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  1. Thanks for the invite! It was goo-per fun! Let's goo it again some-slime soon.
  2. Thanks Platty! This should be fun. Slime to design something gootiful!
  3. Goo thinking, Woodus! This started out as a Dragon's Den contest a few years ago and has since become a means to help show Square Enix how much The West loves Dragon Quest merch! Please include @DragonQuest in any swag posts as well. https://twitter.com/search?q=%23BragYourDQSwag&src=tyah
  4. Thanks to everyone here for being such dedicated Dragon Quest fans, and a special thanks to the folks who have helped take pictures and let me stay with them on my journeys.
  5. Opening quotes are not necessary to repeat when the quote continues to the next line, so the only place it was missing was the beginning of the second line. Thanks!
  6. This holiday season, please enjoy this traditional Monster Questmas Song, The Twelve Days of Questmas https://www.facebook.com/westytheblueslime/photos/a.1711420822521012.1073741843.1465756390420791/1711420965854331/?type=3&theater (To read through this Questmas experience, surf to the right in the slideshow. Merry Questmas!)
  7. Goo! Inspired by Woodus's Dragon's Den - Questmas Carol memes, we're having a hashtag war on Twitter right now to come up with DQ themed Questmas songs. Let's get creative and post some goo ones. Maybe we can get it to trend! Happy Questmas Everybody! https://twitter.com/hashtag/QuestmasCarols?src=hash
  8. Goo-reetings! Plattym3 & I are brainstorming another Pumpkin carving quest for next month, but what about a Dragon Quest baking contest, where people come up with their own unique DQ food designs. Slime cookies, Rockbomb brownies, Dracky Meatloaf. So many possibilities. See also: https://twitter.com/WestyBlueSlime/status/777885410353610754
  9. She-slimes and gentle-slimes, goo-reetings! Remember that amazing #BragYourDQswag photo contest that Plattym3 and I hosted last year? Of course you goo! Well, let's continue to show Square Enix how much we love our DQ merch by sending them a friendly Twitter post with your swag photos. Please include @DragonQuest and the hashtag #BragYourDQswag along with any positive message you want them to see. Looking forward to seeing your goo-reat photos! May the light shine upon you brave warriors. -Westy
  10. Goo-reetings Questers! I noticed Platty mentioned that Chanticleer Hegemony's Twitter is currently setup with privacy settings, so you may not be able to see his contest entry. I ask that you please do not hold that against him in the voting. I've contacted him to help resolve it. Thanks, all!
  11. Oh wow. He was also in Hong Kong, before Japan, but he's probably back now. Great to see DQIX tagging is still alive and well in Tokyo! Do you have a save file you can share with The Den, for the special grottos?
  12. Hi Erdrick! No problem. To make it easier for both Desktop and mobile users, I just changed the font color of the poem back to normal (even though this is my favorite color.) Have a goo-reat day! Westy
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