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  1. Here's the DWM2 version, this one has some more features and is a bit quicker https://dwm2.wizebin.com/ If anyone can verify some of the tougher matches in this list that would be great.
  2. I've been playing around with some of the Dragon Warrior Monsters ram and think I may have stumbled on some new gameshark codes if anyone who has a physical gameshark could test them out for me I'd be grateful! 01ff83db monster will always join you (if not a boss) 016323cb farm monster 1 plus count +99 010021cb farm monster 1 wild amount 0 01ff1fcb farm monster 1 intelligence 255 01ff1dcb farm monster 1 agility 255 01ff1bcb farm monster 1 defense 255 01ff19cb farm monster 1 attack 255 01ff17cb farm monster 1 max magic 255 01ff13cb farm monster 1 max health 255 01ff0dcb farm mons
  3. http://dwm1.wizebin.com/ It's a bit slow, sorry about that, if you have issues with the formatting try chrome or a newer version of firefox that supports sticky positioning. Anyone interested in making similar tools hit me up. I'm thinking about making a video showing how the tools was made if anyone is interested.
  4. Guess I made another thing http://nonsoftware.us/tools/dwm/match/ Makes it a bit easier to visualize the combinations. Let me know if you see any bugs!
  5. Good eye! Looks like the pictures are right, but I had the names in the table swapped. Should be fixed now.
  6. Alright, I fixed the DWM2 data, it should be much more accurate now, if you get the chance to verify it that would be great, will be bundling everything up tonight or tomorrow for woodus.
  7. Appreciate it, I rushed the dwm2 tool- and my timers were a bit close to the edge (I was using 400 ms as the margin for error, which was enough 95% of the time) I'll redo the tool and recompile the data. Luckily DWM2 has some handy little pointers so I don't actually have to initiate a breeding ritual before the data gets changed. Oh I'll probably post some new gameshark codes if I find the time based on the new key data points that popped up making it- not sure if that would be useful to anyone but may as well have the codes anyways. I mentioned it in my blog post, but anyone can crea
  8. Just added DWM2, http://nonsoftware.us/tools/dwm2/
  9. Well I certainly don't mind- it will get a bunch more visibility here. Shoot me an email [email protected]
  10. Just wrote a new tool that runs a rom and accepts input via sockets- allowing easy automation of some processes (for DWM this means a comprehensive breeding guide) so I put the data on my site! I have the raw data (monster list and breeding list) if you'd like it or you can take a look at the page http://nonsoftware.us/tools/dwm/ The way I made the data is relatively simple: I took the source of gnuboy- and modified it a bit to accept external input. Then wrote a secondary program that connected to the source, loaded the most recent savestate, modified a couple bytes (specifically 0xCACA
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