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  1. I never thought to look there - thanks! I'm glad to see it's still a thing, I had so much fun with it post-game in DQM2 3D... Raising various teams of monsters and just having some casual fun with them~
  2. I recently got Joker 3 off the JP eShop a few nights back and started going through it. .. Is the "Free Battle" feature that the DQM2 remake had still present in Joker 3? Where you spoke to your sibling and could set up a battle against your own monsters controlled by the AI... Is that feature in this game (And if so, where may I find it?) or was that removed?
  3. Hehe, yeah it's old 1.) *nods* I saved before the Gryphon Statue thing outside the Pyrmaid then just rapidly tried to tame it. I got as much as 9% max each time, and after 11 or so tries it finally accepted! I promptly used him to make my King Hydra I had wanted for so long <3 2.) Metal and Liquid Metal slimes can be found easily enough in the Metal worlds, and they're not really 'rare' to me anymore since I've gone through a dozen or two each in the process of making my Diamond Slime I am however, very very happy with my Great Leviathan~ Didn't tame him, sinc
  4. Wow, three days in a row the keys have been almost exactly the same lineup each time. Unless I'm mistaken, the key selection rotates once a day, from a given group... and this group cycles through every week or so? http://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=1&hl=en&ie=UTF8&prev=_t&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=auto&tl=en&u=http://dqm2.com/capture/wifi-shop.php&usg=ALkJrhhx0eJzvzy80GhBVu35g_C6E-tkbQ This page here points that out with the Wi-Fi Shop at the very least, so I'm guessing the Gift Keys work the same way? This week I've been mor
  5. A few additional questions: Leviathan seemed to have disappeared from the Water world after I defeated Orligon (Can't summon him to cross the water, and he's not swimming about either). This is because of where I am in the postgame scenario right? Secondly... Will the Giant monsters ever return to the field again, or are they gone forever when I beat them? Meaning, will Orligon return to patroling the Desert World every night, Leviathan splashing around in the center of the Pirate World, etc. Will they return to the field after I fully clear the postgame? (Assuming they do return, wi
  6. Yeah you need the custom monster I think it has to be part of the main team. Alright thanks, that makes sense :>
  7. So I'm in the postgame now, reached the top of the Mistletoe Tower and talked to the dragon at the top with the Custom Monster you started with and watched the cutscenes that followed, and according to this guide: http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/726426-dragon-quest-monsters-2-iru-to-ruka-no-fushigi-na/faqs/71935 I'm supposed to go to the Desert World and fight Orligon now. (Edit: I tried making the link into a text-link, but I kinda botched it and the link got messed up, so just pasting it in without any fancy URL stuff.) Problem is, while I can withstand his attacks just fine, after a few
  8. Once you get the herbs, you talk to the adviser/minister by the Queen. He'll give them to the Queen, and then boss fight should ensue. After that you'll be able to head to the forest to get the Princess's Soul.
  9. I got the View Results to work on Opera, but it reverts everything back to Japanese after I click it, so it's not all that useful it seems. I can't select any of the text for some reason, so pasting it into a separate Translate window isn't an option either. One of the things I'm looking for is a key that has D-ranked Nature monsters in it, since that's one of two ways to get the Giant Worm monster if I'm reading it right (the other being from White Dream Eggs) I know it's not a particularly 'epic' monster to be looking for, but it's still on my wishlist - I adored the guy in Joker 2 since
  10. Are there any sites that have the whole list of Self-made key prefixes and suffixes? I ask because one site only lists a handful (Some 'useful combinations', but doesn't give a complete overview) and game-cap has them stuck away in a drop-down menu where Google Translate can't hover over to view the original/translation - you have to be in one or the other and it resets your input if you switch. It says what each one does (Rewards and etc) but you can't view the original while in Translated mode or visa-versa. The 'Display' button doesn't show the results, at least not for me. *edit*
  11. Ah gotcha. Makes sense, so I'll just have to keep re-doing 'em until they're maxed Oh thank goodness. I really, really, really despised the Captain Crow requirements in Joker/2 with a burning passion, so it's good to see that's a thing of the past. Or is likely a thing of the past, given the rank worlds heh. Huh, I wonder how many high-end monsters they'll end up giving out via Reward Keys. I mean, now that there's a ton of new monsters tossed in, I can see the "free" ones really helping things along so it's not as painfully tedious to 100% things.
  12. That's awesome, I wonder if it's temporary or if they're permanently adding to the pool of keys to choose from...? On a side-note, I did three WiFi battles in a row (third one disconnected halfway through....) and when I checked the streetpass thing only one person showed up on the list, and only one slot was added into the Dream Egg's lineup :/ At this rate it's gonna take forever to get those filled up XD
  13. Okay, so got my third Gift Key. First one was some Slime Ship, second one was a laaaarge gang of monsters, and the third one... Seemingly was the Slime Ship again, so I declined it and asked for another. This one pitted me against.... ...Warubou and Egdracil The latter being the resident "cannon fodder monster" and Warubou being the real prize. I don't know how rare Warubou is supposed to be, but if anyone's looking to get him his key is apparently up on WiFi Gift right now. (I get him and Watabou mixed up easily, it might have been Watabou people were asking about?)
  14. Heal Slimes wandering around in the Pirate World should have a good healing set, and I've seen the Guard set around often, though I never really payed much attention to who has/had it. http://dqm2.com/skill/gaado.html shows what monsters have the Guard skill. As for how many monsters you can have... I'm not sure, someone else will have to answer that one. @Singularity: Ooooh thanks for that second link! Seeing the pictures is a great help, especially for when Google Translate murders the translations to incomprehensible gibberish On another note, the "Search" feature in-
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