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  1. It seems that generally a persons opinion on IX depends on when they played it. It's a great entry-point into the series, and if it's one of your first DQ games, you might like it more. For players more familiar to DQ, it's more split, because for every good thing added (multiplayer, visual customization, legacy bosses), there is something it lacks (character development, meaningful interactions).
  2. Argh, I can't stand the more you use, the more powerful a skill becomes model. Sure, that can be ok with offensive spells...but then you end up casting heal spells unnecessarily a thousand times. Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk I'm with you there. Think of how it would be in a Dragon Quest game, "To learn Kazapple, use Kazap 5000 times".
  3. Toriyama is a huge part of DQ, and I feel that without him, the series wouldn't have had the same charm. It's cool to see how his art evolved throughout all the games, from the simpler, rounder DB-style, to the sharper, more detailed DBZ-style and beyond.
  4. Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal! And a happy new year.
  5. This has probably already been posted before, but while we're on the topic of DQV I thought of another one. I never marry Bianca. I like her as a character, but the other two brides just appeal to me more.
  6. I'll keep it DQ to make it easier. Debora from DQV, although Nera and Milly from DQVI arern't far behind.
  7. That's a Christmas to remember, congrats. May you two have a long, happy life together.
  8. The reason I found him disappointing is that he just didn't feel like the final boss, as in he didn't leave a huge impact with me. With Psaro, he is referenced throughout the entire game, and it all builds up to the final battle with him. Even with Mortamor, you feel like you're going up against an ultimate evil. You see his realm and what he's done to the people there, so you know what will happen to your world if you don't stop him. Nimzo didn't leave that impression.
  9. Snow on-and-off all through November, but not so much as a single snowflake this month. Midwest weather in a nutshell.
  10. There are several reasons why JRPGs aren't as popular anymore. The biggest reason is simple, the audience is always changing. Gamers today have different mindset than gamers 10 or 20 years ago, and many may just not have the patience to sit through an RPG. Heck, the last JRPG to actually make a huge lasting impact in the US was FFVII back on the PSX. When I was growing up, the hit genre was 3D platformers, now it's FPS games. That's just the way it works and it will probably continue to change. Perhaps someday the JRPG will rise again. Also a fun fact: JRPGs were heavily influenced by Amer
  11. Nimzo is the worst DQ villain. He is barely developed, and was completely upstaged by his minion. In the original version he practically comes out of nowhere. You could say the same of Malroth, but he wasn't really the main villain. If that wasn't enough, aside from the DragonLord he is probably the easiest final boss in any mainline DQ game. Especially since he came after the marathon boss Psaro and before the soul-crushing Mortamor (assuming you're not just using Kazapple or Magic Burst). Also, his battle theme isn't bad by any means, but it isn't one of the better final boss themes.
  12. The best overall would probably be V. That being said, my favorite is VI. Many people find the two worlds thing confusing, but it never bothered me. I just love the overall feel of it, and it might have my favorite cast. However, I've never played VII, so that could very well change when the remake comes over.
  13. Hello, I'm The Chief. I'm new to the forums, but the main site is my go-to for all things DQ. I haven't been on a forum in ages, but with the upcoming games, I thought now would be a good time to join this community.
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