached this part of the game, but I suppose I was wrong XD My current party is pretty much: Lv68 Swordgon (+50) - Nothing really special to offer attack-wise (I love this guy a ton though <3) Lv69 Rainhawk (+82) - Best attack is Aurora Breath Lv55 Metal King (+62) for healing, since the mon I usually carry is still leveling after the last breeding attempt. Reserves: Lv41 水竜ギルギッシュ (Gilgesh the Water Dragon?) +25 Lv38 Dracolord 2 (+81) Best attack is Grand Cross Andreal's not really ready to be brought into difficult battles yet at around level 31, so I left him at the ranch. Not that the other two are exactly stellar examples either, but at least they can take more hits in battle. I used a Rebirth breeding with him so he's an SS+ now, and gave him the 2~3AI Trait (Probably could have picked better, but my understanding of the system was limited at the time :L ) Do I really need to fully defeat Orligon in this limited amount of time, or is there something I'm missing here? Do I need the Custom Monster with me when I enter the battle?
  8. Once you get the herbs, you talk to the adviser/minister by the Queen. He'll give them to the Queen, and then boss fight should ensue. After that you'll be able to head to the forest to get the Princess's Soul.
  9. I got the View Results to work on Opera, but it reverts everything back to Japanese after I click it, so it's not all that useful it seems. I can't select any of the text for some reason, so pasting it into a separate Translate window isn't an option either. One of the things I'm looking for is a key that has D-ranked Nature monsters in it, since that's one of two ways to get the Giant Worm monster if I'm reading it right (the other being from White Dream Eggs) I know it's not a particularly 'epic' monster to be looking for, but it's still on my wishlist - I adored the guy in Joker 2 since I had a softspot for underrated and/or unusual monsters
  10. Are there any sites that have the whole list of Self-made key prefixes and suffixes? I ask because one site only lists a handful (Some 'useful combinations', but doesn't give a complete overview) and game-cap has them stuck away in a drop-down menu where Google Translate can't hover over to view the original/translation - you have to be in one or the other and it resets your input if you switch. It says what each one does (Rewards and etc) but you can't view the original while in Translated mode or visa-versa. The 'Display' button doesn't show the results, at least not for me. *edit* http://game-cap.com/dqm2/data/renkinlist.html Alright, I took it out of Google Translate and went to the original page (Not "View original", but to the actual page) and it displays the Key results perfectly. Don't know why it wouldn't while being Translated but oh well.
  11. Ah gotcha. Makes sense, so I'll just have to keep re-doing 'em until they're maxed Oh thank goodness. I really, really, really despised the Captain Crow requirements in Joker/2 with a burning passion, so it's good to see that's a thing of the past. Or is likely a thing of the past, given the rank worlds heh. Huh, I wonder how many high-end monsters they'll end up giving out via Reward Keys. I mean, now that there's a ton of new monsters tossed in, I can see the "free" ones really helping things along so it's not as painfully tedious to 100% things.
  12. That's awesome, I wonder if it's temporary or if they're permanently adding to the pool of keys to choose from...? On a side-note, I did three WiFi battles in a row (third one disconnected halfway through....) and when I checked the streetpass thing only one person showed up on the list, and only one slot was added into the Dream Egg's lineup :/ At this rate it's gonna take forever to get those filled up XD
  13. Okay, so got my third Gift Key. First one was some Slime Ship, second one was a laaaarge gang of monsters, and the third one... Seemingly was the Slime Ship again, so I declined it and asked for another. This one pitted me against.... ...Warubou and Egdracil The latter being the resident "cannon fodder monster" and Warubou being the real prize. I don't know how rare Warubou is supposed to be, but if anyone's looking to get him his key is apparently up on WiFi Gift right now. (I get him and Watabou mixed up easily, it might have been Watabou people were asking about?)
  14. Heal Slimes wandering around in the Pirate World should have a good healing set, and I've seen the Guard set around often, though I never really payed much attention to who has/had it. http://dqm2.com/skill/gaado.html shows what monsters have the Guard skill. As for how many monsters you can have... I'm not sure, someone else will have to answer that one. @Singularity: Ooooh thanks for that second link! Seeing the pictures is a great help, especially for when Google Translate murders the translations to incomprehensible gibberish On another note, the "Search" feature in-game at the Starry Shrine is a huge help if you're after a specific monster. Second option down, opens up to a few criteria you can define... It defaults to "Anything and everything" First option: All Monsters / Breedable Monsters only (Won't display monsters you don't have the requirements for) Second option: All Monsters / New Monsters Only Third: Limit to specific family / all families Fourth: Limit to specific Rank / All Ranks Last: Search! Definitely a help if you're after a monster or monsters with more obscure requirements and don't want to or can't go out and Scout one yourself. It can be a touch misleading if you have a rare monster that can Rank Compound into something else (As an example) and you don't want to part with that monster. When I got my Rainhawk it opened up a ton of A ranked monsters that could be derived from Rainhawk's S-Rank, and I didn't want to do that! XD I ended up using my WiFi Gift-key monsters to make a few of them though, since neither were ones I was keen on keeping anyway. On that note, is there any absurd Captain Crow-esuqe lineages in this like in Joker 1 and 2? Where there was a single "One Per Savefile" monster that was used in half a dozen high-end monsters multiple times and thus ensuring it was difficult/impossible to get certain monsters on your own? Long and tedious chains are one thing, but when they involve a monster you can't get ever receive again, that's a bit unfair. Getting one randomly from WiFi I'd still say is a bit unfair, but at least you have the possibility to continue with your chains. Not a "One-per-party" limit like the Giant Monsters of Joker 2, but a literal "Once you breed it, it's gone for good" monster like Crow and I think Watabou was in DWM2. Since Crow showed up multiple times in some lineages in Joker/Joker 2, that was very unfair for people like me who at the time had no way to access WiFi and thus had to resort to using Action Replay's just to get a monster that you liked but couldn't get again due to Crow disappearing. (I did NOT want to part with my Dracolord when I found out I'd never get him again once I bred it, due to his Captain Crow requirement) *Edit* As to not make multiple posts, will just add to this one. Are self-made key rewards supposed to be so..... Rare? I have a key that has you defeat a low rank material monster, and when clearing it the results are - as far as I can tell - showing you the odds of receiving it. There's three lines, and then a fourth that I'm assuming is the 'final result' of your chances. This time around, which is the highest I've seen it come so far, resulted in: 0.0004375% x 25 x 25 x 5 > 1.36719% If I'm only getting 1% odds on receiving the reward (Appears to be a monster... マンラゴラ ?) I have to wonder - one, is this reward worth trying over and over to get, and two is if there's any way to raise your odds other than trying for an S rank every time?
  15. It's good to know that Hackasaurus is back to being BattleRex, as one of many examples, though as much as the punny named made me roll my eyes I did find Tyrannosaurus Wrecks to be quite clever and highly amusing. Dragon Soldier though! When it comes to monsters that were never in an International release though... We can only guess I suppose. I just finished my second S-rank monster (haha, me saying it like it's something to be proud of...!) and it's a dragon by the name of 水竜ギルギッシュ (Gilgesh the Water Dragon, if I'm reading it right). Googling it pulls up pics of Dragon Quest X. What his/her/its name would be translated as normally I don't know, so in cases like this we'd have to take it literally. Mm Coatl is a lovely serpent to be sure. Was one of those monsters you could get very early in the originals, if you had the time to gather four Crestpents of proper genders to get the two Wing Snakes needed (And they look pretty cool in 3D as well!). Orochi and Divinegon were fairly easy to get once you got into the Ice World, since the wild Gulpples could be used to breed Andreals, and then it was a simple matter of getting a Medusa Eye. A little more work for a Sky Dragon and then bam - early Divinegon. I've always had a large selection of monsters I really adored, like the Argon Lizards when I saw them in Joker (Have one wearing a scarf as my avatar ) and the Skullgons when I saw them in DW3. Sometimes I end up liking some of these 'lesser' monsters more than the X-ranked supermonsters. The "One right monster to use" sort of powerhouses everyone wants and would give anything to have. Not that I don't want to have some SS ranked monsters too, but there's a lot of F ~ D ranked monsters I just find so attractive <3 So it's pretty cool to have the Rank Raising and Rebirth features, since even these humble monsters can rise to be something great and powerful - maybe not as powerful as the Boss-level monsters, but still capable fighters in their own right Mm, I'll have to frequent the WiFi more often then. Hope and stuff. Only battled three people so far, first two both had a Diamond/platinum slime and the third seemed to not be finished with the Ice World just yet, which I wasn't really expecting. Dimensaur's awesome looking though, but I'm also somewhat hoping to find the "Wormonger" Giant Worm as well. D ranked or not, it was a monster I kinda liked~ Irrelevant ramble put in Spoiler: I can't wait to start making my own Keys. That happens after the Sky World, or after the "Limbo" World? I was a bit confused as to what the second key I got was asking me to do. Took a moment to realize it was asking me to defeat a boss monster (A Goody Bag this time), though I never seem to be able to open the "reward chest" at the end even when getting A or S ranking on completion - guess the RNG doesn't like me
  16. I just saw an undead monster that had a striking resemblance to Dimensaur's portrait from the Gameboy and PSX releases - minus the flesh and scales of course - and it made me think how much I'd love to have the Dimensaur in this. Google Translate did a lovely job at messing up his name, probably why I didn't notice him in here before (Flip Headwaters XD) Just tamed a Coatl in the Monster King's castle. First try ended in failure, started with raising Tension to +5 with Swordgon, and her second AI attack ended up being triggered and she one-shot KO'ed it with Dragon Slash on the same turn I raised her Tension (Turn 1...). Didn't respawn until I left the world but second time worked a charm. Didn't dare try raising tension with the 2-slot'er and instead worked the Rainhawk and Andreal up to +100 and tossed a few meats. Scouted at 86% (I've had it fail at 97% before, so I always get a bit anxious when it comes up at anything short of 100%) and now I have one of my favorite monsters from the originals So awesome seeing this one in 3D~ *Edit* On a slightly less "just rambling" note... About how much gold does it take to get back into a Red Key world prematurely? Does the cost go down the closer you get to waiting off the cooldown normally? Like, with 4 hours left it'd cost less than 20 hours? I'm not sure if I'm seeing anything to indicate how much it'd cost so I'm clueless.
  17. I'll be getting this regardless if there's any playable monsters - it already looks awesome, and who wouldn't support Dragon Quest? Lizzie would seem most likely if they had some or added any down the road though.
  18. Yeah I re-entered the Pirate World once shortly after beating it for the first time, and it just happened to be both night and storming. I watched Leviathan swallow that monster, and was confused by that for a bit until I did some reading on it - guide said after you clear the Pirate World, if you enter the world when it is both raining and night Leviathan will eat one of two monsters, and if you approach him during this time you'll be put into a scripted battle instead of him fighting back and whatnot. If you deal enough damage in two turns, he spits the monster out. I challenged Leviathan today with my monsters and managed to hit the damage threshold, and the monster just stood there until I approached it. I don't have a 3DS besides the one I imported unfortunately. At least not yet. *Edit* Tried the WiFi Battle thing again, 3DS lost its connection the moment I tried to connect. Won't be able to hatch those dream eggs for the time being I guess. 3DS says its not connected to the internet, but I can't find any way to get it to start using the network I just set up - it keeps trying to connect to the first one I set up elsewhere. The only guides I can find regarding networks only goes over setting them up and not switching between them. Scratch all that, turns out the game was blocking me from accessing any of that because I didn't download some update (Guess I accidentally hit 'No' or something the first time)
  19. Ah, does that mean you can skip the cooldowns if you have enough cash on hand? I'm 1/3 through the Sky World right now, saw it there and bred one myself by accident shortly after. I haven't seen the Sand Wave just yet, but I take it Size-3's can't be scouted until the post-game anyway, so it'd be easier to just breed one. The monsters I used are both in the Water World so it's quick and easy. I took on Leviathan while he was swimming around with a MerTiger inside him, and managed to force him to regurgitate it. To my disappointment I had to actually fight the thing (Not a very thankful monster it seems. Should have just left him in there ) but to my further disappointment, the Scout option was greyed out from the start. Given the MerTiger was a Size-3, I'm assuming that means it's a post-game thing – which I had initially thought was only specific to the Size-4 monsters. So even if you did run across the frog/sandwave you wouldn't be able to make use of them at that point in time. I got a Giant Slug fairly early too From the guides I'm looking at, the Giant Slug has to be imported – it can't be bred or found naturally. Unless their information is mistaken. (The “Giant Worm†states it's Dream Egg-only on one site, but another site says that it can be found in Self-Made key worlds as well as Dream Eggs) I'm having an immense amount of difficulty doing anything WiFi related right now, my 3DS seemingly choosing not to connect to anything but the WiFi shop, and throwing an Error Code in my face for everything else. I'm not really sure how to go about the process at all really, if I have to actually *win* the battles then I might as well forget it right here and now and just go with the less-valuable solution xD Main problem I'm having is just getting started though. What menus to go through, what options to pick, and just getting online at all. Going online and battling has always made me nervous a bit, I always think "Why bother? Everyone's going to be running around with invincible X-ranked supermonsters" and that keeps me from even trying. If actually winning the battles isn't required to help the Dream process along, then I might be able to take a look eventually, once my 3DS and internet decide to play nice with each other and work right for five minutes. Thanks for all your help and advice by the way, and for putting up with all my questions - I truly and greatly appreciate it
  20. The controls on the screen when you press Start/Select confused me for a while too, but what it's doing is pointing out that the D-Pad utilizies your player's abilities on the world map, and that holding Y + D-Up/ D-Down will angle the camera upwards or downwards. X opens the menu (メニュー = menyuu) and Y resets the camera if you've angled it before, while B makes you Jump. That's all it really does is point out the controls - you can't move with the D-Pad but you can adjust the camera with it while holding Y I wish you could take screenshots in-game though heh. I'm trying to catch a Digong to make an Aquadon, but the darned thing is under the water and I can't reach it Mm my team right now: Swordgon (A-rank lv26) Rainhawk (S-Rank lv25) Andreal (A-rank lv30) Pretty sure these three are the ones I'll be beating the final boss with heh, can't bear to breed them out when I love them so much... In reserve I have a Mettable (Liquid Metal Slime), a Tortregon (Love those things!) and my old Desert Runner who I still adore. Mmm... What's that Giant Frog thing from? The Size-3 Beast with the small village on its back? I bred one a while ago and it looks pretty cool, but I'm curious as to where it's from. Ah, there's a Size-3 you can get pretty early from what I've seen... When I bred a JewelBag from the Ghost Ship and that axotol thing from the first floor of the Lighthouse, I got this large sand wave thing, Material and D-ranked, but it's a 3-slot monster and a pretty early one too. Might be worth taking a look? Both the monsters used were pretty easy to get and find This talk about the Dream Eggs... The White/Silver/Etc eggs are only useful if you connect to the internet and actually battle someone?
  21. There's nothing quite like failing to Scout a monster at 96% odds and the monsters being offended after your first try. I feel like I should be the one offended in this case.

  22. Yeah, seems the past few games have been focusing on that theme. I bet they're trying to recreate the fame VII landed with that setting, and when XIII didn't hit it, they're going to try again with XV. I'll take a peek long enough to catch a few glimpses of Leviathan, and that's the extent of the attention I'll ever give it. Only time I'll look at another Final Fantasy title is if it's Final Fantasy Monsters ;P I want me a Yiazmat to destroy the world with. Of course since that's never gonna happen...
  23. I wonder if any monsters will be playable...? I could only really see Lizzie as playable honestly, monsters like the Great Dragon and Jamirus might be possible but unlikely. Looking cool though, I'll definitely be getting this game ASAP!
  24. Dragonquest Heroes would mark the first time I've owned a Playstation console since the PS2. I'd say it'd feel weird holding a Playstation controller again after so much time using the Xbox One and WiiU, but that wouldn't be true since I've been using a USB PS2 controller for emulating Would have to find room to put the thing though. Nice thing about the WiiU is it doesn't take up much space nor does it need to be plugged into the TV to play SSB4, but what I'm most worried about is where all the cords are gonna go. Also talking to people about drawing some Dragonquest critters for me, while I scribble some myself with my pathetic art "skills". Really happy with the Argon Lizard avatar I got from an artist yesterday <3
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